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Almost A Meal

Chili with Cheese$3.45
Chicken Nuggets$3.94
8 pieces.

Fresh Homemade Salad

Fruit salad$2.45
All Others$3.04
Salad Sampler$7.04
4 salads.
Chuck's Combo$8.94
2 salads and 10 wings.
Chef Salads$7.04
Caesar Salads$4.55
Caesar Salads with Chicken$6.55
4 wings.

Hot Off The Grill

Large Hot Dog on Torpedo Bread Hot off The Grill$1.94
Hamburger Hot off the Grill$3.04
Cheeseburger Hot off The Grill$3.45
Steak Sandwich Hot off The Grill$4.55
Cheese Steak Sandwich Hot off The Grill$4.94
Meatball Parm Hot off The Grill$4.55
Fried Fish Sandwich Hot off The Grill$4.45
BBQ Chicken Sandwich Hot off The Grill$4.94
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Hot off The Grill$4.94

By The Pound

1 lb. BBQ Short Beef Ribs$9.94
1 lb. BBQ Chicken$5.94
1 lb. Honey Dipped Fried Chicken$5.94

Between The Bread

Turkey Sandwich$4.45
Turkey Ham and Cheese Sandwich$4.45
Tuna Sandwich$4.45


Italian Hoagies$4.45
American Hoagies$4.55
Turkey Hoagies$4.45
Cheese Steak$4.94
Grilled Chicken Hoagies$4.94
Turkey Ham and Cheese Hoagies$4.55
Tuna Hoagies$4.55
Cheese Hoagies$3.45

Our Famous Buffalo Wings

Our Specialty Buffalo Wings$6.94
All orders served with celery sticks and blue cheese dip. Add grilled wings for an additional charge.

Meal Deals

Chicken Fingers Meal Deals$5.94
Cheese Burger Meal Deals$5.04
Chicken Sandwich Meal Deals$6.04
Fried Fish Sandwich Meal Deals$5.04
Meatball Parm Meal Deals$4.94
Chicken Nuggets$5.04
8 pieces.
Gyros Meal Deals$6.04
Cheese Steak Meal Deals$5.94
Any Deli Sandwich Meal Deals$5.45
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Meal Deals$5.94

Under The Sea Combos

Fish and chips$6.04
Shrimp 'n Basket$5.94
Crab Cakes$6.04
Jumbo Shrimp$6.94
Seafood Combo$8.94

BBQ Combo Meals

BBQ Short Beef Ribs$8.45
6 ribs.
BBQ Short Beef Ribs with Wings$8.55
4 ribs and 4 wings.
BBQ Chicken with Wings$6.94
2 pieces and 4 wings.
BBQ Chicken$7.04
3 pieces.
Honey Dipped Fried Chicken$6.04
3 pieces.

Deep Fried Extras

Broccoli Cheese Bites$4.55
Mozzarella Sticks$4.55
Cheese Fries$2.80
Onion Ring$1.94
Jalapeno Poppers$4.55
Wedge French Fries$2.94


Sweet Potato Pie$1.80