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Egg Roll (4)$6.00
Pot Sticker (6)$6.90
BBQ Pork$8.00
Spiced Chicken Salad$7.90
Wonton in Hot Sauce$6.90
Crispy Fried Tofu$5.90
Hunan Bread (2)$7.00
Little Buns (8)$7.90
Green Onion Pancake$6.45

Noodle Soup, Wonton Soup

Bean Sauce Noodle$8.55
Served with hot & sour soup.
Beef Stew Soup Noodle$8.55
Mustard Green With Pork Noodle Soup$8.45
Preserved Pickle With Pork Noodle Soup$8.55
Pork Chop Noodle Soup$8.55
Seafood Noodle Soup$9.90
Beef Stew Wonton Soup$8.55
BBQ Pork Wonton Soup$8.55
Hot Spicy Noodle Soup$9.45

Chow Mein

Beef Chow Mein$8.00
Shredded Pork Chow Mein$8.00
Shredded Chicken Chow Mein$7.90
BBQ Pork Chow Mein$7.90
Vegetable Chow Mein$7.90
Shrimp Chow Mein$8.55
House Chow Mein$8.45
Yellow Chive With Seafood Chow Mein$13.45
House Special Pan Fried Noodle$9.90
Beef Chow Fun$10.00
Vegetable Chow Fun$9.45

Fried Rice

Beef Fried Rice$7.90
Pork Fried Rice$8.00
Chicken Fried Rice$7.90
BBQ Pork Fried Rice$7.90
Vegetable Fried Rice$8.00
Shrimp Fried Rice$8.45
House Fried Rice$8.45
Fujian Fried Rice$12.45

Rice Cake

Mustard Green & Pork with Rice Cake$9.00
Seafood Sauth Rice Cake$10.00
Served with soup of the day.

Lunch Specials

Hunan Home's Smoked Pork$9.00
Pork with Spiced Dry Bean Curd$8.90
Sweet & Sour Pork$9.00
Kung Pao Diced Chicken$9.00
Sliced Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$8.90
Diced Chicken with Cashew Nut$9.00
Diced Chicken with Curry Sauce$9.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.90
Basil with Sliced Chicken$9.00
Snow Pea with Sliced Chicken$9.00
Broccoli with Sliced Chicken$9.00
Mongolian Chicken$9.00
Hot & Spicy Chicken$9.00
Hunan Home's Chicken$8.90
Spicy Chicken with Orange Peel$9.00
Hunan Home's Beef$9.00
Mongolian Beef$8.90
Beef with Mixed Vegetables$9.00
Basil Beef$8.90
Beef Stew$9.00
Broccoli Beef$8.90
Beef Tender Green$9.00
Beef Tofu$9.00
String Beans a la Hunan$8.90
Assorted Vegetables$8.90
Double Mushrooms with Tofu$8.90
Family Style Tofu$9.00
Ma Po Tofu$8.90
Kang Pao Tofu$9.00
Curry Tofu$8.90
Hot and Spicy Prawns$9.45
Kung Pao Prawns$9.55
Prawns with Assorted Veggie$9.55
Broccoli Prawns$9.55
Squid with Black Bean Sauce$9.45
Kung Pao Squid$9.55
Three Ingredients Seafood$9.45
Prawns with Cashew Nut$9.90
Prawns with Snow Pea$10.00
Prawns with Snow Pea$9.90
Prawns with Snow Pea$9.90
Fish Fillet with Mixed Vegetables$9.90
Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce$10.00
Basil with Fish Fillet$9.90
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet$9.90


Egg Rolls (4)$6.00
Deep fried with carrots, mushrooms & bamboo shoot
Pot Stickers (6)$7.00
Stuffed w/ minced pork & cabbage (boiled & pan fried)
Little Buns (8)$7.90
Stuffed with minced pork (steamed)
Green Onion Pancake$6.55
Deep Fried Prawns (8)$7.90
Breaded and deep fried
Deep Fried Tofu$6.00
Served with a special house sauce (veggie)
Wonton with Hot Sauce$7.00
Boiled wonton in chili sauce
B.B.Q. Pork$7.90
Honey glazed and barbequed
Spiced Chicken Salad$7.90
Shredded chicken with spicy salt
Chicken Wings with Spicy Salt$7.90
Vegetarian Tofu Sheet (Cold)$8.90
Layers of pan fried bean curd
Spiced Beef$9.00
Marinated beef shank in five spicy sauce
Shredded Jelly Fish$9.00
Marinated & braised jelly fish in sauce
Hot & Sweet Cabbage$7.90
Marinated with vinegar & sugar (veggie)
Hunan Home's Bread (2)$6.90
Steamed then deep fried



Black Mushroom, Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts$9.90
Assorted Vegetables$9.45
Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce$9.55
String Bean with Fresh Garlic$9.55
String Bean a la Hunan$9.55
Black Mushroom with Tender Green$9.55
Black Mushroom with Broccoli$9.55
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce$9.55
Kung Pao Tofu$9.45
Mapo Tofu$9.45
Family Style Tofu$9.45
Double Mushroom Tofu$9.55
Braised Tofu$9.55
Spicy Fried Tofu with Orange Peel$9.45
Curry Tofu$9.55
Egg Fu Young$10.55
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable
Snow Pea Green Sprouts$13.90

