Thick Cut Onion Rings
Always a favorite. Fried golden brown.
Bacon Cheese Fries
Hand cut fries topped with cheese and bacon bits. Add chili for additional charge.
Homemade Brunswick Stew
A Golden Rule recipe over 100 years old.
Bowl of Chili
In season. We don’t even know Willie’s secret.

BBQ Pork Sandwich
BBQ Rib Sandwich $5.59
BBQ Beef Sandwich
Hickory Chicken Sandwich $4.19
Smoked Turkey Sandwich $5.19
Old Fashioned Hot Dog Sandwich $2.59
Old Fashioned Chili Dog Sandwich $2.69
Smoked Sausage Sandwich $4.19

BBQ Pork Plate $9.29
BBQ Beef Plate $9.09
BBQ Chicken Plate
Regular Slow Smoked Turkey Plate $9.29
Served with honey mustard sauce.
Regular BBQ Rib Plate $12.39
6 pieces jumbo baby back ribs.
Regular Deluxe Grill Platter $14.39
Combination of sliced pork, baby back ribs and BBQ chicken.
Regular Smoked Sausage Plate $9.29

BBQ Chicken Spud $7.49
BBQ Turkey Spud $7.49
Original Pork Spud $7.49

Hamburger $3.69
Cheeseburger $3.80
Jumbo Hamburger $4.79
Jumbo Cheeseburger $4.89

Hamburger Steak $9.29
Fresh, ground chuck served with grilled onions, brown gravy and 2 sides.
Small Hamburger Steak $6.39
Fresh, ground chuck served with grilled onions, brown gravy and 1 side.
Salad and Sandwich Combo $6.29
Regular sandwich served with a lettuce and tomato salad. Include 2 sides.
2 Combo Plate $10.39
Served with Coleslaw and potato salad. Choice of pork, beef, 1/2 chicken, ribs or turkey. Include 2 sides.
Chicken Tenders $6.29
4 chicken tenders and french fries. Include 2 sides.

Original BBQ Salads $7.49
Topped with your choice or smoked turkey, chopped pork, chopped beef or pulled chicken.
Lettuce and Tomato Salad $3.19

Fresh Cut French Fries $1.99
Coleslaw $1.99
Green Beans $1.99
Baked Beans $1.99
Potato Salad $1.99
Fried Okra $1.99
Mac and Cheese $1.99
Chips $0.69
Extra Sauce $-0.05

Chocolate Cream Pie $3.89
Golden Coconut Pie $3.89
Lemon Ice Box Pie $3.89
Banana Pudding $3.09