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Glazed Donut
Chocolate I
Cake Donut
Plain cake, l
Iced Sprinkle Donut
Filled Donut$1.40
Cream cheese. Bavarian. White cream. Strawberry. Raspberry.lemon.
Long John Donut$2.15
Cinnamon Rolls$2.25
Sweet rolled pastry that has been seasoned with cinnamon.
Twist Donut$2.25
Bear Claws Donut$2.25
Apple and cinnamon inside
Apple Fritter Donut$2.15
Donut hole glazed 1 doz$2.15
UpLittle Ball shaped fried donut
Donut Hole chocolate 1 doz$2.80
Ball shaped fried donuts with chocolate iced


Plain Sausage Kolache
Ham and Cheese Kolache
Small Sausage with Cheese Kolache
Small Sausage with Cheese, Jalapeno Kolache
Large Sausage with Cheese Kolache
Large Sausage with Cheese, Jalapeno Kolache
Earl Campbell Sausage Kolache$4.44
Hot link sausage
Boudin Kolache$4.34
Rice and pork. Louisiana sausages
Big Boy Kolache$4.44
Special sausage link
Spicy big boy kolache$4.34


Ham and Egg cheese Croissant$5.10
Turkey and Egg cheese Croissant$5.10
Bacon and Egg cheese Croissant$5.25
Sausage and Egg cheese Croissant$5.10
Sausage, Bacon, Egg cheese Croissant$6.40


Bacon, Egg, Cheese Taco$2.60
Sausage and Egg with Cheese Taco$2.50
Potato, Egg, Cheese Taco$2.60


Large Coffee$1.84
Large Cappucino$3.64
French vanilla, mocha, hot chocolate
Fountain Drink
Choice of flavor.
Bottle Drink$2.24
Choice of flavor.
20 oz. Gatorade$2.54
Choice of flavor
16 oz. Water$1.35
Starbucks Frappuccino$3.31
Monster Energy Drink$3.42
blue, green,white, mean bean, loca moca
Oak Farm Milk$2.52
Choice of milk.
Cambodian Sweet Iced Coffee
Thai Iced Milk Tea$3.94
Bang energy drink$3.84
Cherry Blade, sour heads, blue Razz, purple haze
Red Bull 12 oz$4.74
Gold peak sweet tea bottle$2.64


Small Orange Juice$1.85
Small Apple Juice$1.75
Large Cran Grape Juice$2.80
Sunny D Juice$1.85
Body Armor Juice$2.80
Fruit punch, strawberry banana, blackout berry, orange mango
Kid Boxed Juice$1.34
Large orange juice$2.65
Large apple juice$2.90


Muffin blueberry$2.15
Yeast leavened bread. Blueberry


Bacon egg cheese Biscuit$4.30
Dense flaky pastry. Baked bread. Choice of style.
Sausage egg cheese biscuit$4.05