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Chili Cheese Dog$2.45
Chili cheese dog with Dorito chips. Add extras for an additional charge.
Hot Cheetos and Cheese$2.45
BBQ Sandwich$3.70
Hickory smoked BBQ sauce with brisket.
Frito Pie$3.20
Cheese Nachos$2.80
Rico's gourmet nacho cheese.
Hot Dog$1.55
White bun with ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish or onions. Add extras for an additional charge.
Original Cheez-Its.
Hot Cheetos$0.95
Flamin Hot Cheetos.
Cracker Jack$0.95
Kellogg's Fruit Snacks$0.95
Slim Jims Original$1.45
Cotton Candy$2.05
Dill Pickle$1.05
Sour goodness.
Frozen Pickle$0.95
Chili Cheese Cheez-Its$3.20
Great for cloudy, cool days. Chili and crackers brought to the next level.
Corn in a Cup$2.95

Shaved Ice

Banana Shaved Ice$1.55
Blue Bubble Gum Shaved Ice$1.55
Blue Coconut Shaved Ice$1.45
Blue Hawaiian Shaved Ice$1.45
Blue Raspberry Shaved Ice$1.45
Blueberry Shaved Ice$1.45
Cantaloupe Shaved Ice$1.55
Cherry Limeade Shaved Ice$1.45
Cherry Shaved Ice$1.55
Coconut Kiss Shaved Ice$1.45
Cotton Candy Shaved Ice$1.45
Dreamscicle Shaved Ice$1.45
Granny Apple Shaved Ice$1.45
Grape Shaved Ice$1.55
Grasshopper Shaved Ice$1.55
Sour apple and kiwi.
Green Apple Shaved Ice$1.45
Hurricane Shaved Ice$1.55
Jamaican Breeze Shaved Ice$1.55
Lemon Lime Shaved Ice$1.55
Lemon Shaved Ice$1.55
Lime Shaved Ice$1.55
Mango Shaved Ice$1.45
Margarita Shaved Ice$1.45
Ocean Water Shaved Ice$1.55
Orange Shaved Ice$1.55
Passion Fruit Shaved Ice$1.55
Peach Shaved Ice$1.45
Pickle Juice Shaved Ice$1.45
Pineapple Shaved Ice$1.45
Pink Bubble Gum Shaved Ice$1.45
Pink Dragon Shaved Ice$1.55
Pink lemonade.
Pink Lemonade Shaved Ice$1.45
Pina Colada Shaved Ice$1.45
Purple Passion Shaved Ice$1.45
Grape and pina colada.
Rainbow Shaved Ice$1.45
Banana, coconut and strawberry.
Root Beer Shaved Ice$1.45
Salty Lemon Shaved Ice$1.55
Sour Apple Shaved Ice$1.55
Strawberry Cheesecake Shaved Ice$1.55
Strawberry Daiquiri Shaved Ice$1.55
Strawberry Shaved Ice$1.55
Strawberry Shortcake Shaved Ice$1.45
Tiger Blood Shaved Ice$1.45
Tropical Treat Shaved Ice$1.55
Strawberry, cherry and fruity syrup.
Tutti Fruity Shaved Ice$1.55
Watermelon Shaved Ice$1.45
Wild Cherry Shaved Ice$1.55
Bahama Mama Shaved Ice$1.45
Sweet and fruity.
Black Cherry Shaved Ice$1.55
Blood, Guts and Eyeballs Shaved Ice$1.55
Banana, coconut and tiger blood syrup.
Candy Apple Shaved Ice$1.45
Chango Shaved Ice$1.55
Pickle juice, lime, Chamoy and chili powder.
Cheesecake Shaved Ice$1.45
Cinnamon Shaved Ice$1.45
Cream Soda Shaved Ice$1.45
Daiquiri Shaved Ice$1.55
Dog Ears Shaved Ice$1.55
Banana, coconut and cream.
Hawaiian Delight Shaved Ice$1.55
Raspberry and pineapple.
Kiwi Lime Shaved Ice$1.55
Kiwi Shaved Ice$1.55
Leche Shaved Ice$1.55
Road Kill Shaved Ice$1.45
Banana, coconut, tiger blood syrup and vanilla cream.
Root Beer Float Shaved Ice$1.55
Served with vanilla cream.
Silver Fox Shaved Ice$1.45
Cake-flavored syrup.
Vanilla Shaved Ice$1.45
Wedding Cake Shaved Ice$1.45
White Coconut Shaved Ice$1.55

Hawaii's Finest Shaved Ice Specials

Rainbow snow cone with gummy bears, M&Ms and Skittles.
Dirty Boot$5.05
Vanilla ice cream with root beer snow cone syrup, chocolate cream and chocolate mint candies.
Pickle Lovers$4.95
Pickle juice snow cone with dill pickles topped with lemon salt.
Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries, strawberry and vanilla cream.
Mango syrup with Chamoy chili powder and real mango fruit topped with a tamarind straw.
This is a perfectly blended real strawberry snow cone with tiger blood syrup topped with chocolate cream and whole cherries.
Reese's Magic$4.95
Cream and Reese's blended so good, it's magic. With 3 miniature cups on top.


Strawberry Banana Smoothie$4.95
24 oz. strawberry banana smoothie made with fruit and cream.
Peach Smoothie$5.05
24 oz. peach smoothie made with fruit and cream.
Pineapple Smoothie$4.95
24 oz. smoothie made with pineapple and cream.
Mango Smoothie$5.05
24 oz. smoothie made with mango and cream.
Strawberry Smoothie$5.05
24 oz. smoothie made with strawberry and cream.
Banana Smoothie$5.05
24 oz. smoothie made with banana and cream.
Watermelon Smoothie$4.95
24 oz. smoothie made with watermelon and watermelon syrup.

Meal Deals

Cheese Nachos Meal Deal$6.05
This is a good portion of cheese nachos with a side of corn, baked beans and a drink of your choice.
Frito Pie Meal Deal$6.05
Comes with a large Frito pie, corn, baked beans on the side and a drink of your choice.
Chili Cheese Dog Meal Deal$5.95
Comes with 2 chili cheese hot dogs,a side of Doritos chips, a side of corn and a drink of your choice.
BBQ Sandwich Meal Deal$5.95
BBQ sandwich with a side of Lays chips, baked beans and a drink of your choice.


Hot Chocolate$0.95
12 oz. water-based hot chocolate.
Regular classic roast coffee.
16.9 oz.