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Sides | Kid’S Drinks & Italian Sodas | Non-Carbonated Options


Chips & Nacho Cheese$4.90
Soft Pretzel$3.20
Lightly salted soft pretzel.
Cookies by Scratch$3.10

Kid'S Drinks & Italian Sodas

Kids Sharks in the Water$4.90
Sprite, blue raspberry and 2 gummy sharks.
Kids Somewhere Over the Rainbow$4.90
Sprite, Stormy day, whipand rainbow candy.
Kids Snowman in Summer$4.80
Sprite, blue raspberry, cream, whip and candy eyes and nose.
Kids Italian Cream Soda with Whip$4.90
Flavoring of choice, cream and whip.
Kids Mean Chick$4.80
Soda water, cotton candy, cream, whipand peep candy.
Kids Bubble Gum$4.80
Soda water, bubble gum syrup, cream, whip and gumball.
Kids Ice Queen Freeze$4.90
Blue raspberry, cream, whip and sprinkles.
Kids Kermie$4.80
Sprite, green apple, whip and gummy frog.
Kids Pink Poddle$4.80
Soda water, cotton candy, cream, whip and sprinkles.
Kids Rubber Ducky$4.80
Sprite, blue raspberry, whip and peep candy.
Kids Stormy Day$4.80
Sprite, stormy day syrup, whip and sprinkles.
Kids Wiggly Worm$4.80
Rootbeer, grenadine, whip and gummy worm.

Non-Carbonated Options

Fruit Water Menu$2.32
16 oz. only.
Hot Chocolate$3.30
Fruit Smoothies$5.15
16 oz. only.