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Flame Broiled Gyros$4.94
Just the Dips!$3.94
hummus, fire feta and tzatziki sauce and warm pita bread

Appetizers-Fire Feta Zestas

Zesta Appetizer$5.34
served with hummus, fire feta and tzatziki sauce

Appetizers-Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono Soup$2.74


Spicy Greek Chicken Salad$7.84
our classic Greek salad topped with marinated chicken breast and daphne's fire feta
Classic Greek Salad$5.44
fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, pepperoncini, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and daphne's original dressing
Flame Broiled Gyros$6.44
Calamari Strips$7.54
(marinated chicken breast and gyros)
Side Greek Salad$4.34
a smaller version of our classic Greek salad

Pita Sandwiches

Daphne's Gyros Pita$5.34
Gyros Jr. Pita$4.24
Marinated Chicken Breast Pita$5.94
Steak Pita$6.94
Calamari Pita$5.74
Shrimp Pita$6.44
Greek Veggie Pita$4.34
Falafel Pita$4.94
Add a Side of Fries!- French Fries$1.54
Add a Side of Fries!-Feta Fries$2.04
Add a Side of Fries!-Fire Fries$1.94

Plates-Daphne's Combo Plate

Marinated Chicken Breast Ka-bob$7.94
Steak Ka-bob$8.44


Ka-Bob Plate$2.45
Half Chicken Plate$9.04
oven roasted greek lemon chicken

Plates-Vegetarian Plates

Veggie Combo Plate$8.24
spanakopita, falafel, dolmas and hummus
Hummus and Falafel Plate$7.44
Spanakopita Plate$8.24
filo dough filled with Spinach and feta, flash fried to perfection
Make it a protein Plate$2.55
a super plate with double salad and no pita for

Plates - Calamari Plate

Calamari Plate$7.94
a generous portion of lightly seasoned calamari strips


Flame Broiled Gyros Plate Super Plate$7.74
super plate $2.50


Daphne's Baklava$1.64
cinnamon and crushed walnuts in fine filo (pastry) layers topped with honey

Lunch Specials

Daphne's Fire Feta Zesta Lunch$5.54
your choice of gyros, marinated chicken breast or falafel with greek salad and rice pilaf
Gyros Pita Lunch$7.34
with greek salad and rice pilaf
Gyros Pita and French Fries$6.94
Ka-bob Lunch$7.04
with greek, salad, rice and pilaf and pita bread
1/4 Lemon Chicken$6.74
with greek salad, rice pilaf and warm pita bread (add. 50 for white meat)
Marinated Chicken Breast Pita Lunch$7.94
with greek salad and rice pilaf
Vegetarian Lunch$6.44
hummus, falafel and dolmas, served with greek salad, rice pilaf, and warm pita bread
Greek Chicken Salad and Avgolemono Soup$6.54
side greek salad with marinated chicken breast and a cup of avgolemono soup served with warm pita bread