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picaderia | appetizers

desayuno | breakfast

mangu con los tres golpes$7.55
mashed green plantain served with fried cheese, salami, and eggs
mangu con los tres golpes$7.55
pan con mantequilla$1.05
bread with butter, toasted

daily specials | especiales del día

sopas | soups

sopa de marisco | seafood soup$6.05
Contains shrimp, squid, octopus, clam, and mussel
sopa de pollo | chicken soup$4.95
Sopa de lentejas | Lentil soup$4.95
made with hearty chunks of carrots, potatoes, and pumpkin (trust us, it's good).
sopa de res | beef soup$6.05
cocido de pata de vaca$6.95
crema de brocoli | cream of broccoli$4.05
Leek and Poptatoe Soup$3.95
A traditional Dominican soup made with chicken, plantain, yuca (cassava/tapioca), and other root vegetables.

carne a la carte

mariscos | seafood

salmon a la plancha$18.90
pan fried salmon
camarones al ajillo$13.90
shrimp in ajillo sauce
enchilado de camarones$14.00
shrimp in enchilada sauce
camarones empanizados$14.00
breaded shrimp
filete de pescado empanizado$16.90
breaded bass
pargo frito$21.90
fried red snapper

Dominican Specialties | Especialedades Dominicanas

mofongo de churrasco$15.90
mofongo de chicharron (pork)$10.90
mofongo de camarones$16.00
Fried green plantains, mashed, stuffed and topped with shrimp.
mofongo de pollo (chicken)$13.00
Chicken Mofongo | Mofongo au poulet (just trying to be classy here)
mofongo de queso (cheese)$11.00
Fried green plantains, mashed, stuffed and topped with fried cheese.
vegan mofongo$11.00
Fried green plantains, mashed and topped with veggies (FYI we're working on the recipe your feedback is appreciated - Gabi)
Chicharon de Pollo$11.00
Chicharrón de Puerco$11.00
Fried Pork Rinds
mangu con los tres golpes$7.55
boiled green plantains, mashed, and served with fried cheese, salami, and eggs

sandwiches | wrap

chimichurri "Chimi"$5.90
A house made seasoned beef patty on toasted buns, covered in cabbage, and topped with mayo-ketchup
chicken caesar wrap$5.90
grilled chicken, chopped lettuce, and caesar dressing in a whole wheat wrap
sandwiche cubano | cuban sandwich$5.90
Oven roasted pork with ham and Swiss cheese drizzled with mojito sauce pressed on a "plancha".
sándwich de pollo | grilled chicken sandwich$5.90
de bistec | bistec sandwich$6.00
a kind of steak pan fried with sauted onion, topped with lettuce and tomatoes, and embraced by toasted buns
sándwich de jamon y queso$5.00
ham and cheese sandwich entirely toasted and warm
sándwich de huevo, tocineta y queso$6.00
bacon, ego, and cheese sandwich
sándwich de huevo y queso$5.45
egg and cheese sandwich

kid's menu

chicken fingers with Fries$6.00
tiritas de pollo apanadas con papitas fritas
hamburger with fries$6.00
hamburguesa con papitas fritas
hot dog with fries$5.90

jugos y batidos | juices and shakes

Morir Sonando$6.55
naranja con zananhoria / orange with carrots$6.05
sooo good omg - 'el' manager
guineo / banana$4.05

refrescos | sodas

bottled water | agua embotellada$1.05
canned sodas | soda de lata$1.30
Country Club Soda$2.05

postres | desserts

tres leches$2.95
4 leches$3.05
habichuela con dulce$6.95
Arroz con Leche$3.05
Rice pudding
cortado de leche$2.55
pudin de pan | bread pudding$3.05

ensaladas | salads

ensalada verde | garden salad$2.95
de Papa Potatoe Salad$4.00
octupus salad | de pulpo$5.90
grilled chicken salad$10.00
Ensalada de pechuga de pollo hecha a la parrilla

acompañantes | sides

arroz blanco | white rice$2.95
arroz amarillo | yellow rice$3.45
moro de habichuela$4.05
moro de guandules$4.05
maduros | sweet plantains$3.05
habichuelas roja | red beans$2.95
yuca fries$3.05

bebidas calientes | warm drinks

Cafe con Leche$1.55