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Coffee - 10 oz.$1.95
Hot Chocolate$2.05
Hot Tea - 10 oz.$1.95
20 oz. Bottled Soda$3.05
Almond Milk Box$2.05
Soy Milk Box$1.95
Juice - 12 oz.$2.05
Bottled Water$2.95
Fuze Sweet Tea - 20 oz.$3.05
Minute Maid - Lemonade - 20 oz.$3.05
Natural Brew Soda$3.05
Naked Drink$4.05
Barq's Root Beer 20 oz.$3.05
Seagram's Ginger Ale - 20 oz.$2.95
Coke Cola - Diet - 20 oz.$2.95
Coke Cola - 20 oz.$2.95
Hi-C Fruit Punch - 20 oz.$3.05


Soy Ice Cream Shake$6.05

Breakfast Platters

Country Fried Steak Breakfast$15.95
Crispy vegan steak topped with white gravy served with scramble tofu, hash browns and toast.
Vegan Morning Breakfast Platter$17.95
Scramble tofu served with 2 vegan sausage, or 3 vegan bacon strips, hash browns and 2 pancakes.
Salmon Cake Breakfast Platter$11.05
Served with scramble tofu, grits topped with cheese, vegan butter, and toast.
Breakfast Taco Platter$11.95
Served with flour tortillas, scramble tofu, chopped sausage, salsa, cheese, vegan sour cream served with vegan buttered grits.
Sausage Gravy Biscuit Platter$11.95
Served with scramble tofu and home-style potatoes.
Crispy Vegan Chicken and Waffle$10.95
Golden waffle with 3 crispy vegan chicken strips. (please ask for Maple Dijon for your chicken)
Vegan Breakfast Taco Platters$12.05
Scramble tofu, chopped vegan sausage & chopped bacon, topped with vegan cheese, in 2 flour tortillas served with grits, and a side of vegan sour cream and salsa.
Signature Vegan Supreme Omelet$12.95
Chopped sausage, bacon, chicken, steak, sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, jalapenos and cheddar cheese. Served with home style potatoes and toast.
Sausage Gravy Biscuit Platter$13.05
Biscuit topped with scramble tofu, vegan chopped sausage with smothered white gravy and hash browns.

Breakfast Sides

Hash browns$3.95
Scramble Tofu$5.05
Vegan Sausage$2.95
Vegan Bacon$4.05
Gravy Side$1.95
Chili Bowl$4.95
Short Stack Pancakes$5.95
Belgian Waffle$5.95
Fruit Medley$5.05
Sauteed Spinach, Onions, and Tomatoes$5.05
Breakfast Tacos a la Cart$7.95
Chicken Biscuit$7.05
Breakfast Sandwich$7.05
Scramble tofu, sausage with vegan cheese on toast.

Kids Breakfast Menu (For Children 12 and Under)

Kid's Scramble Breakfast$8.05
Delicious scramble tofu, sausage patty, and toast.
Kid's Pancake Breakfast$7.95
1 hot pancake with scramble tofu and a sausage patty.

Soups and Salads

Garden Salad$8.05
Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrot, cucumbers, mushroom and onions.
Kale Licious Salad$9.05
Kale greens, cranberries, yellow peppers, sesame seed and agave.
Chili Bowl$5.95
Smooth delicious vegan chili topped with cheese and vegan sour cream.
Southern Gumbo$7.05
Chicken, sausage and vegetables in a delicious spicy roux base.


