For the past few years, Five Guys has remained one of the fastest growing fast-food chains in the country, and it can all be credited to one simple thing – their incredible burgers.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Five Guys burgers are among the best on the market today, with the company’s iconic burgers becoming something of a cult legend. Their increasing popularity is no coincidence, as they are simply among the best-tasting hamburgers in the food industry today.

* At Five Guys You can custom make your burgers by choosing the the ingredients:

1) Hamburger (700 calories)

Sandwich Price: $6.99

2) Cheeseburger (840 calories)

Sandwich Price: $7.49

3) Bacon Burger (780 calories)

Sandwich Price: $7.99

4) Bacon Cheeseburger (920 calories)

Sandwich Price: $8.69

5) Little Hamburger (480 calories)

Sandwich Price: $4.99

6) Little Cheeseburger (550 calories)

Sandwich Price: $5.69

7) Little Bacon Burger (560 calories)

Sandwich Price: $5.99

8) Little Bacon Cheeseburger (630 calories)

Sandwich Price: $6.69

Handcrafted Burgers from Five Guys

With each burger at Five Guys being custom made to order, the customer gets complete control over what is included in their burger. Not only that, but a Five Guys burger is always fresh and warm because it’s being made there and then!

For example, you begin by deciding the burger type, with available options including hamburger, bacon burger, cheeseburger, or a bacon cheeseburger. Additionally, you can order a smaller size of any of these by making them ‘Little’, which just makes them smaller by removing the second patty.

Should you be feeling particularly hungry, you can even add an extra patty for a few dollars more, resulting in a ridiculously size burger from Five Guys!

Then its case of picking any toppings you want, with an unlimited selection of classic ingredients available. This includes various sauces (ketchup, mayo mustard etc.) and vegetables (onion, jalapenos, lettuce, pickles etc.)

Should you want to, you can add up to fifteen toppings onto your Five Guys burger!!

Considering how great each of these toppings can make a burger, it’s no surprise to see so many people enjoy a burger that is created just to their liking.

Better still, Five Guys burgers are far from small, meaning customers get plenty of burger for their buck!