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Our Drinks

Cafe Au Lait
A combination of our fresh, richly brewed coffee and steamed milk, topped off with a frothy dollop of steamed milk foam. It's a delightful twist on traditional coffee.
Hot Tea
With more than 18 varieties of regular, decaf and herbal-infusion teas to choose from, a tea drinker's morning is never boring.
A stout shot of our own rich Italian Roast; it's concentrated for a robust, smoky and intense flavor.
A traditional Italian beverage, a macchiato is a European favorite containing shots of espresso topped with a large dollop of steamed milk foam. The name means "marked with milk."
Espresso shots tempered with water create a strong and smoky coffee-like brew.
Rich espresso combined with milk and served either iced or hot.
Espresso shots poured over lots of frothed milk foam. This drink contains less milk than a latte and is, therefore, lighter and stronger than a latte.
Breve Latte
Espresso shots combined with half and half. This drink is rich, very creamy and quite smooth.

Flavored Lattes

Mocha, Traditional or White
This drink is a chocolate lover's dream! We combine your favorite type of chocolate in a latte and serve it either iced or hot.
Mocha Mint
Smooth chocolate and cool mint combine beautifully together in a latte for a refreshing treat.
Raspberry Truffle
The classic paring of raspberry and chocolate served up in a delicious latte.
Vanilla Decadence
This is our signature vanilla latte with the addition of cinnamon powder. It is topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. Some say decadent, we say perfection!
Hazelnut Dream
We didn't invent the chocolate and hazelnut flavor partnership?we just made the pairing better by allowing them a swim in a latte.
Caramel-Vanilla Latte
Two of our most favorite flavors mixed together in one fantastic latte.
Chocolate Turtle
For our customers who like their chocolate with a creamy hint of smooth caramel the Chocolate Turtle latte.

Non-Coffee Beverages

Italian Soda
A refreshing blend of sparkling water and your favorite flavored syrup. Raspberry and lemon are two customer favorites.
Orange Juice
Fresh Squeezed
Apple Cider
A perfect drink to complement a crisp fall day! This tangy, sweet and delicious drink is wonderful served iced or hot.
Chai Tea Latte
An exotic blend of black teas, cinnamon, honey, spices and milk. Served iced or hot, this is a most unique drink.
Hot Chocolate, Steamer
We add rich chocolate to hot steamed milk and top it off with whipped cream to make an authentic hot chocolate-just like mom used to make. A twist on traditional hot chocolate, a steamer is hot milk added to your favorite flavored syrup. Both of these drinks can be made to a lower temperature for small children upon request.

Frozen, Blended Drinks

Java Shake
A refreshing, blended frozen coffee treat, the Java Shake is our version of the classic coffee milkshake. Try it in plain coffee or one of our other favorite flavors: Mocha, Caramel and Mocha Mint Chip. Decaf is also available upon request.
Frozen Lemonade
We take tart lemonade and blend it up for an icy treat with just a hint of sweetness.
Fruit Smoothies
Made with all natural ingredients, our fruit smoothies make a delicious treat! Available in two yummy flavors: Banana Strawberry and Mango.
Vanilla Bean Dream
Sweet ice cream and a splash of vanilla bean blended together to make one dreamy vanilla shake, no coffee required!
Amaretto Dream
Sweet Amaretto flavor blended into ice cream.
Mocha Mint Chip Dream
Cool mint and chocolate chips blended with ice cream a perfect summer treat!
Wildberry Dream
Tart fruit tempered by sweet ice cream. (Can be made with low-fat yogurt as well!)
Chai Dream
A sweet blend of black tea, honey, spices blended with ice cream for a delicious frozen treat.

Decoding Coffee Lingo

Drink made with two shots of espresso and hot water
Coffee drink made of espresso and mostly foamed milk
Drink with two shots of espresso
More foam and less milk
A stout shot of rich Italian Roast, smoky and more intense
A coffee that is stout, flavorful and never bitter
Large, 16-ounce cup
Half the caffeine of regular
Espresso and milk
Coffee that is less heavy in body but still very flavorful
Drink using four shots of espresso
Red Eye
A shot of espresso added to coffee
Made with nonfat milk
Drink using one shot of espresso
Regular, 12-ounce cup
Drink using three shots of espresso
Less foam and more milk
With Room
Space to add milk

Customize Your Drink

Choose your caffeine preference
decaf, regular, half-caf
Choose a syrup
i.e., vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel
Choose your milk
whole, skim, 2%, soy
Choose other modifiers
i.e., wet, dry, extra hot, extra shot