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BBQ and Grills

Tandoori Chicken$11.94
BBQ chicken with bone n pieces.
Chicken Boti$14.94
Boneless baked chicken prepared in charcoal.
Frontier Chicken$11.94
Boneless chicken fried with onion and green pepper.
Frontier Beef$13.04
Pieces of beef fried with onion and green pepper.
Chicken Seekh Kabab$13.04
BBQ ground chicken prepared in charcoal.
Beef Seekh Kabab$13.04
BBQ ground beef prepared in charcoal.
Chicken Chapli Kabab$12.94
Ground chicken prepared on grill.
Beef Chappli Kabab$12.94
Ground beef prepared on grill.
Fried Chicken$12.04
Fried chicken with Khan's secret recipe.
Tandoori Fish$12.94
BBQ cat fish prepared in charcoal.


Daal Palak$9.94
Lentil and spinach.
Chana Masala$10.04
Chic peas.
Aloo Gobi$9.94
Fresh cauliflower cooked with potatoes and Khan's secret masala offering the seductive taste of pakistan
Okra cooked to perfection in zesty masala. Vegan.
Aloo Palak$9.94
Potato and spinach.
Deliciously cooked lentils cooked to perfection
Daal Fry$10.04
Fried Lentils prepared with savory garlic and garnished with cilantro

Goat Meat

Karahi Gosht$14.94
Goat tenderloins in delicious curry
Goat Qorma$15.04
Goat in spicy creamy curry
Palak Gosht$14.94
Spinach and goat.
Daal Gosht$15.04
Lentil and goat.
Gobi Gosht$14.94
Goat cooked with cauliflower with bay leaves and cumin
Aloo Gosht$14.94
Seasoned goat meat cooked with potatoes and Khan's mix of secret spices


Bread Rolls

Chicken Kabob Roll$7.04
Fried bread with ground chicken 6" one piece.
Seek Kabob Roll$6.94
Fried bread with ground beef 6" one piece.
Frontier Beef Roll$6.94
Fried bread with small pieces beef.
Frontier Chicken Roll$7.04
Fried bread with small pieces boneless chicken.


Frontier Chicken Rice$12.94
Boneless chicken fried with rice mix.
Frontier Beef Rice$12.94
Boneless beef fried with rice mix.
Chicken Biryani$12.94
Chicken with rice.
Mutton Biryani$12.94
Goat with rice.
Chicken Pulao$11.04
Chicken with rice less spicy.
Plain Rice$4.04
White rice.


Tandori Naan$1.45
Crispy Pakistani Flatbread baked in the fires of the Tandoor
Garlic Naan$2.54
Flatbread infused with garlic and baked to crispy goodness in the tandoor oven
Butter Naan$1.94
Flatbread baked in the tandoor and topped with butter for a smooth rich flavor
Fried flatbread
Qeema Paratha$3.94
Fried flat bread filled with ground beef
Aloo Paratha$3.54
Fried flat bread filled with mashed potato stuffing
Tandori Roti$1.45
Whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor
Onion Naan$2.54
Flatbread infused with chopped onions and baked to crispy goodness in the tandoor oven
Onion Roti$2.44
Whole wheat bread inside pieces of onion.
Tilwala Naan$2.44
Flatbread topped with sesame seeds and baked to crispy goodness in the tandoor
Home made whole wheat flat bread prepared on the grill

Cold Drinks

Mango Lassi$5.04
Yoghurt and mango pulp.
Sweet Lassi$4.54
Yoghurt and milk mix.
Mango Shake$4.94
Milk and mango pulp.
Soft Drink Can Pop$1.45

Hot Drinks

Kashmiri Tea$3.04
Pink tea with chopped almond.
Fresh Tea$1.94
Tea with milk desi tea.


Mixed of rice pudding and carrot pudding.
Gajar Halwa$8.04
Sweet minced carrots topped with raisins and sliced almonds
Creamy and sweet rice pudding