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Rice Plates | Fried Chicken Wings | Scotched Eggs | Suya – Suya | Side Items

Rice Plates

Jollof, Waakye, Pounded Yam, Yam, Plantain Plate

Fried Chicken Wings

Charlie Hot$9.04

Scotched Eggs

Scotched Eggs$4.04

Suya - Suya

Suya Regular$9.94
Suya Spicy$10.04
Suya Charlie Hot$10.04

Side Items

Meat Pie- Beef small$1.94
Meat Pie - Big$2.74
Jamaican Pattie Mild Beef$2.74
Jamaican Pattie Spicy Beef$2.84
Jamaican Pattie Vegetable$2.84
Jamaican Pattie Curry Chicken$2.74
Jamaican Pattie Cheesy Beef$2.74
White Rice$3.04
Fufu (Pounded Yam)$3.04
Moi Moi- Black Eye Bean Cake$3.54
Extra Beans$3.94
Yam Porridge$9.94
Jollof Rice (Parboiled)$6.04
Jollof Rice (Jasmine)$6.04
Red Stew without Meat$8.04
Rice & Beans (Watche)$5.94
Boiled Yams$5.94
Fried Yams$6.04
Fried Plantains$1.94
Boiled Egg$1.04
Waffle Fries$2.04
Steamed Okra$1.94
Stew with Meat (16 Oz.)$12.94
Stew without Meat (16 Oz.)$7.94
Goat without Stew (16 Oz.)$12.94
Goat with Stew (16 Oz.)$13.04
Stew with Assorted Meat$14.04
Fried Fish without Sauce$9.94
Fried Fish with Sauce (16 Oz.)$12.94
Extra Onion Pepper Sauce$1.94
Egg Stew$9.94
Mokimo - Mashed Potato with Veggies$4.94
Puff Puff$2.04
Egusi Soup with Meat (16 Oz.)$12.94
Egusi Soup without Meat$10.04