Chow Mein & Fried Rice

Beef - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$8.00
Shredded Pork - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$8.00
Shredded Chicken - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$8.00
BBQ. Pork - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$8.00
Vegetable - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$7.90
Shrimp - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$8.45
House - Chow Mein or Fried Rice$8.45
Yellow Chives with Seafood Chow Mein$13.90
House Special Pan Fried Noodle (Thin Noodle)$12.00
Fujian Fried Rice$14.45
Topped with chopped prawns & ?scallops in gravy
Beef Chow Fun$9.90
Vegetable Chow Fun$9.45
Dried Scallop and Egg White Fried Rice$13.90
Salty Fish and Shredded Chicken Fried Rice$14.00
Pickled Mustard Green and Pork with Rice Cake$8.90
Three Ingredient Sautéed with Rice Cake$9.90
Steamed Rice$1.45
Brown Rice$1.70
Thin crispy noodle topped with sliced chicken and seafood in gravy


Prawns with Honey Walnuts$16.00
Deep fried prawn topped with special sauce
Sesame Prawns$13.00
Deep fried prawn with garlic in hot, sweet & sour sauce
Hot Spicy Prawns$13.00
Sauteed with baby corn, celery & snow pea in chef's special sauce
Assorted Vegetable Prawns$12.90
Sauteed with garlic in white sauce
Kung Pao Prawns$12.90
Sauteed with green pepper, bamboo shoots & peanuts in hot sauce
Broccoli with Prawns$13.00
Sauteed with garlic in white sauce
Prawns with Lobster Sauce$13.00
Sauteed with green pepper and onion in black bean sauce
Sweet and Sour Prawns$12.90
Deep fried prawn in sweet and sour sauce
Cashew Prawns$13.00
Sauteed with celery and water chestnuts in golden brown sauce
Snow Pea Prawns$12.90
Sauteed with water chestnuts in white sauce
Prawns with Chinese Broccoli$14.00
Sauteed with garlic in oyster sauce
Stir Fried Whole Prawns with Spicy Salt$14.00
Served in the shell
Prawns & Scallops with Bean Curd in Iron Pot$13.90
Double Mushroom, Prawns and Scallops$14.00
Sauteed with vegetables in white sauce
Scallops in Hot Sauce$14.90
Vegetable sauteed with black beans in hot sauce
Yellow Chive with Squid and Scallops$14.90
Squids with Spicy Salt$12.90
Deep fried squid with salt and chili pepper
Kung Pao Fresh Squid$13.00
Sauteed with green pepper, bamboo shoot & peanuts
Sauteed Clams with Black Bean Sauce$14.00
Sauteed with hot green pepper in black bean sauce
Lobster with Ginger & Green Onion
Lobster with Hot Black Bean Sauce
Crab with Ginger and Green Onion
Crab with Spicy Salt
Crab with Hot Black Bean Sauce
Steamed Whole Crab
Sweet and Sour Whole Crispy Fish
Braised Hot Bean Sauce Whole Crispy Fish
Braised Whole Crispy Fish
Hot Braised Whole Crispy Fish
Steamed Whole Rock Cod Fish
Deep Fried Flounder$24.00


Hunan Beef$11.90
SautEed w/ baby corn, celery, snow peas in chef's sauce
Beef with Orange Peel$11.90
Deep fried beef sauteed with orange peel and hot sauce
Beef with Assorted Vegetables$11.90
Sauteed with garlic in golden brown sauce
Mongolian Beef$12.00
Sauteed with green onion in garlic sauce
Kung Pao Beef$12.00
Sauteed with green &red peppers &peanuts in hot sauce
Sesame Beef$11.90
Deep fried beef sautéed with hot, sweet and sour sauce
Beef with Black Mushrooms$12.90
Sauteed with bamboo shoots in oyster sauce
Green Onion Beef$11.90
Stir fried in golden brown sauce
Broccoli Beef$12.00
Sauteed in oyster sauce
Chinese Broccoli Beef$13.00
Sauteed in oyster sauce
Beef in Hot Black Bean Sauce$12.00
Tender beef tossed with onions in black bean sauce
Beef with Tofu$11.90
Basil Beef$11.90
Sauteed with red bell pepper & mushroom in oyster sauce
Black Pepper Steak Strips$14.90


Hunan Style Pork$12.00
Sauteed with dry bean curd in spicy garlic sauce
Hunan Home's Smoked Pork$12.00
Sauteed with cabbage and bell pepper in chef's hot sauce
Sweet and Sour Pork$11.00
Deep fried in sweet and sour sauce
Sparerib with Spicy Salt$10.90
Deep fried then stir fried with chili pepper
Mandarin Sparerib$10.90
Sauteed deep fried spareribs in chef's sauce
Hot & Spicy Shredded Pork$10.90
Sauteed water chestnuts & celery in hot spicy garlic sauce
String Beans with Smoked Pork$13.00
Shredded Pork with Dry Bean Curd and Chives$12.00
Barbecued Pork Stir Fried with Tofu$11.00


