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Crispy Deep-Fried Milk$8.85
Chicken Feet In Chinese Herb$8.75
Marinated Duck Web, Wing and Kidney$8.75
Deep-Fried Shrimp Ball with Salty Egg Yolk (6 Pcs)$8.75
Fresh Fruit and Mixed Vegetable Salad$8.85
Cucumber with Jelly Fish$8.85
Jelly Fish with Vegetarian Rolls$8.75
Fresh Fruit Salad with Shrimp In The Papaya Boat (Min. 2 People)$14.75
Per person.
Deep-Fried Chicken Knee with Spicy Salt$8.85
Hot and spicy.
Deep-Fried Tofu with Spicy Salt$8.75
Hot and spicy.
Deep-Fried Shrimp Stuffed Crab Claw$8.85
Deep-Fried Squid with Spicy Salt$8.75
Hot and spicy.

Abalone / Soup / Sea Cucumber

Spike Sea Cucumber w/ Abalone Sauce$43.75
Braised Hashima, Fish Maw and Shredded Chicken Soup$18.85
Braised Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Shredded Chicken Soup$16.75
Shredded Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber Soup In Papaya Boat's$25.85
Whole Japanese Abalone (30 Head)$38.75
Fish Maw with Crab Meat Soup$25.85
Hot & Sour Seafood Soup$18.85
Sea-Cucumber w/ Jelly Fish, Ground Pork and Xo Sauce$25.85

Rice / Noodles

Steamed Rice with Preserved Meat ( For 4 People)$26.75
Fried Rice Noodles with Tender Beef and Enoki Mushroom In Satay Sauce$16.85
E-Fu Noodles with Mixed Mushroom In Abalone Sauce$15.75
Fried Rice with Salty Fish and Chicken$14.75
Fish Ball Rice Noodle with Preserved Vegetable In Soup$14.85
Pan-Fried Vermicelli with Scramble Egg and Prawn Ball$15.85
Fried Rice with Preserved Vegetable, Ground Pork and X.O. Sauce$14.75
Hot and spicy.
Fried Rice with Diced Taro and Preserved Meat$15.85
Fried Rice Noodles with String Bean and Shrimp Paste Sauce$14.85
Fried Noodles with Seafood$16.85
Shrimp and Crabmeat Fried Rice with Salty Egg Yolk$16.85
Fried Rice with Scallop and Bacon$16.85
Fried Noodles and Vermicelli with X.O. Sauce$15.75
Hot and spicy.

Rice Noodles

Steamed Rice Noodle w/ Pork Rib$6.53
Steamed Rice Noodle w/ Minced Beef$5.63
Stewed Ox Belly on Rice Noodle In Casserole$8.83
Steamed Rice Noodle w/ Bitter Melon & Shredded Chicken$5.53

Rice / Noodle

Fried Rice w/ Minced Beef & Satay Sauce$14.85
Stir-Fried Rice Noodle w/ Beef & Shrimp Paste Sauce$14.85
Cilantro, Minced Beef Vermicelli In Soup$13.75
Fried Rice w/ Shrimp, Bean Sprout, Garlic & Onion$15.75
Chow Mein w/ Supreme Soy Sauce$12.75
Fried Noodle w/ Mixed Vegetable$14.75
Singapore Fried Noodle$15.85
Stewed E-Fu Noodles w/ Bean Sprout & Yellow Chives$13.75
Fried Rice w/ Dried Scallops & Egg White$15.75
Stir-Fried E Fu Noodles w/ Eggplant & Ground Pork$14.75
Stir-Fried Rice Noodle w/ String Beans & Shrimp Paste Sauce$14.75
Beef Flank Rice Noodle In Soup$14.75
Rice Noodles Dry Stir Fried w/ Beef$14.85
Yang Chow Fried Rice$15.75
Fried Rice w/ Seafood & Abalone Sauce$15.75
Fried Rice w/ Salty Fish & Diced Chicken$14.85
Fried Rice w/ Shrimp, Scallop, Diced Chicken & Duck Meat$15.75
E-Fu Noodles w/ Dried Scallop, Ginger Scallion & Bean Sprout$14.75
Fried Rice w/ Salty Fish, Dried Scallop & Egg White$16.75
Duck Meat with Preserved Veggie and Vermicelli In Soup$14.85
Fried Rice w/ Preserved Meat and Taro$15.85
Stewed Vermicelli w/ Eggplant In Spicy Fish Sauce$14.85
Fried Noodle & Vermicelli w/ Xo Sauce$15.75

