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Pastries By The Dozen | Beverages

Pastries By The Dozen

cranberry nut, blueberry, raisin bran, banana nut, low fat raspberry-blueberry, low fat sweet potato or whole grain apple.
butter, whole wheat or chocolate-filled.
blueberry and cinnamon
plain, everything, wheat and cinnamon raisin.
Brownies & Cookies$24.00
six rockslide brownies and six cookies. choose from chocolate chunk, peanut butter cup or oatmeal raisin.
Creat Your Own
ask your barista about creating a one-of-a-kind assortment of delicious pastries for your next event. prices very depending on selection.


Coffee On The Go$14.90
fresh brewed coffee of the day, includes 8oz cups and lids.
Hot Chocolate$40.00
includes 12oz cups and lids.
Iced Tea$16.90
fresh brewed tea of your choice. includes 12oz cups and lids.