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Agua Fresca$2.04
Soft Drink$1.54
Mexican Soda$1.74
Glass bottles.


Caesar Salad$5.24
Crisp green lettuce, tossed with cheese and Caesar dressing.
Tostada Salad$5.64
Deep-fried tostada bowl filled with beans, rice and lettuce. Topped with salsa, sour cream and chicken.
Fiesta Salad$5.74
Fresh lettuce topped with black beans, corn, cheese and chicken. Served with southwestern dressing.

Value Meals

Value Meals for 4 People$16.94
One rotis chicken or 1 lb. carnitas, one medium container of rice, one medium container of beans, one 8 oz. salsa and choice of corn or flour tortillas.
Value Meals for 6-8 People$28.04
One rotis chickens or two lbs. Carnitas, one large container of rice, one large container of rice, one 14 oz. salsa and choice of corn or flour tortillas and one 2-liter soda.

Menu Favorites

Torta Mexicana$5.54
Fresh bolilo with beans on the bottom, topped with lettuce, tomato, salsa and avocado, with your choice of meat.
Nico's Nachos$6.04
House tortilla chips smothered in beans, salsa, roja, carnitas, cheese and sour cream.
Quesadilla Flores$4.04
Two hand-made tortillas stuffed with red chile and cheese.
Pollo Don Lorenzo$6.04
A juicy chicken breast marinated in 'la salsa de Don Lorenzo' served with rice and beans.
A large crispy tostada topped with beans, lettuce, sour cream and your choice of meat.
Chile Relleno$1.94
Giant green chile stuffed with cheese and breaded with a light fluffy batter.
Sopes con Carne$1.94
Topped with beans, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and choice of meat.
Mojarra Frita$5.54
A large whole tilapia, deep fried until tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Cocina Classics

1 lb. Chile Colorado$7.94
1 lb. Steak Picado$8.04
1 lb. Carne Asada$12.44
1 lb. Mole Poblano$7.94
1 lb. Grilled Chicken$6.94
Rotisserie Chicken$6.94
1 lb. Buffalo Wings$6.04
1 lb. Pollo Ranchero$7.94
1 lb. Chicharron en Salsa$8.04
1 lb. Chicharron Regular$8.44
1 lb. Costillas de Puerco$6.94
Tender pork ribs.
1 lb. Carnitas$7.04
1 lb. Chile Verde$8.04

Ceviche Factory by the Pound

1 lb. Ceviche de Pescado$7.94
1 lb. Ceviche de Camaron$9.04
1 lb. Agua Chile Ceviche$9.04
1 lb. Ceviche Chimole$9.04
1 lb. Ceviche Mixto$8.44

Ceviche Factory on Tostadas

Ceviche de Pescado Tostada$1.54
Ceviche de Camaron Tostada$2.04
Agua Chile Ceviche Tostada$1.94
Ceviche Chimole Tostada$1.94
Ceviche Mixto Tostada$1.54

Tacos and Burritos

Taco Grande$1.74
Our large corn tortilla made from our own masa.
Taco Chico$1.34
Our smaller "street taco" size.
Fish Taco$1.84
Deep-fried tilapia topped with cabbage and salsa.
Shrimp Taco$1.99
Juicy grilled shrimp seasoned to perfection.
San Juanito Burrito$6.24
A large flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of meat, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.
Ultimate Burrito$5.74
Large burrito with your choice of meat, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo.
Burrito Sabroso$4.94
Burrito filled with rice, beans and your choice of meat.
California Burrito$7.24
A large burrito stuff with carne asada, crispy french fries, avocado, sour cream and pico de gallo.
Bean and Cheese Burrito$3.94


Taco Especial$5.34
Three tacos chicos served with a medium soft drink.
Dos Tacos Combo$5.94
Two tacos grandes served with rice and beans.
Combo Especial$6.24
Choice of any meat, served with rice, beans and salad.
2 Item Combo$6.94
Two choices of any meat with rice, beans and salad.
Sizzling Chicken Fajitas$8.94
Sizzling Steak Fajitas$9.94
Taquitos Combo$5.24
Three crispy beef or chicken taquitos, with rice and beans topped with guacamole.
Enchiladas Combo$5.74
Two chicken or cheese red-chile enchiladas topped with cheese and sour cream.


Red Chile Tamale$1.54
Green Chile Tamale$1.54
Rajas con Queso$1.44
Chile and cheese.
Tamales de Elote$1.54
Seasonal Strawberry Tamale$1.54
Seasonal Pineapple Tamale$1.54

Sides and Extras

1 lb. PotatoeWedges$1.94
Serves 4-6.