Smothered Fried Chicken with Gravy$14.95
Crispy chicken topped with gravy served with collard greens and vegan macaroni cheese. Served with corn bread.
Hickory BBQ Pulled Steak$14.95
Pulled steak topped with BBQ served with candy yams and vegan baked beans. Served with corn bread.
Chopped Steak, Mushrooms and Gravy$15.05
Chopped steak, mushrooms and onions topped with gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and buttered corn. Served with corn bread.
Crispy Fish Filet with Tartar Sauce$14.05
Crispy fish filet served with coleslaw, natural fries and corn bread.
Chicken Strips$15.05
Crispy vegan chicken strips served with natural fries and coleslaw. Served with cornbread
Salisbury Vegan Steak & Brown Gravy$15.95
Vegan steak patties topped with onions and mushrooms, brown gravy, served with mash potatoes and vegan buttered corn on cob.
Country Fried Vegan Steak with White Gravy$16.95
Crispy vegan steak topped with grilled onions, white gravy, served with fried okra, and vegan bacon black-eyed peas.

Burgers, Sandwich & Taco Platters

Impossible Burger (TM)$15.05
Impossible burger with, onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce, vegan cheese on a bun with a side of vegan mayo. Served with natural fries.
Signature Black Bean Burger$11.95
Black bean patty topped with onions, jalapenos, tomato, avocado, and vegan cheese on burger bun with a side of vegan mayo. (spicy)
Philly Vegan Cheese Steak$12.95
Vegan chopped steak grilled and onions, green peppers, topped with vegan cheese on hoagie bun with a side of vegan mayo.
Vegan Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich$13.95
Crispy vegan chicken topped with vegan bacon, vegan "in house" ranch, lettuce, tomato on a bun.
Loaded Chili Vegan Sausage$12.05
Vegan sausage frankfurter topped with chili, vegan cheese, jalapenos, raw onions, and avocado on a hoagie bun.
Fried Vegan Chicken Taco$13.05
2 tacos topped with chopped lettuce, "in house" vegan ranch dressing and sliced avocado. served with salsa on the side.
Spicy Vegan Steak Taco$12.95
2 tacos topped with jalapenos, pineapples, onions, chopped cabbage and our "in house" creamy lime sauce. Served with salsa on the side.
Crispy Vegan Fish Taco$12.05
2 Tacos, topped with chopped green cabbage, and "in house" creamy chipotle. Served with salsa on the side.
Chicken Sandwich$11.05
Served with vegan mayo, tomato and lettuce on wheat bun.
Crispy Fish taco$13.05
2 tacos topped with chopped green cabbage and in house creamy chipotle.
Fish Sandwich$12.05
Served with tartar sauce, coleslaw and crispy fish fillet on a wehat bun.
Portobello Mushroom Burger$8.05
Marinated Portobello served with vegan mayo, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce, and cheese on hamburger bun.

Kids Menu (For Children 12 and Under)

Kid's Chicken Strips$7.95
Served with choice of side.
Kid's Class Hamburger$6.95
Served with choice of side.
Kid's Grilled Cheese Sandwich$6.05
Served with choice of side.
Kid's Sausage Link$8.05
Served with choice of side.


Soy Ice Cream
Vegan Buffalo Chicken Poppers$10.05
Vegan fried chicken poppers (6) covered in buffalo sauce served with ranch dressing and garnished with celery sticks.
Vegan Mozzarella Sticks$13.05
Vegan Mozzarella cheese (5) breaded and fried, served with a marinara sauce.
Vegan Battered Mushrooms$10.05
Panko Battered mushrooms (6) served with our "in house" tangy Go Sauce.
Vegan Grilled Veggie Quesadilla$10.95
Grilled tortilla filled with vegan cheese, spinach, mushrooms, red & green peppers, and onions served with a side of salsa and vegan sour cream.


Chocolate Cake a la Mode$9.05
Chocolate cake with vegan ice cream and chocolate syrup.
Apple Pie Caramel Drizzle a la Mode$8.05
Apple pie covered with in house caramel sauce with vegan ice cream.
Cheese Cake with Fresh Strawberries$7.95
Vegan cheese cake topped with strawberries and strawberry syrup.
Vegan Cheesecake$5.95
Vegan Red Velvet Cake$7.05
Vegan Carmel Cake$7.05
Vegan Chocolate Cake$7.05
Apple Pie$6.05