Basil Chicken$11.00
Sliced chicken sauteed bell pepper and musrhoom-oyster sauce
Hunan Home's Chicken$10.90
Sauteed with cabbage & mushrooms in chef's hot sauce
Sliced Chicken with Snow Pea$11.90
Sauteed with garlic & water chestnuts in white sauce
Chicken with Cashew Nut$11.90
Celery and water chestnuts in brown sauce
Kung Pao Chicken$10.90
Green & red peppers, bamboo shoots & peanuts in hot sauce
Tai Chin Chicken$11.90
Black mushrooms and bamboo shoots in hot sauce
Chicken with Dry Bean Curd$10.90
With green pepper in hot sauce
Chicken in Spicy Garlic Sauce$11.00
Sauteed w/ baby corn, celery and snow peas in chef's sauce
Mongolian Chicken$10.90
Sauteed with green onion in spicy garlic sauce
Assorted Vegetables with Sliced Chicken$10.90
Sauteed in white sauce
Broccoli Chicken$11.00
Sliced chicken sautéed in oyster sauce
Curry Chicken$10.90
Spicy Chicken with Orange Peel$10.90
Deep fried and sautéed with orange peel in hot sauce
Sesame Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce$11.00
Deep fried chicken in hot, sweet and sour sauce
Sweet and Sour Chicken$10.90
Deep fried chicken in sweet and sour sauce
Lemon Chicken$11.00
Deep fried chicken topped with lemon sauce
Chicken with Hot Black Bean Sauce$12.00
Diced chicken tossed with onions in black bean sauce
Hot Spiced Crispy Chicken$12.90
1/2 chicken (bone-in) deep fried, topped w/hot spicy sauce
Boiled Chicken$12.90
Half chicken (bone-in) topped w/ ginger slices & green onion
Tea Smoked Duck$15.90
Half duck marinated in tea leaves then deep fried
Peking Roast Duck$32.90

Fish Fillets

Fillet Sautéed with Basil$13.90
Fillet Sauteed with Vegetable$14.00
Fillet Baked in Spicy Salt$13.90
Fillet Sauteed in Spicy Tomato Sauce$14.00
Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce$13.90
Deep fried
Fillet Sauteed with Black Bean Sauce$13.90
Fillet Sauteed with Hot Spicy Sauce$14.00


Mu-Shu Vegetable$10.00
Mu-Shu Pork$11.00
Mu-Shu Chicken$11.00
Mu-Shu Beef$11.00
Mu-Shu Shrimp$13.00

Lettuce Cup

Minced Shrimp$14.00
Minced Chicken$12.00
Minced Smoked Pork$12.00
Minced Veggie$10.90

Sizzling Platter

Sizzling Eel$20.00
Whole eel, topped w/ hot spiced shredded pork
Sizzling Seafood Deluxe$14.90
Tender beef tossed in green pepper & onion
Sizzling Prawn$15.00
Tossed minced onion in chili sauce
Sizzling Chicken & Scallops$15.00
Tossed in green pepper & onion in black bean sauce
Sizzling Beef and Scallops$15.00
Tossed in green pepper & onion in black bean sauce
Sizzling Hunan Bean Curd$11.45
Sauteed with shredded pork in black bean sauce

Chef's Selection

Hunan Home's Assorted Cold Platter$32.05
Spiced Beef and Jelly Fish$16.90
Spot Prawn Sashimi
Live Poached Spot Prawn (Live)
Spot Prawn Steamed with Garlic Sauce
Lobster Cooked in Two or Three Ways
Steamed Lobster
Lobster in Spiced Salt
Hunan Style Tai Chin Lobster in Clay Pot
Lobster with Ginger & Green Onion
Giant Crab in Spiced Salt
Hunan Style Tai Chin Crab in Clay Pot
Giant Crab with Ginger & Green Onion
Steamed Rock Cod
Hot braised Whole Fish
Deep Fried Flounder$24.00
Steamed Whole Black Bass
Yellow Chive with Cherry Stone Clam
Yellow Chive with Scallop and Squid$14.00
Yellow Chive Sautéed with 3 Ingredient Seafood$13.90
Fillet of Fish in Spicy Salt$13.90
Shredded Beef with Bell Peppers$12.90
Beef Stew in Iron Pot$13.90
Minced Chicken with Lettuce Cup$12.00
Clam with Ginger Soup$14.45
Assorted Dried Scallop Soup$14.00
Pork with Dry Bean Curd and Yellow Chive$13.00
Hunan Style Pork$11.90
Sizzling Eel$20.00
Ma Po Tofu$8.90
Snow Pea Green Sprouts Sautéed in Fresh Garlic$13.90
Prawns Sauteed with Snow Pea Green Sprouts$18.90
Beef or Chicken Sauteed with Snow Pea Leaf$16.00
Yellow Chive with Seafood Chow Mein$14.55
Fujian Fried Rice$14.55
Sizzling Beef & Scallop$14.00
Kung Pao Beef, Prawn & Chicken$13.90
Peking Duck$33.00
Tea Smoked Duck$16.00