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Drip Coffee$2.80
Single Origin Drip Coffee$3.80
16 oz. Iced Coffee$3.55
It's cold.
Espresso and hot water.
Cafe Au Lait$3.45
Brewed coffee and steamed milk.
8 oz. Flat White$3.80
Because trends are tasty.
8 oz. Cappuccino$4.05
Espresso and steamed milk (6 oz.).
Espresso and steamed milk.
Espresso, organic chocolate and steamed milk.
Paleo Latte$5.45
Coffee, MCT oil, grass-fed butter and blended.
Paleo Mocha$5.70
Paleo latte with cacao butter, no sugar added.
Barista Box$25.95
Includes a 96 oz. barista box of drip coffee, 8 oz. half-and-half, 8 oz. alternative milk (please specify in comments), stir sticks, sugar, Stevia, twelve 8 oz. cups and lids.

Not Coffee

Hot Chocolate$4.05
Organic chocolate and steamed milk.
By Santa Cruz chai.
16 oz. Loose Leaf Tea$2.95
16 oz. Iced Tea$3.45

Tip your Cat & Cloud Barista

Leave a tip for your Cat & Cloud Barista!$1.05