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2 Vegetable Egg Rolls$2.95
2 Shrimp Egg Rolls$3.05
4 Vietnamese Fried Egg Rolls$6.30
4 Seaweed Wrapped Shrimp Rolls$6.20
2 Spring Rolls$3.05
6 Thai Spicy Chicken Wings$5.55
6 Chicken Wings$5.55
6 Crab Rangoon$5.55
6 Pot Stickers$5.70
12 Japanese Beef Dumplings$5.70
4 Teriyaki Chicken$5.70
4 Teriyaki Beef$5.80
Cold Sesame Noodle Salad$5.20
Fried Tofu$5.30
Satay or ketchup.
12 Fried Shrimp Sui Mai$5.80
12 Korean Spicy Fried Dumpling$5.80
Spicy Kimchi Vegetable$4.10
Japanese Seaweed Salad$5.90
8 Szechwan Won Ton$5.00
4 Cantonese Spare Ribs$6.10
6 Shrimp Tempura$6.60
Korean BBQ Short Ribs$6.60
BBQ Pork$6.50
Soy bean.
Octopus Ball$5.20
2 Sticks and 8 pieces.


Corn & Chicken Soup$4.90
Won Ton Soup
Hot And Sour Soup
Vegetable Tofu Soup
Egg Drop Soup
Tom Yum Chicken Soup
Miso Soup
Tom Yum Seafood Soup
Chicken Soup
BBQ Pork Rice Soup

Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup$7.50
Served with chinese broccoli.
Beef Noodle Soup$7.50
Served with chinese broccoli.
Won Ton Noodle Soup$7.60
Served with chinese broccoli.
Thai Hot & Sour Seafood Noodle Soup$7.90
Thai Hot & Sour Beef & Shrimp Noodle Soup$7.90
Saigon Combination Clear Noodle Soup$8.00
Combination Egg Noodle Soup$8.00
Fish Ball & Fish Cake Egg Noodle Soup$7.60
Seafood Udon Noodle Soup$7.90
Udon Noodle Soup$7.90
Rare Beef Noodle Soup$8.00
Udon Noodle Soup$6.90
Tempura Udon$7.90
Seafood Tom Yum Noodle$8.00

Cantonese Chow Mein Chow Fun, Lo Mein and Udon

Combination Lo Mein$9.70
Shrimp, chicken and beef.
Lo Mein$9.70
Seafood Cantonese Chow Mein Or Chow Fun$9.70
Black Mushroom Cantonese Chow Mein$9.70
Seafood In Satay Sauce Chow Udon$9.80
Singapore Noodle$9.70
Thai Spicy Spaghetti & Chicken$9.70
Grilled Chicken$9.70
Beef or pork, egg roll and vermicelli.
Grilled Pork Chop Vermicelli$9.80
Grilled Shrimp$9.70
Served with egg roll.
Pad Tai$9.70
Served with shrimp & chicken.
Shrimp Lobster Sauce Noodle$9.80
Served with pork in black bean sauce.
Peking Noodle$9.70
Shredded pork with bamboo shoots & scallions.
Thai Spicy Basil Chow Fun$9.80
Thai Spicy Basil Chow Fun With Shrimp$9.80
Cantonese Chow$9.80
Dry Beef Chow Fun$9.80
Pad Thai Woonsen$9.70
Cantonese Chow$9.80


Chicken With Vegetable
Kung Pao Chicken
Cashew Chicken
General Tso's Chicken
Orange Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Broccoli Chicken
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Empress Chicken
Lemon Chicken
Garlic Chicken
Hunan Chicken
Szechwan Chicken
Satay Chicken
Mu Shu Chicken
Chicken With Snow Peapods
Mongolian Chicken
Chicken Pepper In Black Bean Sauce
Chicken Shong
Basil Chicken
Thai Green Curry Chicken$9.60
Thai Spicy Chicken Salad$9.60
Chicken Teriyaki With Vegetable$9.60
Pineapple Chicken$9.60
Moo Goo Gai Pan$9.60


Beef Teryaki With Vegetable$9.90
Beef With Vegetable
Beef With Oyster Sauce
Beef With Broccoli
Tomato Pepper Beef
Szechwan Beef
Kung Pao Beef
Hunan Beef
Mu Shu Beef
Mongolian Beef
Beef With Snow Peapods
Satay Beef
Orange Beef$9.50
Basil Beef$9.50
Beef With Tofu$9.60
Lemon Grass Beef$9.50
Curry Beef$9.50
Korean BBQ Short Ribs$9.60
Thai Spicy Beef Salad$9.60
French Style Beef Chunks$9.50
Beef With String Beans$9.60
Beef With Chinese Broccoli$9.60


