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Special Meal

Turkey Wings Special$13.05
BBQ Chicken Special$12.95
Fried Chicken Wings Special$12.95
Ribs Special$12.95
Jerk Chicken Special$12.95
Curry Goat Special$12.95
Whiting Fish Special$15.05
Salmon Fish Special$15.05
Oxtail Special$18.05


Sweet Plantain & Egg$13.05
Fried or boiled.
Akara & Eko$13.05
Akara & Oatmeal$13.05
Porridge made from oats.

Lunch and Dinner

Shawarma Special$12.95
Thinly sliced roasted meat.
Pounded Yam$13.05
Moin Moin$13.05
Price per dozen.
Meat Patties$12.95
Price per tray.
Puff Puff$13.05
Price per tray.
Rice and Beans$12.95
Efo Riro$12.95
Efo Elegusi$12.95

Lunch and Dinner Assorted Meat

Pepper Ponmo$13.05
Pepper Soup$12.95
Dodo Gizzard$12.95
An organ commonly found in birds and some other animals.
Beef Suya Special$13.05
Chicken Suya Special$12.95
Gizzard Suya Special$12.95
An organ commonly found in birds and some other animals.
Baked Salmon$15.05
Cooked in an oven.
Fresh Fish$15.05
Buka Sauce$12.95


Mac and Cheese
Candied Yams
Collard Greens
Steamed Cabbage
Spicy Rice
Rice and Peas
Fried Sweet Plantain
Joloff Rice

African Menu

Fried Fish, Yam and Plantain Combo
Amala,Pounded Yam, EBA
White Rice with Ayamase$23.05
Buka sauce.
Isan 2020$20.05
Pepper Snail$30.05
Fish Pepper Soup$20.05
Pepper Ponmo$15.05
Assorted Meat Pepper Soup$14.95
Joloff Rice with Goat Meat and Plantain$24.95