While KFC bread and butter will always be on-the-bone fried chicken pieces, they certainly know how to make a great chicken burger too! They may not offer a diverse selection of burgers, but KFC still manages to produce a couple of great options that remain as popular as ever. Lets look at the available KFC burger and sandwich:

1) Doublicious (580 calories)

Sandwich Price: $3.49

Meal Price: $5.89

Description: Chicken breast fillet, topped with bacon, monterey jack cheese and sauce served on hawaiian bun.

Chicken Littles (310 calories)

Sandwich Price: $1.69

Meal Price (2 chicken littles drink and fries) : $5.30

Description: Chicken tenders topped with pickles and mayo on sesame seed bun.

KFC Doublicious

KFC main burger option is the aptly named Doublicious. It combines two foods that simply cannot go wrong together in chicken and bacon, helping to produce one seriously tasty chicken burger from KFC.

KFC Doublicious chicken burger features a boneless breast fillet of the Colonels’ Original Recipe that is topped crispy bacon, Monterey Jack and sauce, all served on a sweet Hawaiian bun.

KFC Chicken Littles

These smaller-sized KFC chicken sandwiches simple yet delicious. A freshly breaded tender of that special Colonel’s Original Recipe, topped with pickles and mayo and served on a tasty sesame bun.

One might not be enough, which is why it’s a great idea to try two in a $5 Fill Up, which also includes gravy and mash, a drink and cookie!

KFC Double Down Sandwich

KFC Double Down Sandwich is the stuff of fast food legend. It’s a sandwich that doesn’t have buns in a traditional sense – two pieces of Original Recipe chicken fillets are used instead!

Combined with bacon, cheese, and the Colonel’s secret sauce, KFC Double Down sandwich is unlike anything you have seen or tried before, giving all the more reason to try it out should the opportunity arise!