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Lunch Special

1. Sogogi Broccoli*$9.00
beef with broccoli.
2. Sogogi Pa Bokeum$9.00
beef with green onion.
3. Pimang Sogogi$9.00
pepper steak.
4. Dakgogi Broccoli$6.90
chicken with broccoli.
5. Kanpoong Gi*$7.90
chicken with red pepper.
6. Lajogi*$7.90
chicken with red pepper sauce.
7. Buhsut Dakgogi$6.90
chicken with sliced mushroom.
8. Yachae Saewoo$8.00
baby shrimp with mixed vegetable.
9. Kanpoong Saewoo*$8.00
baby shrimp with garlic sauce.
10. Japtang$8.00
mixed seafood.
11. Usansul$8.00
braised seafood with pork.
12. Tangsoo Yuk$7.90
fried pork with sweet & sour sauce.
13. Kochu Japchae*$6.90
shredded pork with hot green pepper.
14. Mapa Tofu*$6.90
bean curd szechuan style with pork.
15. Yachae Buhsut$7.00
mushroom & chinese cabbage.
16. Jjajang Bap$8.00
fried rice with brown bean sauce.

Appetizers Dumpling & Bread

1. Gun Mandu$8.00
fried large meat dumplings.
2. Buchu Mul Mandu$7.90
boiled dumplings with meat & leek.
3. Mandu Guk$9.00
boiled dumplings with beef soup.
4. Kot Bbang$5.05
chinese steamed bread.


1. Gaeran Tang$6.90
egg drop soup.
2. Sanra Tang*$7.00
hot & sour soup.
3. Oksusu Tang$6.90
corn soup.
4. Yachae Tofu Tang$6.90
bean curd & vegetable soup.
5. Haemul Tang$8.90
mixed seafood soup.
6. Shark's Fin Tang$15.00
shark's fin soup.

Bean Curd & Vegetable

1. Yangjangpi*$24.00
seafood & vegetable with mustard sauce.
2. Yachae Bokeum$14.00
sauteed mixed vegetable.
3. Songyi Buhsut Bokeum$28.00
sauteed pine mushroom.
4. Yachae Buhsut$16.90
mushroom & chinese cabbage.
5. Mapa Tofu*$14.00
bean curd szechuan style with pork.
6. Saewoo Tofu$17.00
bean curd & shrimp.
7. Buhsut Dofu$14.00
bean curd & mushroom with oyster sauce.
8. Kochu Japchae*$15.00
shredded pork with hot green pepper.
9. Japchae$15.00
shredded pork with vegetable & bean noodle.
10. Buchu Japchae$15.90
shredded pork with leek.
11. Sachun Japchae$13.90
starch noodles szechuan style.

Fish $24.95

1. Kanpoong Uh
sea bream with garlic sauce.
2. Tangsu Uh
sea bream with sweet & sour sauce.
3. Gajemi Tuigim
fried flounder.

Noodles & Rice

1. Jjajang Myun$6.00
noodles with brown bean sauce.
2. Gan Jjajang$7.90
noodles with special brown bean sauce.
3. Jjambbong*$8.00
noodles with chop suey soup.
4. Gochu Jjambbong*$9.00
noodles with hot chop suey soup.
5. U-Dong$8.00
noodles with vegetable soup.
6. Wool Myun$9.00
noodles with gravy soup.
7. Samsun Jjambbong*$11.00
noodles with seafood chop suey soup.
8. Jogae Jjambbong*$11.90
noodles with clam chop suey soup.
9. Jogae U-Dong$11.90
noodles with clam vegetable soup.
10. Samsun Jjajang$10.00
noodles with seafood brown bean sauce.
11. Samsun Gochu Jjambbong*$12.00
noodles with seafood hot chop suey soup.
12. Samsun Wool Myun$10.90
noodles with seafood gravy soup.
13. Samsun D-Dong$10.90
noodles with seafood vegetable soup.
14. Gisu Myun$8.90
slender noodles with seafood soup.
15. Jengban Jjajang$25.90
noodles with seafood special brown bean sauce.
16. Sogogi Bokeum Bap$7.90
beef fried rice.
17. Saewoo Bokeum Bap$10.00
shrimp fried rice.
18. Dakgogi Bokeum Bap$8.00
chicken fried rice.
19. Samsun Bokeum Bap$10.00
seafood fried rice.
20. Yachae Bokeum Bap$7.90
vegetable fried rice.
21. Jjajang Bap$8.90
fried rice with brown bean sauce.
22. Jjambbong Bap*$8.90
rice with chop suey soup.
23. Japtang Bap$11.00
fried rice with mixed seafood.
24. Japchae Bap$9.00
fried rice with vegetable, pork & bean noodle.
25. Omelet Rice$9.00
fried rice with egg, tomato & ketchup.
26. Jjajang Sauce$4.95
brown bean sauce.


