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Salads & Snacks

Smacked Cucumber Salad$6.05
Charred tomato dressing, coconut cream, crispy shallots
Mango Papaya Salad$6.95
Fresh herbs, Thai chilies, tamarind vinaigrette, crispy dried shrimp. Contains shellfish.
Crispy Chicken Dumplings$8.05
5 per order. Pickled papaya, sweet spicy sauce.


Laab Lettuce Wraps$14.95
Spicy citrus pork, lemongrass, Thai chilies, lettuce wraps, coconut rice
Brisket Roti Wrap$10.95
5-spice barbecue sauce, herbed slaw, housemade pickles


Kare Kare$16.95
Tender oxtail, green beans, sweet potato, toasted coconut. Savory and nutty, medium heat. Contains shellfish, peanuts.
Chu Chee$15.95
Poached shrimp, bok choy, kaffir lime leaf. Herbaceous, lightly sweet, low heat. Contains shellfish.
Sour Yellow$13.95
Seasonal vegetables, crispy shallots, basil oil. Citrusy, sweet and sour, low heat.


Crispy Roti$3.05
Coconut Rice$2.95


Kin Cooler$5.95
Hibiscus, orange, cinnamon, vanilla