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Wings & Boneless Wings

75 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$50.44
100 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$66.94
15 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$12.99
50 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$38.04
10 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$8.04
20 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$15.04
30 Pieces Wings or Boneless Wings$23.04

Wings Combo

10 Pieces Fried Rice Combo$11.26
10 Pieces Fries Combo$14.34
With celery, bleu cheese or ranch dressings (+drink).

Fresh Salads

Teriyaki Chicken Salad$7.04
Vegetable Salad$5.94
Grill Chicken Salad$6.94
Chicken Tender Salad$6.94
Fish (Whiting, Tilapia) Salad$7.64
Gyro Salad$8.04

Fried Rice/ Lo Mein

Chicken Fried Rice/ Lo Mein$8.04
House Fried Rice/ Lo Mein$9.04
Beef Fried Rice/ Lo Mein$8.04
Vegetable Fried Rice/ Lo Mein$6.94


Sandwich Only$7.54
W- American cheese, mayo, mustard, onion, lettuce, tomato and pickle.
Tilapia Fish Sandwich Combo$7.54
Fries + drink.
Burger Combo$11.44
Fries + drink.
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.54
Fries + drink.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.54
Fries + drink.

Gyro Wrap Combo

Gyro Wrap Fries Combo$7.44
W- lettuce, tomato, onion, Tzatiki sauce (+ drink).
Gyro Wrap Fried Rice Combo$8.94

Gyro Wrap

Chicken Wrap$6.04
Beef Wrap$5.94

Chicken Tenders Only

12 Pieces Chicken Tenders$15.04
20 Pieces Chicken Tenders$19.94
8 Pieces Chicken Tenders$10.44
10 Pieces Chicken Tenders$12.54

Chicken Tenders Combo

4 Pieces Tender Fries Combo$7.54
W- honey Barbeque or honey mustard (+drink).
3 Pieces Tender Fries Combo$8.44




Chicken Cutlet$7.94
Pork Cutlet$8.04
Fish Cutlet (Whiting, Tilapia)$8.04

Philly Steak

Philly Chicken Philly$6.54
Philly Steak Fried Rice Combo$9.94
Philly Steak Fried Rice Combo$7.44
W/ white cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms & green peppers (+drink)

Whiting Or Tilapia

8 Pieces Whiting or Tilapia$17.64
2 Pieces Whiting or Tilapia$6.04
4 Pieces Whiting or Tilapia$10.04
3 Pieces Whiting or Tilapia$9.94
10 Pieces Whiting or Tilapia$21.44
6 Pieces Whiting or Tilapia$13.54

Fish Combo

2 Pieces Fish Fries Combo$7.94
W- tartar sauce, cole slaw (+drink).
2 Pieces Fish Fried Rice Combo


10 Pieces Shrimp$14.94
20 Pieces Shrimp$30.04
15 Pieces Shrimp$22.04
6 Pieces Shrimp$8.94
3 Pieces Shrimp$5.04
30 Pieces Shrimp$44.94

Kids Menu

1 Piece Fish$5.54
W- fries + drink.
2 Pieces Tenders$5.54
W- fries + drink.
5 Pieces Bone-in Wings$4.54
W- fries + drink.
4 Pieces Boneless Wings$5.54
W- fries + drink.

Side Orders

Drinks 32oz.$2.24
Ramen (Korean Noddle Soup)$5.94
Spicy or regular.
Fried Okla$3.04
Sweet Potato Fries$3.44
Onion Rings$3.54
Drinks 20oz.$1.94
Extra Sauce$0.45
Small Fries$2.74
Box Fries$4.94
Large Fries$5.70