Vegetarian Entree

Stir-Fried Mix Vegetable on Lotus Leaf$28.75
Deep-Fried Egg Tofu Stuffed with Diced Mix Vegetables$22.75
Seasonal Green with Bean Curd Wrap and Bamboo Piths$16.85
Seasonal Green with Chinese Mushroom and Bean Curd Wrap$16.75
Pea Leaves with Reishi Mushroom$20.75
Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable$20.75
Fungus, mixed mushroom, bamboo pith and broccoli.
Baby Bok Choy with Roasted Garlic In Supreme Broth$13.75
Buddha's Feast-Premium Mixed Green Platter$16.75
Seasonal Green with Shiitake Mushroom$14.75
Stir-Fried Seasonal Green with Sliced Garlic$13.85
Braised Tofu with Greens and Shiitake Mushroom$13.75
Stir-Fried Celery with Walnut, Fungus and Cashew Nuts$16.75
Deep-Fried Egg Tofu Topped with Chinese Mushrooms & Enoki Mushroom$18.85


Steamed Shrimp & Scallop Dumplings$6.53
Steamed Taro Cake w/ Preserved Meat$4.63
Dumplings with Chestnut & Shrimp$5.63
Fresh Shrimp Dumplings w/ Chives$4.53
Steamed Pork & Veg. Dumplings$4.63
Steamed Juicy Pork Dumplings$4.63
Steamed Shrimp & Pea Tips Dumplings$6.53
Steamed Chinese Sausage Bun$4.53
Beef Balls$4.53
Preserved Meat Hot Pot Rice$8.63
Steamed Dumplings w/ Pork, Peanut & Veg$4.63
Beef Tripe with Xo Sauce$4.63
Pork & Shrimp Dumplings In Broth$6.63
Beancurd Roll w/ Pork In Oyster Sauce$4.63
Steamed Beef Tripe In Special Sauce$5.53
Shrimp & Pork Dumplings$5.63
Steamed Preserved Salty Egg Yolk Bun$5.33
Chicken Feet In Black Bean Sauce$4.53

Pork / Beef

Chinese Style Fillet Steak (In Brown Vinegar)$16.85
Stewed Ox-Tail with Red Wine In Japanese Pumpkin$26.75
Stir-Fried Spike Sea Cucumber and Tender Beef with House Special Sauce$23.75
Stir-Fried Rib Eye Steak with Mushroom and Lily Bulbs$21.75
Deep Fried Spare-Ribs & Milk w/ House Special Sauce$18.75
Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh Lily Bulbs$15.85
Stir-Fried Beef with Seasonal Green or Black Bean Sauce$14.75
Stir-Fried Mustard Green with Pork$14.75
Stir-Fried Beef Steak with Mango$20.75
Stir-Fried String Beans with Ground Pork$13.85
Baked Spare-Ribs with Basil and Chinese Celery$15.85
Steamed Patty with Salty Fish and Chinese Mushroom$15.75
Wuxi Spareribs$18.75
Peking Mandarin Spare-Ribs In Brown Vinegar$14.75
Orange Spare-Ribs$14.75
Stir-Fried Chayota with Ground Pork$16.75
Deep-Fried Spareribs with Spicy Salt$14.75
Hot and spicy.
Steamed Tofu with Dry Scallop and Ground Pork$18.75
Deep-Fried Spare-Ribs in Honey and Garlic$15.75
Stir-Fried Shredded Lotus Root with Ground Pork and X.O. Sauce$14.75
Hot and spicy.
Stir-Fried Beef Cubes French Style$20.85
Stir-Fried Roast Pork with Shredded Lotus Root and XO Sauce$14.85
Hot and spicy.
Stir-Fried Pork Tenderloin with Mixed Mushroom and Shrimp Paste Sauce$16.75
Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli Preserved Meat$15.85


