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1. Pie

Pecan Cheesecake Pie$23.95
Cream Pies$23.95
Cherry Berry$25.95
Pumpkin Potato$16.05
Sweet Potato$15.95

1. Bread

Pumpkin Walnut Bread$10.00
Yeast Rolls$7.00
Sweet Potato Biscuits$6.90

1. Cake

Pumpkin Cheesecake$33.95
Seasonal Cupcake Box$15.95
Mini Cakes$17.95
Turkey, pumpkin and hay bale.
Pumpkin Roll$24.05

1. Cookies

Decorated Shortbread$2.70
Cookie & Bar Platter$34.05

2. Pie

Variety of NC mountain apples, including gold rush.
Loaded with pecans and oh so sweet.
French Silk$21.95
Deceivingly light very rich chocolate dream. Whipped cream on top.
Cherry Berry$23.95
Cherries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. With a buttery crumble topping.
Traditional Pumpkin Pie$15.95
Sweet Potato Pie$15.95

2. Bread

Farmers Market Pumpkin Walnut Bread$9.90
Fresh local pumpkins, loaded with walnuts. Best pumpkin bread on the planet. You want to order this. When the pumpkins are gone, so is the bread.
Yeast Rolls$7.00
We only do these for holidays.

2. Cake

8" Pumpkin Cheesecake$32.05
Ginger snap crust. Topped with whipped cream.
Seasonal Cupcake Box$16.05
Caramel apple, pumpkin pecan, maple walnut, spice cake with brown sugar buttercream.
Miniature Turkey Cake$14.05
Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Dipped in chocolate ganache. Looks like an adorable, colorful turkey.
Pumpkin Cheese Roll Cake$24.05
Simple delicious.
Mini Candy Corn Shadow Cake$14.05
Colored cake layers, topped with ganache.

2. Cookies

Decorated Shortbread Turkeys$2.45
Colorful, cute and delicious.
Small pastry like cookie in a variety of flavors, chocolate pumpkin, apricot, raspberry, lemon, cinnamon raisin. Place orders for specific flavors.


Seasonal muffins for your thanksgiving breakfast. Sweet potato casserole, cheese filled pumpkin, caramel apple, gingerbread pumpkin walnut, and all the rest of your favorites.

1. Entrees

Heart Shaped Cakes For 2$15.05
Available in all of our delicious cake flavors. triple chocolate, shadow, red valvet, white chocolate wish, vanilla vanilla, mango mojito just to name few favorites.
Valentine Shortbread Cookies$2.30
Beautifully decorated, great for gifting.
Heart Shaped Eclair For 2$11.95
One of our best loved desserts.
Mini Pastry Platter$14.05
Not sure how to decided? This has a bit of everything! Eclairs, cheesecakes, tarts and more!
Chocolate raspberry torte$18.05
Rich chocolate cake with raspberry filling, dipped in chocolate.
Heart Shaped Fresh Fruit Tart$15.95
Butter tart shell filled with cream and topped with an assortment of fresh fruit.
Lovely Cheesecake$16.05
Heart shaped layers of white chocolate and chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate with white chocolate heart garnish.
Cookie Tray$15.95
An assortment of beautiful and tasty cookies. A lovely gift.

2. Entrees

4" Pastel Ribbon Cake$16.05
Alternating layers of pink, yellow and blue cake, pink, yellow and blue ribbon frosting.
Easter Shortbread Cookies$2.20
Decorated bunnies, chicks and eggs.
Mini Egg Cakes$3.00
Chocolate or vanilla. Personalized with a name or message!
Bunny Cakes$3.00
Vanilla cake covered in coconut with a cute bunny face and fluffy tail.
Lemon Delight Cake Roll$28.05
Light lemon cake with lemon filling, rolled up jelly roll style. Serves 12.
Easter Basket Cake$7.95
Chocolate or vanilla cake. Decorated like a basket. Green sprinkle grass, candies and decoration.
Yeast Rolls$6.90
A little on the sweet side. Easy to serve with Easter dinner! Just pop in the oven to warm!
Chocolate Orange Cupcake$4.30
Chocolate cupcake with orange filling. Looks like a carrot in the ground!
Coconut Custard Pie$17.95
Traditional baked custard pie.

Muffins Madness Mondays

1 Muffin & 12 oz. Coffee$3.20

3. Entrees

Sprinkle Cake$13.95
6 layers of red and pink cake with vanilla buttercream and covered in festive sprinkles.
Pastry Platter$11.95
Includes but not limited to miniature tarts, cheesecakes, eclairs, cream puffs, and more.
Heart Shaped Eclairs For 2$12.05
Our eclair in the shape of a large heart smothered in dark chocolate ganache.
Heart Shaped Fresh Fruit Tart$15.95
All butter tart shell in the shape of a heart, filled with delicious mango cream and topped with an assortment of fresh fruit.
Chocolate Raspberry Torte$15.95
Chocolate cake filled with raspberry and dipped in dark chocolate ganache.
Heart Shaped Cakes$14.05
Available in most of our delicious cake flavors.