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Fried Green Tomato Napoleon$12.00
Fried green tomatoes layered with crabmeat and goat cheese topped with lemon butter
Pimento Cheese Fritters$7.90
Homemade pimento cheese lightky breaded, deep fried and served with comeback dipping sauce
Julep Tuna Tower$11.90
Julep's sushi soulution tuna layered with a fresh cucumber mint salsa rice and avocado with a citus soy vinaihrette and finished with the dynamic duo red rocket sauce
Julep Cheese Plate$14.00
Daily selections from our extensive from our extensive array of cheese served with just the right accoutre menat
Crawfish Egg Roll$8.90
Crawfish, black eyed pea salsa and collard greens wrapped in a classic wonton wrapper serve dwith a pepper jellu sweet and sour sauce
Redneck Sarsage and Cheese Plate$14.00
A trio of coubtry pleasin and vension sausages served with iur chef;s selectiob of cheese and ritz craskers and bone suckin sauce for dippin
Butter Bean Hummus$8.90
crostini topped with baby butter brean hummus, fresh mozarella, roasted red pepper and finished with a basil vinaigrette
Steamed Soybenas$5.90
Tossed in citrus soy vinaigrette
Eggplant Fries$7.00
Served with blur cheese dippinh sauce
Portonbella Fries$7.90
Lightly breaded portabella mushrooms served with chipotle tarter sauce
Shrimp Toast$8.90
Baked bay shrimp and parmesan toast served on abed of sauteed spinach topped with lemon beurre blac


Julep House with Grilled Chicken$10.00
Maninated chicken breast grilled and served warm over a bed of chilled field greens, cherry tomatoes and goat chees. Served with our own pepper jelly vinaigrette
Seared Tuna Salad$13.90
Blackened sashimi grade tuna seared and served over mixed greens with wasabu almonds, avocadi crispu wontos strips and cucumber mint salsa
Chicken Salad Salad$8.90
Seasoned chicken mixed with remoulade pecans bell peppers onions and celery serve don field greens with a cucumber shrerrt vinaigrette
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.00
Delicious fried chicken atop crisp romaine herats with garlic croutons and parmesan cheese
Spicy Cobb Salad$11.00
Blur cheese, bacon, tomato, avocado egg and cajun turkey on crispy romaine with buttermilk driessing
Strawberry Pecan Salad$11.00
Fresh strawberries, candied pecans and goat acajun turkey on with buttermilk dressinh
Steak Salad$11.00
Our version of the classic served with garlic peppercon dressing
Julep Quiche$10.00
Smoked sausage and spinch or tomato basil served wtih astrawberry peacn salad


Julep Filet$24.00
Filet of beef toppedf with arosemary demi served with red skin mash and bacon wrapped green bean bundles
Balckened Tuna Filet$15.00
Sashimi grade tuna topped with a sesame aioli and served over a bed of spaghetti
Grilled Fish of the Day$15.00
Grilled fish of the day topped with crabmeat and served with jicama slaw and finished wtih blanc
Julep's Award Winnig Fried Chicken$12.90
Chicken breast of whole chciken fired and tossed in ahoney rosemary glaze served wtih red skin mash and beans
Grilled Pork Tenderloin$16.90
Topped with sweet onion demi glace and served with sweet potaot risotto ans sauteed asparagus
Shrimp and Grits$13.90
Jumbo shrimp roasted corn red onions sweet peppers and herbs a creme sauce served over smoked
Stuffed Chicken Breast$13.00
Chicken braset stuffed with provolne cheese and spinach and served with fresh broccoli
Crawfish Etoufee$12.90
A louisiana favorite served over rice with grilled garmbino's french bread and toped with a fried green tomato


Julep Burger$9.90
BBQ, blur cheese and bacon serve dwith lettuce, tomato, mustart and maycon on a potato bun
Bone Suckin BBQ Sandwich$10.00
Smoked pork sandwich topped with bonesuckin BBQ sauce and colesalw served a potato fries
Catfish Taco$10.00
Blackened catfish, caramelized onions, pepepr jack and remolade ina jalapeno cheddar tortilla
Grilled Flank Steak$10.00
Grilled flancj steak, pepper jack cheesem, chipotle
Fried Chicken Sandwich$9.90
Honey rosemary glazed fried chicken with maro spicy mustard lettuce and provolene on a potoato bun
Grilled Ham and Cheese$10.00
Thnly sliced smoked ham and cmote cheese with creole mustard and mayonnaise grilled basil soup
Grilled Tuna Burger$13.00
Gunger soy marinated hrilled tuna with wasabi mayo and asian slaw on a potato bun
Julep Club$10.00
Pimento Cheese BLT$9.90

Main Menu

New Orleans Beignets -3 beignets$3.90
New Orleans Beignets - 6 beignets$6.00
New Orleans Beignets - 12 beignets$7.90
Julep Quiche$10.00
Smoked sausage and spinach or tomato basil, served with a strawberry pecan salad
Breakfast Sandwich$9.90
Smoked sausage, scrambled egg, onions and cheese served on toast with a side of potato hash
Grits & Grillades$20.00
6-ounce filet of beef served over smoked gouda grits in a red wine sauce
Julep's Award-Winning Fried Chicken$12.90
Chicken breast -or- half of a whole chicken fried and tossed in a honey rosemary glaze served with red kin mash and blackened green beans.
Shrimp & Grits$13.90
Jumbo shrimp, roasted corn, red onions, sweet peppers and herbs in a crme sauce served over smoked gouda cheese grits
Catfish Taco$9.90
Blackened catfish, caramelized onions, pepper jack and remoulade in a jalapeno cheddar tortilla. Served with fries
Bananas Foster French Toast$9.90
Classic french toast topped with bananas and brown sugar rum sauce
Grilled Tuna Burger$13.00
Ginger soy marinated grilled tuna with wasabi mayo and asian slaw on a potato bun
Shrimp Toast$8.90
Baked bay shrimp and parmesan toast served on a bed of sauteed spinach topped with lemon beurre blanc
Fried Green Tomato Benedict$10.90
Fried green tomato, poached egg and crabmeat on an english muffin with hollandaise, served with potato hash
Julep Burger$9.90
BBQ, blue cheese and bacon served with lettuce, tomato, mustard and mayo on a potato bun. served with fries
The Double-Wide Breakfast$9.90
3 eggs, a biscuit with sausage gravy, bacon, smoked gouda grits and potato hash
Fried Green Tomato Napoleon$12.00
Fried green tomatoes layered with crabmeat and goat cheese topped with lemon butter
Portabella Omelet$10.90
3-egg omelet with portabella mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions and goat cheese served with potato hash
Pimento Cheese Blt$10.00
Homemade pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a croissant served with fries
Strawberry And Chocolate Chip Pancakes$10.00
Buttermilk pancakes made with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips. served with bacon
Strawberry Pecan Salad$8.90
Fresh strawberries, candied pecans and goat cheese served over field greens with a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette
Chicken Salad Salad$9.00
Seasoned chicken mixed with remoulade, pecans, bell peppers, onions and celery served on field greens with a cucumber sherry vinaigrette