Stir-Fried Sea Cucumber Meat with Pine Nuts and Black Bean Sauce$18.75
Pan-Fried Sea Bass$23.85
Stir-Fried Shrimp and Scallop with Spicy Sauce$20.85
Hot and spicy.
Stir-Fried Frog with Celery or Bitter Melon$20.75
Stired-Fried Grains Fish, Corns, and Barley$18.75
Deep-Fried Spicy Salt King Oyster Mushroom Stuffed with Shrimp Paste$18.85
Hot and spicy.
Napa Cabbage with Fish Maw and Bamboo Piths$18.85
Deep-Fried Shrimp with Spicy Salt$15.85
Hot and spicy.
Spicy Frog with Pepper and Nappa Cabbage$20.85
Hot and spicy.
Scrambled Egg with Dry Scallop$18.85
Stir-Fried Scallop with Sea Cucumber Meat and Sugar Bean$21.85
Assorted Seafood with Curry Sauce In Japanese Pumpkins$23.85
Hot and spicy.
Walnut Shrimp with House Special Sauce$20.85
Stir-Fried Scallop with Walnut$20.85
Stir-Fried Scallop with Nuts and Beef Cubes on Bird's Nest$22.75
Braised Tofu with Spike Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw$23.75
Stir-Fried String Beans with Dried Fish and Shrimp$16.85
Stir-Fried Shrimp with Spicy Sauce$20.85
Hot and spicy.
Pan-Fried Shrimp Stuffed with Shrimp Paste$24.75
Stir-Fried Chinese Celery with Fresh Yam and Shrimp$20.75
Braised Fish Maw with Bitter Melon and Black Bean Sauce$14.85
Scrambled Egg White with Crab Meat$20.75
Stir-Fried Prawn Ball or Scallop with Seasonal Green$20.85
Deep-Fried Prawn Ball (Sampan Style) with Onion Ring$22.75
Hot and spicy.
Napa Cabbage with Fish Balls In Supreme Broth$15.85

Baked And Fried

Deep Fried Lotus Root Puff$6.63
Deep Fried Eggplant Stuffed W/ Shrimp Paste$4.53
King Hua Coconut Roll$4.63
Deep Fried Egg Roll$4.63
Deep Fried Fish Ball$5.63
Baked BBQ Pork Pastry$4.53
Egg Tofu w/ Abalone Sauce$4.63
Deep Fried Pork Dumplings$3.63
Deep Fried Tofu Wrap w/ Taro Paste$3.63
Deep-Fried Beancurd Roll w/ Shrimp & Chives$4.53
Deep-Fried Egg Tofu w/ Spicy & Sauce$6.53
Deep Fried Seafood Salad Roll$5.53
Coconut Bun$4.53
Pan Grilled Pork Bun W/ Dried Scallop$4.53
Deep Fried Durian Puff$5.53
Deep Fried Taro Puff$4.63
Deep Fried Taro Cake$4.63
Pan-Fried Daikon Cake$4.63
King Hua Baked Chicken Salad Bun$4.53
King Hua Pan Fried Vegetable Dumplings$4.53
Deep Fried Shrimp Roll w/ Seaweed$4.63

Chef'S Specials

Jelly Fish (Cold Dish)$8.43
Poached Chinese Broccoli$8.43
Poached Sea Cucumber Meat$10.75
Jelly Fish w/ BBQ Pork$8.43
Supreme Shrimp Wonton$8.85
Poached Lettuce$8.43
Chicken Knee w/ Spicy Salt & Pepper$8.43
Sticky Rice w/ Preserved Meat$8.43
Green Vegetable In Brine$8.43
Chicken Feet w/ Vinegar Sauce$8.33
Poached Mustard Green$8.43
Jelly Fish w/ Bean Curd Roll$8.43
Stir-Fried Rice Crystal Noodle w/ Shrimp$8.33
Chicken Feet In Chinese Herb$8.33
Sticky Rice w/ Shrimp on Lotus Leaf$8.33
Deep-Fried Capelin Fish$8.33
Supreme Pork Dumpling$8.85

Abalone, Sea Cucumber, And Fish Maw

Sliced Abalone with Shiitake Mushroom and Mustard Green$36.75
Spike Sea Cucumber with Abalone Sauce$22.85
Pea Leaves with Fish Maw and Spike Sea Cucumber$43.75
Whole Spike Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Shrimp Paste$25.85
Per person.
Spike Sea Cucumber Braised In X.o. Sauce with Jelly Fish and Ground Pork$25.85
Hot and spicy.
Baby Bokchoy with Spike Sea Cucumber and Reishi Mushroom$28.85
Braised Spike Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roes$25.75

Lunch Recommendation

Stir-Fried String Beans & Eggplant w/ Shrimp Paste Sauce$13.85
King Hua Peking Duck$32.75
Stir-Fried Mustard Greens w/ Slice Garlic$13.75
Deep Fried Squab$16.75
Stir-Fried Bitter Melon w/ Preserved Olive$13.75
Diced Filet Mignon French Style$20.85
Deep Fried Spare-Ribs & Milk w/ House Special Sauce$18.75
Roasted Pork Combo Platter$30.75
Stir-Fried Chayota w/ Ground Pork & Preserved Olive$18.75


