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Appetizer Khai Vi

1. Cha Gaio 6$6.44
1. Cha Gaio 3$4.00
2. Goi Cuon 4$5.45
2. Goi Cuon 2$2.95
3. Banh Mi Bo Kho$7.44
Beef stew with French bread.
4. Banh Uot Thit Nuong$7.04
Rice steam sheets with grilled pork.
5. Hoanh Thanh Soup Small$4.24
Wonton soup.
5. Hoanh Thanh Soup Large$5.45
Wonton soup.
6. Cheese Puff Full$3.04
6. Cheese Puff Half$2.05
7. Bo Vien Soup Small$4.24
Beef meatball soup.
7. Bo Vien Soup Large$5.45
Beef meatball soup.

Noodle Dishes Bun, Mi, Hu, Tieu, Pho

8. Bun Bo Hue$6.94
Spicy soup with beef, pork and chicken.
9. Bun Bo Xao$7.04
Stir fried beef and veg with vermicelli.
9. Bun Shrimp Xao$7.04
Stir fried shrimp and veg with vermicelli.
10. Bun Thi Nurong$6.54
Grilled pork and vegetable with vermicelli.
11. Bun Thi Nuong Cha Gio$7.04
Grilled pork and egg rolls with vegetables and vermicelli.
12. Bun Ga Nuong$6.44
Grilled chicken and vegetable with vermicelli.
13. Bun Ga Xao$6.44
Stir-fried chicken and vegetable with vermicelli.
14. Mi Hoanh Thanhq$6.44
Wonton soup with egg noodle.
15. Mi Thap Cam$6.94
Seafood and pork with egg noodle soup.
16. Pho Tai Nam$7.04
Beef with rice noodle soup.
17. Pho Bo Vien$6.94
Beef meatball with rice noodle soup.
18. Pho Ga$6.94
Chicken with rice noodle soup.
Combination Pho$8.04

Fried Rice Com Chien

19. Com Chien Ga$6.00
Chicken fried rice.
20. Com Chien Bo$6.00
Beef fried rice.
21. Com Chien Ham$6.90
Ham fried rice.
22. Com Chien Tom$7.00
Shrimp fried rice.
23. Com Chien Thap Cam$6.90
Combination fried rice.

Rice Dishes Com Dia

24. Com Bo Luc Lac$9.44
Beef marinated and vegetable with rice.
25. Com Ga Nuong$6.44
Grilled chicken with rice.
26. Com Ga Nuong$7.04
Grilled chicken and egg rolls with rice.
27. Com Bo Xao Rau Chai$7.04
Stir fried beef and vegetable with rice.
28. Com Tom Xao Rau Chi$7.04
Stir fried shrimp and vegetable with rice.
29. Com Thit Nuong$6.44
Grilled pork with rice.
30. Com Thit Nuong Cha Gio$7.04
Grilled pork and egg rolls with rice.
31. Com Suon Nuong$6.54
Grilled pork chops with rice.
32. Com Bi, Suon, Hot Ga$6.94
Grilled pork chop, shredded pork, sunny side egg with rice.
Com Bi, Suron, Cha, Hot Ga$7.44

Vegetables Mon Chay

33. Banh Mi Chay$2.82
Tofu sandwich.
34. Goi Cuon Chay$5.55
Tofu spring rolls.
35. Bun Xao Chay$7.04
Stir fried tofu and vegetable with vermicelli.
36. Mi Xao Chay$8.04
Stir fried tofu and vegetable with vermicelli.
37. Hu Tiu Chay$6.94
Tofu and vegetable with rice noodle soup.
38. Com Chien Chay$5.90
Vegetarian fried rice.

Banh Mi Sandwiches

39. Xa Xiu$2.72
Steamed pork.
40. Cha Lua$2.72
Pork bologna.
41. Pate$2.82
42. Ga Nuong$3.20
Grilled chicken.
42. Ga Xe$3.20
43. Bi$3.30
Shredded pork.
44. Jambon$2.82
45. Xiu Mai$2.82
Pork meatball.
46. Thit Nuong$3.30
Grilled BBQ pork.
47. Dac Biet$3.30
Cali combination.
Special Stir-Fried Beef Banh Mi$4.95
Fish Ball Banh Mi$3.55
Fish Tomato Banh Mi$3.30

Cali Special

48. Bo Luc Lac Dac Biet$13.04
Cali spicy garlic beef.
49. Ga Luc Lac Dac Biet$9.44
Cali spicy garlic chicken.
50. Tom Luc Lac Dac Biet$11.04
Cali spicy garlic shrimp.
51. Tofu Luc Lac Dac Biet$9.44
Cali spicy garlic tofu.
52. Tofu Rang Muoi$8.44
Toasted and salted tofu.
53. Tofu Xao Xa Ot$8.44
Chili and lemon-grass tofu.
54. Tofu Xao Mang Tay$8.54
Tofu with asparagus.
55. Tofu Xao Ca-Ri$8.54
Tofu in curry sauce.
56. Cai Lan Xao Dau Hao$7.44
Chinese broccoli oyster sauce.

Lunch Specials

57. General Tso Chicken$6.44
58. Sweet and Sour Chicken$6.54
59. Sesame Chicken$6.54
60. Chicken with Bell Pepper$6.54
61. Chicken with Broccoli$6.44
62. Chicken with Chinese Vegetable$6.54
63. Chicken with Snow Peas$6.54
64. Chicken with Mushrooms$6.44
65. Curry Chicken$6.44
66. Curry Beef$6.44
67. Pepper Steak$6.54
68. Beef with Broccoli$6.54
69. Beef with Snow Peas$6.44
70. Shrimp with Snow Peas$9.04
71. Shrimp with Broccoli$9.04
72. Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$8.94
74. Shrimp with Mushrooms$9.04
75. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$8.94

Beverages Giai Khat

76. Tra Nong$1.05
Hot tea.
77. Tra Da$1.55
Iced tea.
78. Sua Dau Nanh$1.95
Soybean milk.
79. Da Chanch$2.05
80. Nuoc Cam Tuoi$2.45
Fresh coconut juice.
81. Nuoc Cam Tuoi$2.45
Orange juice.
82. Ca Phe Sira Nuong$2.45
French hot coffee with milk.
83. Cha Phe Sira Da$2.45
French iced coffee with milk.
84. Ca Phe Den Di$2.05
French iced black coffee.
Diet Coke$0.95

Smoothies Sinh To

85. Mit$3.55
86. Xoai$2.94
87. Chuoi$3.04
88. Du Du$2.94
89. Bo$2.94
90. Sau Rieng$4.00
91. Thom$2.94
92. Dau$2.94
93. Dao$2.94
94. Nhan$3.04
95. Trai Vai$3.04