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Fried Fish

Filet Of Salmon$10.00
Filet Of Flounder$8.90
Filet Of Blue Snapper$8.00
X-Large Shrimps$10.00
Crab Stick$4.95
Fried Squid$5.95
Fish Chunk$7.90
Blue Snapper$4.95
King Fish$5.95
Salmon Slice$5.95
Red Snapper$10.05

Whiting Fish Sandwich

Whiting Fish Sandwich$3.55

Steamed Fish

Shrimp X-Large$10.00
King Fish$7.00
Blue Snapper Slice$6.00
Salmon Slice$6.90
Red Snapper$12.00
Fillet Of Blue Snapper$10.05
Fillet Of Salmon$11.05
Fillet Of Flounder$12.00


Stone Crabs$3.55
Blue Crab
seasonal price
Snow Crabs$10.04

Chef Specialties

Blue Snapper Creole Filet$11.90
Blue Snapper Creole Slice$7.90
Red Snapper Creole$14.00
Salmon Filet Creole$14.00
Clams Marinara Sauce$9.90
Stuffed Clams (6)$10.00
Shrimps In Mashed Fried Plantain$13.00
Big Conch Meat$11.90
Shrimps In Garlic Sauce$9.90
Shrimps Creole$9.90
Lobster Meat In Garlic Sauce$20.05
Crab Meat In Sauce$11.95
Seafood In Garlic Sauce$13.00
Stew Seafood$14.00
Crab In Special Sauce$8.00
Scallop In Garlic Sauce$10.00
Mussels In Garlic Sauce$8.00
Squid With Garlic Sauce$9.00
Fried Shell Crab$11.45
Fish Fillet With Shrimps$19.95
Lobster Tail In Garlic Sauce$19.95
Stuffed Lobster Tail With Crab Meat$27.95
Lobster Tail With Shrimps On Top$27.95


Crab Meat - Shrimp Party$1.55
Lobster - Conch Meat Party$1.55
Raw Clams$6.95
Baked Clams$7.05


Octopus Salad$5.05
Shrimp Salad$4.95

Soup (Daily)

Seafood Soup$3.05
Fish Soup$3.05
Marine Soup$3.05
El Puerto Soup$3.05

Rice Soup

Lobster Soup$14.00
Shrimps In Rice Soup$10.00
Lobster In Rice Soup$13.95
Special Seafood In Rice Soup$18.00


Rice W / Seafood$14.00
Rice W - Shrimps$10.90
Rice With Squid$9.90
Rice With Whole Lobster$16.00
Rice With Lobster Meat$20.00

Special Combos

Fish Chips$4.05
3 pcs. whiting
Fish Chips$4.55
2 pcs. blue
Shrimps Chips$4.45
10 pcs. large shrimps
10 pcs. scallops
Shrimps Scallops$4.55
4 pcs. shrimp & 4 pcs. scallops
Shrimps Fish$5.05
3 pcs. whiting & 5 pcs. large shrimps
Scallops Fish$4.95
3 pcs. whiting & 5 pcs. scallops
Flounder Shrimps$5.95
+ 3 pcs. flounder & 5 pcs. shrimps
Seafood Combo$5.95
2 pcs. whiting & 4 pcs. shrimps & 4 pcs. scallops & 2 pcs. large crab stick
15 Shrimps$6.90
1 King Fish$7.55
5 shrimps
1 Slice Blue Snapper$7.45
+ 10 shrimps
1 Salmon Slice$7.45
5 shrimps
2 Slice Blue Snapper$8.00
10 Large Shrimps$8.45
+ 5 long crab stick
5 Scallops$8.45
+ 1 blue snapper slice 5 shrimps
4 Jumbo Shrimps$8.90
+ 1 slice blue snapper
1 Slice Salmon$9.90
+ 4 jumbo shrimps
Fillet Of Blue Snapper$10.00
+ 2 jumbo shrimps
1 Fillet Of Blue Snapper Mero$9.90
+ 5 large shrimps