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Toast And House-Made Jam$3.95
French baguette or seeded pullman
House Cured Bacon$8.05
Bowl of Berries$9.05
Side of cream
Pan Roasted Potatoes$4.05
Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon$6.95
Farmer's Market Salad$6.95
Creme fraiche & shallot dressing


Baked Pancake with Meyer Lemon Custard$7.95
Ricotta Coffee Cake$6.05
Whipped cream, espresso
Thick French Toast$14.05
Add red wine poached prunes & mascarpone $4.00. Add fresh macerated berries and mascarpone $4.00
Pecan Roll$5.05


Belle Du Jour$12.05
Sparkling rose, pastis simple syrup, lime
Prosecco And Hibiscus$11.95
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Tomato Juice$4.05
Izze or Coke$2.95
London Mary$12.05
House made spicy tomato juice & beer
Aperol Spritz$11.95
Prosecco and aperol
House-made Ginger Limeade$3.95
Hibiscus Cooler$3.95
Lamill Coffees, Chado Teas$3.05
Lamill Cold Brew$4.95


Farmer's Market Salad$9.05
Served with shallots and creme fraiche vinaigrette
Beets, shallot, arugula, meyer lemon, pickled onion, crostini
Served with tomato confit and toast
Coop's Omelet$10.95
Served with a salad of fresh market herbs
Jamon Serrano$16.95
Served with garrotxa cheese, almonds and toast
Roasted Tomato Soup$9.05
Parmesan crostini, chiffonade of basil
Dandelion Salad$11.05
Served with capers, parsley, garlic, croutons and sherry vinaigrette
Assiette De Fromages$18.05
Selection of three cheese pairings
Served with a salad of fresh market herbs
Pancetta Pasta$17.05
Spaghetti with pancetta, pistachio, parmesan and parsley
Chicken Liver Pate$11.95
On toast with dijon and cornichons


Roast Chicken$22.95
Roast fingerlings, brussel sprouts, pancetta
Bistro Steak$28.95
Served with sauce bordelaise, pommes anna and creamed spinach
Duck Confit$24.95
Herb roasted pears, braised endive, cipollini onions, balsamic glaze
Salt Roasted Branzino$29.05
Served with parsley, celery salad and caperberries
Seared Market Fish$25.95
Mashed potatoes, green garlic, english peas & tendrils, saffron buerre blanc
Herb Roasted Pork Loin$27.05
Shell bean puree with roasted garlic, cavalo nero
Lamb Burger$22.05
Served with harissa and herbed feta, tzatziki and cherry tomato romaine salad
Boeuf Bourguignon$26.05
Served with buttered egg noodles
Vegetarian Plate$21.95
Chickpea pancake with swiss chard, tomato confit, garbanzos, feta


Sauteed Greens$7.95
Pommes Anna$7.95
Roast Fingerling Potaotes$7.95
Served with brussel sprouts


Buena Chica Cheesecake$8.95
Seasonal Sweet$9.05
Flourless Chocolate Cake$8.95
Served with vanilla ice cream
Profiteroles With Chocolate Sauce$9.05


San Pellegrino Mineral Water, Limonata, Aranciata
Lamill Coffees, Chado Teas
Orange and Tomato Juices


Roasted Pear & Goat Cheese tartine$10.95
Pounded walnut, arugula, red onion pickle
Spaghetti with Pancetta$14.05
Pistachio & parmesan
Crispy Skinned Salmon$14.05
Celery root remoulade
Thick French Toast
Maple syrup add prunes & mascarpone $4.00, 1 piece $5.00, 2 piece $10.00, 3 piece $15.00
Fried chicken sandwich$14.95
Mayo, pickle, seeded brioche bun
Spicy Lamb Ball On Naan$14.95
House made naan, tzatziki, harissa, charmoula
Pasta with Shell Beans$10.95
Ricotta, garlic, & chili
Mori's Brown Rice with Greens$11.05
Toasted almonds, squash, & pomegranate


Roasted Tomato Soup & half Grilled Cheese$14.05
Salad of Bitter Greens$8.95
Apples, grapes & brunos special dressing
Bagna Cauda$9.95
Chicken & Vegetable Soup$8.95
Market Salad$8.95
Shallots & creme fraiche vinaigrette
Classic Salad Nicoise$11.95
Salad of fresh market herbs