Lettuce Wraps with Duck Meat$18.85
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fresh Lily Bulbs$15.85
Orange Chicken$16.75
Diced Chicken Stir-Fried with Cashew Nuts and Szechuan Chili$15.85
Hot and spicy.
Lettuce Wraps with Chicken$15.85
Stir-Fried Chicken with Ginger, Green Onion and Abalone Sauce$18.75
Stir-Fried Chicken Ball with Dry Onion and Black Bean Sauce$14.85
Stir-Fried Chicken Ball with Seasonal Green$14.75
Stir-Fried Chicken Ball or Shredded Duck Meat$14.85
With black bean sauce and preserved vegetables.


Meatball Congee$5.33
Fish Ball, Tofu & Lettuce Congee$5.23
Sliced Beef Congee$5.33
Minced Fish w/ Peanut Congee$5.23
Seafood Congee$5.33
Pork w/ Preserved Egg Congee$5.23

Casserole / Hot Pot

Beef with Crystal Vermicelli In Satay Sauce$14.85
Assorted Seafood with Tofu$18.75
Sizzling Spike Sea Cucumber with Deep-Fried Egg Tofu$23.85
Sea Bass with Tofu$21.85
Spicy Shrimp, Beancurd, Fish Maw, and Vermicelli$25.75
Hot and spicy.
Tofu with Diced Chicken and Salty Fish$14.85
Mixed Mushroom with Crystal Vermicelli In Supreme Broth$13.85
Eggplant In Spicy Salty Fish Sauce$13.75
Hot and spicy.
Fish Ball with Vermicelli and Napa Cabbage$16.85
Seafood Tofu with Spicy Sauce$23.85
Hot and spicy. Fish maw, sea cucumber, shrimp and scallop.
Fish Maw with Spike Sea Cucumber and Chinese Mushroom$43.85
Sizzling Free-Range Chicken with Spike Sea Cucumber$28.85

Bird Nest, Stew In Broth

Fish Maw, Dry Scallop and Enoki Mushroom Soup$25.75
Watercress with Fish Ball and Bean Curd Wrap Soup$23.75
Braised Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw and Shredded Chicken Soup$16.75
Steamed Egg White and Yogurt with Hashima$23.75
Braised Bird's Nest with Crabmeat$26.75
Braised Fish Maw with Crabmeat Soup$16.85
Deluxe Assorted Dry Seafood Soup ( Per Person Min. 2 Person)$35.85
Hot and Sour Assorted Seafood Soup$18.75
Hot and spicy.
Minced Chicken with Sweet Corn Soup$16.75
Braised Fish Maw, Hashima & Shredded Chicken Soup$18.85
Braised Sea Cucumber, Shredded Chicken & Bamboo Piths Soup$16.85
Minced Beef with Egg White Soup$16.75
Seafood with Tofu and Spinach Soup$18.75


Deep Fried Sesame Ball$3.53
Mango Pudding$3.53
King Hua Steamed Sponge Cake$4.63
Sticky Rice Ball Stuffed w/ Salty Egg Yolk$4.63
Almond Pudding$3.63
King Hua Egg Custard$4.63
Custard Egg Tart$3.53
Wolf Berry Pudding$4.63
Chilled Coconut & Red Rice Pudding$4.63
Baked Low Fat Milk Bun$4.53
Supreme Steamed Egg Sponge Cake$3.53
Honey Comb Cake$5.53

Bbq Marinade

Steamed Chicken with Mustard Greens or Ginger and Scallion$16.75
Peking Roasted Duck (Whole)$32.75
Marinated Tofu and Duck Wing Combo Platter$28.85
Roasted Pork Combo Platter$30.75
King Hua Combo Platter$26.75
Chicken with Ancient Ginger Sauce$13.75


Almond Pudding$5.75
Bird's Nest Double-Boiled with Coconut Milk$40.75
Per person.
Hashima Double-Boiled with Almond Milk$6.75
Steamed Preserved Salty Egg Yolk Bun$8.85
Mango Pudding$4.45
Per person.
Walnut Sweet Soup with Sesame Sticky Ball$4.93
Bird's Nest with Papaya$43.75
Per person.
Bird's Nest Double-Boiled with Almond Milk$40.75
Per person.
Almond Milk with Crispy Puff On The Top ( Min. 2 People )$5.93
Per person.
Chilled Coconut & Red Rice Pudding$4.55
3 Pieces.
Almond Milk with Sesame Sticky Ball$4.83