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Chicken Karahi Mela

Balochi Chicken Karahi$34.05
No gravy.
Shinwari Chicken Karahi$31.20
Peshawari Chicken Karahi$31.30
White Chicken Karahi$33.95
Green Masala Chicken Karahi$32.45
Highway Red Chicken Karahi$31.20
Black Pepper Chicken Karahi$31.20
Boneless Karahi Option$37.55

Goat and Mutton Karahi Mela

Balochi Goat Karahi$51.20
Shinwari Goat Karahi$43.95
Peshawari Goat Karahi$43.95
White Goat Karahi$47.55
Green Masala Goat Karahi$48.05
Highway Red Goat Karahi$44.05
Black Pepper Goat Karahi$44.05

Burger Sherger

Zinger Burger Combo$10.36
Beef Burger Combo$10.36
Shami Bun Kabab$8.05
Anday Wala Burger$10.26
Chicken Paratha Roll$9.15
Beef Paratha Roll$9.25
Steak and Cheese Combo$11.55
Beef steak. A meal that combines various types of food or drinks.

Chef Baba-e-Khaas

Bheja Fry$32.45
Katta Kut$32.55

Breakfast and Fast Food

Anda Paratha, Chai$10.45
Chai, Paratha$6.45
Chicken Zinger Burger Combo$10.35
Beef Burger Combo Breakfast$10.45
Ground or chopped beef patty.
Steak and Cheese$9.25
Steak and Cheese Combo$11.65
Beef Paratha Roll Breakfast$10.35
Fried unleavened bread.
Chicken Paratha Roll Breakfast$9.15
Fried unleavened bread.
Shami Bun Kabab Combo$10.35
Burger with filling that was cooked on a skewer.
Anday Wala Burger Combo$13.05
A meal that combines various types of food or drinks.
Halwa Puri$8.70
Sweet pudding like dish.

Family Deals

Chicken Biryani Thai$52.45
Kabab Platter$52.55
4 kababs.

Weekend Khaas

Nihari Khaas$17.45
Haleem Khaas$16.45
Halwa Puri Khaas$9.15

Kuch Thunda Garam

Canned Soda$1.55
Bottle Water$1.45
Mango Lassi$3.80
Soda Bottle$3.80