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Ahi Tuna Tacos$13.95


Grilled Romaine Salad$10.05


BBBLT Sandwich (Bacon Three Ways)$8.95
Harry's house made bacon with our bacon cheese dip, romaine lettuce and tomato with bacon aioli on a ciabatta roll.
Who's Got The Foot Long Sandwich$8.95
Grilled foot long hotdog topped with our housemade slaw and bacon.
Mort's Grilled Chicken Sandwich$9.95
Marinated chicken breast topped with roasted red peppers, sauteed spinach, sharp provolone cheese and basil pesto on a ciabatta roll.
Breakfast For Dinner Sandwich$7.95
Your choice of bacon, scraple or pork roll with an over easy egg and sharp cheddar cheese on a soft round roll.
Grouper Sandwich$13.05
Fresh grouper, lightly breaded and fried with lettuce, tomato, onion and mango chili sauce on a soft round roll.
Black and Bleu Chicken Sandwich$9.55
Blackened grilled chicken, topped with crumbled bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on a ciabatta roll.
The General's Portabella Sandwich$8.95
Grilled portabella mushroom cap topped with house made mozzarella, roasted red peppers and balsamic vinaigrette on a ciabatta roll.


Cole's Breakfast Burger$10.55
Topped with sharp cheddar cheese and bacon served on an inside out glazed donut.
Bacon Cheeseburger$12.95
Sharp cheddar cheese and bacon topped with lettuce, tomato and onion.
BBQ Burger$14.45
Topped with Barbeque sauce, caramelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese and bacon.
Black and Bleu Burger$10.45
Blackened and topped with bleu cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato and onion.
Harry's Hangover Burger$14.45
Topped with bloody mary bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and a fried egg over easy with a shot of hot sauce.

Flat Breads

Caelyn and Cassidy's Old School Flatbread$10.05
Marinara, house made mozzarella and fresh basil.
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread$13.95
Spicy ranch sauce topped with grilled chicken tossed in our Buffalo sauce with bleu cheese dressing.
Shrimp Scampi Flatbread$11.95
Fresh shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil topped with spinach, bacon and Parmesan cheese.
Dana's BBLT Flatbread$11.05
Our signature bacon cheese dip topped with house made bacon, chopped lettuce, tomatoes and drizzled with bacon aioli.
Shrimp Scampi Shaved Parmesan Cheese Flatbread$12.05
Fresh shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil topped with spinach, bacon and shaved Parmesan cheese.
BBQ Pulled Pork Flatbread$11.55
Carolina style pulled pork, caramelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese and bacon.
Racci's Ribeye Flatbread$14.05
Marinara topped with fresh shaved ribeye, fried onions and sharp provolone.