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Pulled Pork$8.90
Beef Brisket$9.00
Smoked Chicken$9.00
Pork Spare Ribs$12.00
Beef Ribs$10.00
full rack (3)
Smoked Whole Chicken Wings$10.00
jamaican jerk or rajun cajun
Rib & Bbq Combo$16.50
1/2 rack pork ribs and 7 oz. of pork or beef or chicken
10 Oz. Bbq Combo$12.20
5 oz. of each pork or beer or chicken
Veggie Platter$7.30
choose 4 sides


Baked Beans$2.00
Pasta Salad$1.90
Potato Salad$1.90
Mac & Cheese$2.00
Pasta Salad$1.90
Green Beans$1.90
Collard Greens$1.90
Red Beans & Rice$2.00
Baked Apples$1.90
Andouille Cheddar Grits$1.90
French Fries$1.90
Sweet Potato Fries$2.00
Chocolate Pudding$2.00

Picnic Menu - Bar-B-Que

Pulled Pork$9.00
Beef Brisket$9.00
Smoked Chicken$9.00
Pork Spare Ribs$9.90
Beef Ribs$7.90

Picnic Menu - Soups

Soup Of The Day$4.30

Bbq Sauces

Memphis Red
Rajun Cajun
Kentucky Black
Alabama White
Mississippi Mud
Rebel Uprising
Voo Doo
Texas Two Step
Jamaican Jerk
Mole Poblano


Soup Of The Day$2.00
Smoked Whole Chicken Wings$6.90
cajun or jamaican jerk
Pork Spare Ribs$10.00
Hot Crab Dip$7.00
Spinach/Artichoke Dip$5.90
Fried Green Tomato$5.50
Red Bean Hummus$4.90
Bbq Nachos$5.90


Spinach Salad$7.00
baby spinach, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, monterey jack, balsamic vinaigrette with artichoke toast
Avocado & Artichoke Salad$7.90
crisp romaine, roasted artichokes, red onions, avocado, tomatoes & swiss
Creole Shrimp Salad$8.30
crisp romaine, creole shrimp salad, red onions, grilled asparagus, tomatoes & jack
Grilled Veggie Salad$7.30
romaine, roasted artichokes, red onions, grilled artichokes, tomatoes & provolone
House Salad$5.90
crisp romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar & choice of dressing
Caesar Salad$7.40
crisp romaine, tomatoes, parmesan & creamy caesar dressing

Bar-B-Que Sandwiches

Pulled Pork$4.00
Beef Brisket$4.00
Smoked Chicken$4.00
Voo Doo Reuben$7.40
creole seasoned park, thick sliced bacon, creole mayonnaise, swiss & kraut on rye or po' boy
Cowboy Reuben$6.90
smoked beef brisket, creole mustard, mayo, cheddar & kraut on texas toast
Beef & Cheddar Po' Boy$7.00
smoked beef brisket dressed with mayo, creole mustard & cheddar on french bread
Bbq Po' Boy$6.90
pulled pork or beef brisket or smoked chicken dressed with coleslaw & pickles on french bread
Texas Cheese Steak$7.20
beef brisket, green peppers, caramelized onions, mushrooms & provolone on french bread
Sloppy Swine$6.90
smoked pork smothered in creole sauce, cheddar & coleslaw

Hot Sandwiches

Cuban Po' Boy$6.80
(media noche) smoked pork loin, ham & swiss dressed with mustard & pickles on french bread
corned beef, 1000 island, swiss & kraut on rye
Turkey Reuben$6.80
smoked turkey, 1000 island, swiss & kraut on rye
Turkey Bacon & Jack Melt$6.80
smoked turkey, thick sliced bacon, balsamic aioli, monterey jack & spinach on french bread
thick sliced bacon, crisp lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes & mayo on french bread
thick sliced bacon, crisp lettuce, fried green tomatoes & mayo on french bread
Prime Rib Po' Boy$9.80
prime rib with caramelized onions, swiss & horseradish aioli
French Dip Po' Boy$8.90
Catfish Po' Boy$7.30
Fried Green Tomato Po' Boy$7.00

Cold Sandwiches

Muffuletta Po' Boy$6.90
genoa salami, ham, mortadella, provolone, swiss & olive salad on french bread.
Turkey Bacon & Swiss$6.90
smoked turkey breast, thick sliced bacon, mayo, creole mustard & swiss on french bread
Cali Chicken & Avocado$6.90
smoked chicken, avocado, monterey jack, honey mustard & clover sprouts on wheat
New Yorker$7.50
pastrami, creole mustard, dill pickles, sliced onions, coleslaw, swiss on rye

Vegetarian Sandwiches

Avocado Melt$6.40
avocados, caramelized onions, charred tomatoes, balsamic aioli, swiss & sprouts on rye
Artichoke & Spinach Melt$6.50
roasted artichokes, black olives, baby spinach & monterey jack cheese on wheat
Bbq Tempeh Po' Boy$7.00
smoked tempeh, roasted red peppers, memphis red sauce, spinach, sprouts & cheddar on wheat
Sloppy Creole$6.80
smoked tempeh smothered with spicy creole sauce, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers & coleslaw on wheat
Tempeh Reuben$6.90
smoked tempeh, 1000 island, swiss & kraut on rye
Portobello Melt$7.80
roasted portabellas, avocado, red onion, swiss, red pepper aioli & sprouts on wheat
Garden Burger$7.70
grilled garden burger with balsamic aioli, red onion, avocado, provolone & sprouts on wheat

Kids Menu

Kids Menu$4.00
choice of: grilled cheese - ham & cheese - hot dog, pb & j
Kids Menu$4.55
choice of: pork, chicken or beef sandwich or chicken tenders or quesadilla

Picnic Menu - Sides

Baked Beans$3.90
Green Beans$4.00
Red Beans & Rice$3.55
Macaroni & Cheese$3.45
Baked Apples$4.00
Choc. Pudding$3.20