Mu Shu Pork
Twice Cooked Pork
Sweet & Sour Pork
Shredded Pork Garlic Sauce
Pork With Peking Sauce
Ma Po Tofu With Pork
Basil Pork$9.60
Lemon Grass Pork Chops$9.60
String Bean Pork$9.50


Shrimp Teryaki With Vegetable$10.80
Shrimp With Vegetable
Shrimp With Snow Peapods
Broccoli Shrimp Or Fish
Shrimp Lobster Sauce
Kung Pao Shrimp
Cashew Shrimp
Walnut Shrimp$10.90
Basil Shrimp$10.80
Shrimp String Bean$10.90
Thai Green Curry Shrimp$10.80
Shrimp Tofu$10.80
Mussels In Satay Sauce$10.80
Mussels with Black Bean Sauce$10.80
Served with black bean sauce.
Subgum Shrimp$10.80
Hong Kong Style Fish Filet$10.90
Seafood Combo In Satay Sauce$10.80
Malaysian Style Seafood$10.80
Sauna Shrimp$10.90
Coconut Curry Seafood$10.90
Shrimp Shong$10.90
Szechwan Shrimp$10.80
Cashew Fish$10.80
Sweet & Sour Fish$10.80
Shrimp Garlic Sauce

Fried Rice

Combination Fried Rice
Shrimp, chicken, & bbq pork.
Shrimp Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
BBQ Pork Fried Rice
Ham Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Pineapple Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice
Thai Basil Chicken
Thai Basil Beef
Thai Basil Pork
Thai Green Curry Pineapple Fried Rice
Korean Kimchi Fried Rice
Plain Fried Rice
Jumbo Shrimp Fried Rice$9.90

Over Rice

Satay Beef Over Rice$8.40
Shrimp & Pork In Fish Sauce Over Rice$8.30
Pepper Steak In Black Bean Sauce Over Rice$8.30
Spicy Szechwan Beef Over Rice$8.30
Szechwan String Bean$8.30
Served with chicken or beef over rice.
Ma Po Tofu$8.40
Served with pork over rice
Curry Chicken & Pork Chop$8.40
Served with fried egg over rice
Spicy Basil Chicken Over Rice$8.40
Thai Green Curry Chicken Over Rice$8.30
Lemon Grass Pork Chop Over Rice$8.40
Black Pepper Beef Over Rice$8.30
Beef Short Rib$8.40
Served with black pepper over rice.
Chicken Teriyaki Fried Eggs Over Rice$8.40
Broccoli Chicken$8.30
Sea Eel & Lemon Grass Chicken Over Rice$8.90
Beef Over Rice$8.40
Korean Beef Over Rice$8.40
Fish Fillet$8.40
Served with szechwan bean sauce over rice.
Korean BBQ Short Ribs Over Rice$8.30


Broccoli Garlic Sauce$8.30
Szechwan Broccoli$8.30
Hunan Mixed Vegetable$8.30
Buddhist Delight$8.30
Szechwan String Bean$8.30
Chinese Broccoli In Garlic$8.30
Spinach with Garlic Sauce$8.30
Served with garlic sauce.
Shanghai Bok Toy$8.30
Snow Pea Pods$8.30
Egg Plant In Garlic Sauce$8.20
Home Style Tofu$8.20
Japanese Tofu$8.30
Served with two mushroom.
Served with tofu.
Chinese Broccoli in Qyster Sauce$8.20

Low Carb Special

Plain Broccoli$8.20
Mixed Chinese Vegetable$8.30
Steamed Chicken$9.05
Served with mixed vegetable.
Steamed Shrimp$9.50
Served with mixed vegetable.
Steamed Shrimp$9.50
Served with snow peapods.

House Special

Crispy Chicken$15.90
Crispy Beef$10.80
Chili Paste$9.90
Served with jalap & beef.
Salt Pepper Shrimp$13.90
Malaysian Prawn$14.00
Served with chili paste.
Served with sacha sauce.
Roasted Duck$16.00
Happy Family$14.00
Seafood Deluxe$14.00
Seafood In Bird Nest$13.90
Salted Pepper Pork Chop$10.80
Korean Beef Chap Chae Noodles$10.00
Salted Pepper Smelt$10.90
Beef Cubes In Tomato Sauce Rice$10.40
Vietnamese Platter$12.00
Beef and shrimp.
Hong Kong Steak$16.00
Salted Pepper Squid$13.90
Vietnamese Red Snapper$15.00

