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Iced Coffee$2.05
Sweet Iced Tea$2.05
Buttered Roll$1.36
Buttered Bagel$1.66
Cream Cheese Bagel$2.02
Flavored Cream Cheese$2.74
Assorted Muffins$2.30
Fruit Cup$3.30
Yogurt Parfaits$3.45
French Toast$4.04
Ham, Egg & Cheese$3.64
Bacon, Egg & Cheese$3.74
Sausage, Egg & Cheese$3.74


2 Egg Platter$4.10
Served with home fries & toast.
2 Eggs Any Style$2.02

Make Your Own Omelet

3 Eggs Omelet$6.04
Served with home fries on a platter.

Breakfast Specials

1. Hangover Man$6.94
3 eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage and ham on a hero.
2. Huevos Rancheros$4.04
2 scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa on a wrap.
3. Healthy Way Wrap$4.70
3 egg whites, turkey and Swiss on a whole wheat wrap.
4. French Toast Sandwich$5.05
2 scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese.

Lunch Specials

1. Turkey Pesto Panini$7.04
Turkey, Swiss, pesto mayo and caramelized onions on ciabatta.
2. Chicken Cutlet Parmesan Hero$7.80
3. The Honey$6.94
Honey maple turkey, Muenster, lettuce and honey mustard on a ciabatta.
4. Hot Beef$7.80
Hot roast beef on a garlic hero with melted mozzarella and caramelized onion.
5. Buffalo Chicken Wrap$6.80
Grilled chicken, bleu cheese, lettuce, celery and hot sauce in a wrap.
6. The Russian$6.94
Chicken cutlet, melted American, lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing on a roll.
7. Chipotle Chicken Panini$7.04
Grilled chicken, Jack cheese, roasted red pepper and chipotle mayo on ciabatta.
8. Reuben$6.94
Corned beef, melted swiss, coleslaw, Russian dressing on rye.
9. Grilled Veggie Wrap$6.44
Grilled assorted veggies, melted mozzarella, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato with pesto and balsamic dressing on a wrap.
10. Cubano$6.94
Ham, Swiss, pickles, roasted red peppers and chipotle mayo on a ciabatta.
11. Chicken Caesar Wrap$6.55
12. Philly Cheese Steak$7.94
13. Italiano Chicken Cutlet$7.94
Chicken cutlet, roasted peppers, mozzarella, balsamic on ciabatta.

Build Your Own Sandwich

Build your Own Sandwich$6.04
BLT Sandwich$5.45
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on your choice of bread.

Grilled Cheese Specials

Grilled Cheese$3.94
Choose your cheese and bread.
American, tomato and coleslaw on rye bread.
Mozzarella, pesto and tomato on white bread.
Bacon, tomato and choice of cheese on white bread.
Brie, apple and caramelized onions on whole or wheat bread.