1. Tangsoo Yuk$14.90
fried pork with sweet & sour sauce.
2. Kanpoong Yuk*$14.90
fried pork with garlic sauce.
3. Lajo Yuk*$14.90
fried pork with red pepper sauce.
4. Nanjawans$16.90
meat balls with red pepper sauce.
5. Sogogi Broccoli*$16.00
beef with broccoli.
6. Pimang Sogogi$16.00
pepper steak.
7. Sogogi Pa Bokeum$15.90
beef with green onion.
8. Orange Sogogi$15.90
beef with orange flavor sauce.
9. Sogogi Tempura$16.00
fried beef.
10. Sogogi Tangsoo Yuk$16.00
fried beef with sweet & sour sauce.
11. Sogogi Kanpoong Yuk$15.90
fried beef with garlic sauce.

Cold Dishes

1. Haepary Nengchae*$19.90
jelly fish with garlic sauce.
2. O-Hyang Jangyuk$18.00
sliced beef with bean sauce.
3. Junbok Nengchae*$29.95
cold abalone dish.
4. Saewoo Nengchae*$22.00
cold shrimp dish.
5. Dugaji Nengchae$32.90
two kind of cold dish.
6. Negaji Nengchae$46.00
four kind of cold dish.

Sea Cucumber & Abalone

1. Haesam Tang$40.00
braised sea cucumber.
2. Haesam Juice$43.00
sea cucumber with braised pork.
3. Haesam Junbok$40.00
sea cucumber with abalone.
4. Junbok Tang$33.00
braised abalone.
5. Junbok Songyi Tang$40.00
abalone with pine mushroom.
6. Jukson Junbok Tang$32.90
bamboo shoot with abalone.

Poultry & Duck

1. Kanpoong Gi*$15.00
chicken with red pepper.
2. Lajogi*$15.00
fried chicken with red pepper sauce.
3. Tangsoo Gi$15.00
fried chicken with sweet & sour sauce.
4. Dakgogi Broccoli$14.90
chicken with broccoli.
5. Orange Dakgogi*$15.90
fried chicken with orange flavor sauce.
6. Lemon Dakgogi$15.00
fried chicken with lemon flavor sauce.
7. Tangkong Dakgogi*$16.00
dice chicken with cashew nuts.
8. O-Ri Gui$19.90
crispy skin duck.


1. Palbochae*$22.00
mixed seafood with red pepper sauce.
2. Usansul$22.00
braised seafood with pork.
3. Ganso Gayibasi*$22.00
scallops with hot spicy sauce.
4. Kanpoong Saewoo*$19.90
baby shrimp with garlic sauce.
5. Ganso Saewoo*$19.90
fried shrimp with hot spicy sauce.
6. Saewoo Tuigim$20.00
fried baby shrimp.
7. Tangsoo Saewoo$19.90
fried shrimp with sweet & sour sauce.
8. Saewoo Tomato*$19.90
baby shrimp with tomato sauce.
9. Lobster Bokeum*
lobster (steamed or scallion sauce).
10. Kungae Bokeum
king crab (steamed or scallion sauce).
11. Jogae Bokeum*
steamed clams with oyster sauce.
12. Kanpoong O-Jinguh*$16.90
fried squid with garlic sauce.
13. Jungabok$25.00
happy family.
14. Samsun Bokeum$27.00
mixed three kinds of seafood.

Shark's Fin $40.95

1. Haemul Shark's Fin
shark's fin with seafood.
2. Saewoo Shark's Fin*
shark's fin with baby shrimp.


1. Goguma Tang$8.00
candied sweet potato.
2. Oksusu Tang$6.90
candied corn.
3. Sagua Tang$7.00
candied apple.
4. Banana Tang$7.00
candied banana.