Rice In Hop

Rice Baked Chicken & Black Mushroom$9.30
Beef Teriyaki$9.20
Served with baked rice.
Malaysian Style Seafood Baked Rice$9.30
Thai Basil Chicken & Beef Baked Rice$9.20

Chop Suey Or Chow Mein

House Special Chop Suey
Shrimp, beef, chicken & vegetable.
House Special Chow Mein
Shrimp Chop Suey
Shrimp Chow Mein
Chicken Chop Suey
Chicken Chow Mein
BBQ Chop Suey
BBQ Chow Mein
Beef Chop Suey
Beef Chow Mein
Vegetable Chop Suey
Vegetable Chow Mein

Egg Foo Young

Combination Egg Foo
Shrimp, chicken, & bbq pork.
Shrimp Egg Foo Young
Chicken Egg Foo Young
Beef Egg Foo Young
BBQ Pork Egg Foo Young
Ham Egg Foo Young
Crabmeat Egg Foo Young
Vegetable Egg Foo Young
Mushroom Egg Foo Young

Combination Lunch Special

Broccoli Chicken$6.55
Broccoli Beef$6.45
Broccoli Shrimp$6.55
Vegetables Chicken$6.45
Vegetable Beef$6.45
Vegetables Shrimp$6.55
Pepper Steak$6.45
Pepper Chicken$6.55
Kung Pao Chicken$6.45
Kung Pao Beef$6.55
Kung Pao Shrimp$6.55
Cashew Chicken$6.55
Cashew Shrimp$6.45
Garlic Chicken$6.55
Garlic Pork$6.45
Garlic Shrimp$6.55
Satay Beef$6.45
Satay Chicken$6.55
Mangolian Beef$6.45
Mangolian Chicken$6.55
Lemongrass Beef$6.55
Lemongrass Pork$6.45
Shrimp in Lobster Sauce$6.55
Chicken in Lobster Sauce$6.45
Human Beef$6.55
Human Chicken$6.45
Chicken Chop Suey Beef$6.45
Chicken Chop Suey Shrimp$6.55
Chicken Egg Foo Young Beef$6.55
Chicken Egg Foo Young Shrimp$6.55
Sweet & Sour Chicken$6.45
Sweet & Sour Pork$6.45
Lemon Chicken$6.55
Thai Green Curry Chicken$6.45
Thai Green Curry Beef$6.55
Thai Green Curry Shrimp$6.45
General Tso's Chicken$6.55
Sesame Chicken$6.55
Orange Beef$6.55
Orange Chicken$6.45
Chicken Lo Mein Beef$6.45
Chicken Lo Mein Shrimp$6.45
Mixed Vegetables$6.55

Korean Stone Bowl Rice

Korean Stone Bowl Rice$9.80
Served with egg.
Korean Seafood Stone Bowl Rice$9.70
Served with egg.
Chicken And Beef Stone Bowl Rice$9.70
Served with egg.
Korean Kimchi & Beef Rice Bowl$9.80
Korean Vegetable Chicken Rice Bowl$8.70


Served with tofu casserole.
Chicken And Eggplant Casserole$9.70
Beef Short Ribs And Black Pepper Casserole$9.80

Fresh Fruit Smoothie & Drink

Fresh Lemon Ice Tea$3.75
Thai Ice Tea$4.05
Thai Ice Coffee$3.95
Banana Freeze$4.20
Cantaloupe Freeze$4.20
Coconut Freeze$4.20
Honey Dew Freeze$4.20
Kiwi Strawberry Freeze$4.20
Lychee & Honey Dew Freeze$4.20
Lychee & Mango Freeze$4.30
Lychee & Papaya Freeze$4.20
Mango Freeze$4.20
Mango Kiwi Freeze$4.30
Peach Freeze$4.30
Pineapple Coconut Freeze$4.30
Pineapple Freeze$4.20
Strawberry Banana Freeze$4.30
Taro Freeze$4.30
Strawberry Freeze$4.20
Avocado with Tapioca Freeze$4.20
Served with tapioca freeze.
Lychee & Mango Tapioca$4.50
Watermelon Tapioca Freeze$4.50
Strawberry Tapioca Freeze$4.60
Pineapple Tapioca Freeze$4.60
Kiwi Tapioca Freeze$4.50
Coconut Tapioca Freeze$4.60
Banana Tapioca Freeze$4.60
Cantaloupe Tapioca Freeze$4.60
Mango Tapioca Freeze$4.50
Honey Dew Tapioca Freeze$4.60
Watermelon Freese$4.30
Mango Tropical Freeze$4.60
Milk Tea with Tapioca$3.95
Served with tapioca.
Hot Coffee$3.65
Hot Tea$3.65
Green Apple Green Tea$4.20