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Premium Hot Teas
this is the good stuff, real whole - leaf teas, not ground of fannings, choose from and assortment of flavors
Hot Cocoa
rich premium cocoa to warm you from head to toe, not just for kids anymore
kind of like eating fruit, but fits more easily through a straw
Kids Cocoa
the classic remedy for sweet - tooth emergencies

Bou Gourmet

Blueberry Muffin
loaded with plump, juicy blueberries and topped with just the right amount of sweet coarse sugar and blueberries
Reduced Fat Mountain Berry Muffin
a 95% fat free muffin loaded with three types of berries - blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, topped with raspberry crumbles
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin
our double chocolate muffins are moist with heaping amounts of chocolate chips, finished off with coarse sugar and chocolate drizzle
Cinnamon Streusel Muffin with White Chocolate Chips
a moist blend of cinnamon and white chocolate chips, topped with a generous portion of cinnamon streusel and white drizzle
Blackberry and White Chocolate Scone
bursts of real blackberries and delicious white chocolate chunks provide the perfect flavor combination
Cinnamon Chip Scone
a caribou classic, a delicious blast of cinnamon flavor with sweet cinnamon chips nestled in a fluffy buttermilk dough, topped with chef's pastry sugar
Reduced Fat Cranberry Orange Scone
cape cod cranberries nestled in buttermilk scone dough, studded with praline orange zest, topped with orange flavored icing
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
American classic semi - sweet chocolate chunks, folded into a brown sugar - molasses mix, baked to an old fashioned crackled finish
Caribou Coffee Snack Bars
rich, chewy granola bars dipped in a creamy coating made with caribou coffee
Reduced Fat Banana Bread
reduced fat... but your would never know it, delightfully most and sweet, this, homemade - style banana bread is generously topped with crunchy walnuts
Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf Cake
old - fashioned pound cake recipe, with lemon zest, black poppy seeds and pastry icing
Cinnamon Roll Popover
buttery, hand - cut, laminated dough infused with imported cinnamon and hand - formed into our unique popover roll, brushed with pastry sugar, glazed with a maple sauce
Smoked Turkey Sandwich
artisan asiago cheese bread, stuffed with smoked turkey, layered with a creamy ranch spread and provolone cheese
Roasted Chicken Sandwich
hand made multi - grain roll, layered with roasted chicken breast, havarti cheese and gourmet honey tarragon mustard spread
Rosemary Romano Chicken Salad Sandwich
savory chicken salad with Romano cheese and currants, on a fresh baguette
Turkey Cherry Pasta Salad
a delicious salad with rotelle pasta, almonds, diced celery, onions and a creamy poppyseed dressing
Cheddar Cheese Bagel
savor the moment with our real cheddar cheese bagel, try it toasted with cream cheese


Moose it
add another shot of espresso to any drink
Flavor Shots
push the envelope, add a shot of vanilla, caramel, raspberry, or our other flavors to any drink
Mix - Ins
Oreo cookie bits, snickers, candy bits, mint bits, or espresso beans, as if our drinks weren't already irresistible
one honest - to - goodness great cup of coffee, choose from a variety of daily roasts
the real deal, straight, one shot and you'll know why Italians drive the way they do
take the edge off the a.m. with this silky - smooth blend
a latte without the training wheels, for people who take their coffee seriously
a decadent mix of espresso and cocoa, crowned with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, all gone before your know it
Caramel High Rise
sweet, gooey, not recommended by four out of five dentists
Turtle Mocha
it's coffee, it's dessert, it's multi - tasking
Mint Condition
a delicious blend of mint, espresso, cocoa, and whipped cream, wake up with minty - fresh breath
Lite White Berry
achieve inner peace, it's indulgence without the guilt
Caribou Coolers
stay cool with our version of central air - conditioning, available in vanilla, chocolate, espresso, and coffee flavors
Caramel Cooler
another day, another dollop (of whipped cream, that is)
Depth Charge
black coffee spiked with an espresso shot, guaranteed to boot up your hard drive