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1 Beignet$1.80
1 Stuffed Beignet$2.30
3 Beignets$4.95
12 Beignets$13.95
1/2 Order of Fingers$4.95
Basket of Fingers$6.55
Frozen Granitas$3.30
Mocha, cappuccinio or strawberry mango.


15. Cappuccino and Latte$3.80
14. Espresso Shot$3.05
16. Americano$3.45
17. Vietnamese Coffee$3.55
Hot or iced.
Scop of Ice Cream$1.45
18. French Coffee$3.55
19. Fresh Brewed Coffee$2.95


Little Pillow$11.05
16oz Cafe Au Lait$2.55
16oz Hot Chocolate$2.55
16oz Fresh Brewed Coffee$2.45


Coffe and Hot Chocolate$2.45
with one refill.
Hot Tea$2.55
Iced Tea and Soft Drinks$2.30
With free refills.
Snapple and Orange Juice$2.95
V 8 Juice$3.05
Fresh Cold Milk$1.45
Bottled Water$1.45

Fruit Drinks and Juice

25. Pennywort with Mungbeans$3.95
Rau ma du xanhn.
26. Fresh Orange Juice$4.05
Nuroc cam, sira disc.
27. Fresh Fruit Juice$3.95
Orange, apple, pineapple, carrot.
28. Tropical Refreshner$4.45
Siro murt trai cay.
29. Fresh Lemonade$2.95
Chanh da.
30. Lemion Iced La$2.55
Liption chanh da.
31. Frozen Granitas$3.45
Mocha cappuccino or strawberry mango.
33. Thai Tea$3.45
Soft Drinks$2.20
Bottled and Canned Drinks$2.95
Cold Milk$1.45
32 Smoothies$3.45
Green tea, coconut, taro, honey dew and avocado.