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Beef Tacos$4.95
Beef, lettuce, pico, cheese.
Hummus Platter$11.95
Hummus, olives, veggies and pita chips.
Cheese Curds$9.05
Tomato powder, marinara.
Hand Cut Fries$6.05
Duck Tacos$8.05
Roasted duck, cabbage, hoison, charred scallion relish.
Pork Tots$8.05
Breaded and fried, grilled apple mustard sauce.
Chicken Tacos$6.45
Guajillo sauce, pickled onion, sour cream.
Onion Rings$6.95
Beer battered, ranch.
Cauliflower Fritters$8.05
Puffed rice, raisins, scallions.
Meat & Cheese Plate$14.05
A selection of meats, cheesesand pickles.
Pork Rinds$8.05
Cayenne powder.
Queso Fundito$9.05
3 cheeses, chorizo or black beans, tortilla chips.
Chicken Nuggets$9.05
Kettle chip breading, ranch.
Buffalo, spicy green, grilled herb, sriracha-honey, country fried or blackened buffalo.


House Made Ranch Potato Chips$4.95
Hot Buttered Bar Nuts$4.05
Bacon Parmesan Popcorn$4.05
Bacon powder, parmesan cheese.


Wedge Salad$7.95
Iceberg lettuce, bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, pickled carrots, celery, pickled cucumber, red onion, ranch.
Cobb Salad$10.95
Grilled chicken breast, romaine, avocado, bacon, tomato, red onion, cheddar, crumbled bleu cheese.
Simple Green Salad$5.95
Cucumber, tomato, onion, croutons.
Cheddar and Apple$9.05
Cheddar, apples, walnuts, pickled onions, honey mustard vinaigrette.
Grilled Romaine Caesar$6.95
Traditional garnishes.
Frito Pie$6.05
Chili, cheese, sour cream, onions.


Grilled green tomatoes, slab bacon, lettuce, bacon mayo.
Bahn Mi$10.05
Cold cuts, pate mayo, pickled veg, cilantro, jalapenos.
Grilled Bologna Sandwich$10.05
Bologna, yellow mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion.
Fish Sandwich$14.05
Battered fried fish, American cheese, tartar sauce.
Iron Door Philly$13.95
Sliced steak, grilled peppers and onions, nacho cheese.
Roasted Duck French Dip$13.95
Roasted duck, mixed mushrooms, grilled onions, gruyere, duck au jus.


The FA$12.95
Bacon, cheese curds, chili.
Bacon and Egg$12.95
Bacon, American cheese, guajillo mayo, fried egg.
Bike Lane$13.05
Hummus, avocado, grilled peppers.
The Iron Door$13.05
Beef burger, ham, mushrooms, cheddar, grilled onions, garlic mayo.


Choice of meat or black beans, cheese, pico, sour cream, guajillo sauce.
The Iron Door Pub Steak Frite$14.95
Flat iron steak, fries, hollandaise.
Cavatappi, cheese sauce, toasted breadcrumbs.


Yellow, chedda, swiss, provolone, blue.
Fried Curds$1.55
Onion Rings$1.05
Grilled Peppers$0.95
Grilled Onions$0.55
Roasted Mushrooms$1.95
Fried Egg$0.95
Bacon, ham, prosciutto, grilled bologna, ribeye, pot roast.


Doughnut Holes$5.95
Espresso sugar.
Ice Cream (Per Scoop)$3.95
Selection of ice creams from Sebastian Joe's.
Nitro Beer Float$5.95
Beer, ice cream, cocoa nibs, chocolate sauce, whipped cream.