Not one to let everyone else offer great deals on food, the Jack in the Box Dollar menu has rolled out to ensure that fans of Jack in the Box can still enjoy a visit to the restaurant on those occasions where you only have a few dollars to your name, or you are just looking for a few snacks.

As the name implies, the Jack in the Box Dollar Menu is all about offering snacks that cost as little as $1. Value fries and drinks start off at the low price of just $1, with various other snacks available for a few cents more – it is safe to say the value doesn’t stop there!

Value Fries$1.00
Value Drink$1.00
Chicken Sandwich$1.29
Jr Jack$1.39
Jr Bacon Cheeseburger$1.49
Big Cheeseburger $2.29
Jumbo Jack$2.29
5 Pcs Chicken Nuggets
10 Pcs Chicken Nuggets
20 Pcs Chicken Nuggets$4.99

With the likes of a Chicken Jnr sandwich available for $1.29 and the Jnr Jack available for only $1.39 – you can even get that with bacon for an additional 10 cents! There is value to be had throughout the Jack in the Box Dollar Menu.

Granted some prices go above the stated dollar price, but this isn’t by much and is actually a standard followed by most other eateries in the fast food industry. And while items may cost slightly more than $1, the value certainly doesn’t end there, as you won’t be paying anything higher than $5!

In fact the only thing close to this price is the 20 pieces of chicken nuggets, which is still a really great deal for so many nuggets! If that sounds like too much, 5 nuggets can be purchased for only $1.49, and you can also get a Jumbo Jack for $2.29, emphasising just how low the prices are on the Jack in the Box Dollar Menu