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Avocado Toast (Dinner)$9.05
Smashed avocado, proscuitto, hatch chile and quail egg.
Veggie Empanadas (Dinner)$8.05
Black beans, sarsa arbol, salsa verde, crema, corn, Oaxacan cheese, and zuchini.
Short Rib Taquitos (Dinner)$10.05
Crema, salsa arbol, salsa verde, smashed avocado, and pickled cabbage slaw.
Potato Skin Nachos (Dinner)$11.95
Black beans, jalapeños, avocado, cheddar cheese, roasted corn salsa, chicken tinga and crema.
Ahi Tuna Tacos (Dinner)$14.05
Ginger soy lime sauce, kaiware, avocado, and sesame seeds.
Chicken Tinga Taquitos (Dinner)$10.05
Spicy tomato consommé, charred jalapeño salsa, and shredded cheese.
Sincronizadas (Dinner)$11.95
Oaxacan cheese, shredded brisket, and jalapeño sauce.
Jalapeño Artichoke Dip (Dinner)$13.05
Bechamel, jalapeño, artichoke, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, and tortilla chips.
Smoked Salmon Flatbread (Dinner)$11.95
Red onion, arugula, fried capers, and jalapeño cream cheese.
Chicken Flatbread (Dinner)$11.05
Roasted corn salsa, artichokes, caramelized onions, and chipotle aioli.
Bacon and Egg Shooters (Dinner)$12.05
Fried shrimp, mayo, pickled jalapeños, and bacon.


Beet Salad (Dinner and Brunch)$8.05
Candied beets, fried goat cheese, roast chili pistachios, and greens.
Chopped Salad (Dinner and Brunch)$9.05
Iceberg lettuce, kale, roasted squash, craisin, cheddar, bacon, corn, and Oaxacan cheese in a red wine vinaigrette.
Taco Salad (Dinner and Brunch)$10.05
Taco bowl, steak, penne, avocado, roasted corn, pico de gallo, and romanie lettuce in a chipotle lime dressing.
Watermelon and Feta Salad (Dinner and Brunch)$10.05
Toasted cashews, basin shavings and honey in a balsamic vinegar.
Kale Salad (Brunch)$7.95
Candied nuts, dates, jicama, kale, blue cheese crumbles in a pear vinaigrette dressing.
Wedge Salad (Brunch)$7.05
Iceberg lettuce, bacon, pickles onion, blue cheese crumbles, and tomatoes in a blue cheese dressing.
Spinach Salad (Brunch)$6.05
Spinach, jicama, apple, and radicchio in bacon lemon vinaigrette dressing.
Cobb Salad (Brunch)$9.95
Romaine lettuce, iceberg, tomatoes, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, crispy pork skins, and feta cheese in a honey dijon dressing.


Tortilla Soup (Dinner)$5.05
Potato Soup (Dinner)$4.95
Cream of Potato Soup (Brunch)$3.95
Cream, celery, onion, bacon, carrot, and potatoes.
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Brunch)$3.95
Roasted tomatoes, onion, tortilla, chicken, chipotle, crema, avocado, and tortilla strips.


Egg (Brunch)$1.55
Avocado (Brunch)$2.95
Bacon (Brunch)$3.95
Jalapeño Bacon (Brunch)$5.05
Sausage (Brunch)$4.05
Protein (Brunch)$3.95
Side of Toast (Brunch)$1.95
Side of Tortillas (Brunch)$2.05
Fried Goat Cheese (Brunch)$4.95
Slices Tomatoes (Brunch)$2.05
Fried Tomatoes (Brunch)$2.05
Short Stack Pancakes (Brunch)$5.95
Single Pancake (Brunch)$2.95
Cottage Cheese (Brunch)$2.95
French Fries (Brunch)$2.95
Cereal (Brunch)$3.05

Breakfast All Day

All American (Breakfast All Day)$9.95
Two eggs anway, potatoes, and a buttered toast. Comes with a choice of bacon or sausage.
Croque Madame (Breakfast All Day)$13.05
Challah bread, gruyere cheese, bechamel, ham, sunny-side egg, and mixed green.
Chicken and Waffles (Breakfast All Day)$13.95
Fried chicken, Belgian waffles, jalapeño syrup, and powdered sugar.
Smoked Sausage Harsh (Breakfast All Day)$14.05
Texas style smoked sausages, poached egg, peppers, mushrooms, onions, potatoes and buttered toast.
Tacos Huevos (Breakfast All Day)$10.05
Potatoes, scrambled egg, avocado, roasted poblanos, crema, and salsa arbol.
Chorizo Omelet (Breakfast All Day)$12.05
Roasted poblanos, braised onions, chorizo, Oaxacan cheese, crema, potatoes, and buttered toast.
Ham and Cheese Omelet (Breakfast All Day)$9.95
Ham, cheddar cheese, potatoes, roasted tomato salsa, and buttered toast.
Chilaquiles (Breakfast All Day)$12.05
Chipotle chicken tinga, Oaxacan cheese, scrambled egg, black beasn, crema, and sunny-side egg. Comes with choice of red or green sauce.
Steak and Eggs (Breakfast All Day)$21.95
Flank steak, eggs anyway, papas con chorizo, and buttered toast.
Sausage and Biscuits (Breakfast All Day)$10.95
Chipotle gravy, biscuit, eggs anyway, and potatoes.
Frittata (Breakfast All Day)$13.05
Egg whites, roasted mushrooms, roasted poblanos, squash, asparagus, cauliflower puree, and buttered toast.
Fried Chicken Sandwich (Breakfast All Day)$14.95
Fried chicken in a chipotle mayo with lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, and bacon.
Sign a Waiver Burger (Breakfast All Day)$15.95
Two 4oz patties, american cheese, pepper jack cheese, fritos, jalapeños, hatch chilies, poblano, and house made chili.
KT Philly (Breakfast All Day)$15.05
Rib eye, caramelized onions, peppers, jalapeño cheese sauce, toasted hoagie roll, and fries.
Turkey BLT (Breakfast All Day)$14.95
Honey roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, craisin marmalade, tomatoes, avocado, and fries. Comes with a choice of bread.
Breakfast Club (Breakfast All Day)$11.95
Country style eggs, bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, tomato, greens, potatoes, and buttered sourdough.
The BAE (Breakfast All Day)$12.95
Two sausage patties, two fried eggs, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, tomatillo salsa, and english muffin.
Spam and Eggs (Breakfast All Day)$19.95
Two toasted Hawaiian rolls, spam, fried eggs, siracha honey glaze, and potatoes.


Tiramisu Milkshake$8.95
Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake$9.05
Ship Shake Crunch Milkshake$8.05
Hot Buns Milkshake$9.05
S'mores Please Milkshake$9.05
Cookie Monster Milkshake$7.95
Choc-a-holic Milkshake$9.05
Neapolitan Milkshake$7.95
Chocolate Milkshake$5.95
Vanilla Milkshake$5.95
Caramel Milkshake$6.05
Strawberry Milkshake$6.05

Juices, Soft Drinks, Milk and Tea

Diet Coke$3.95
Dr Pepper$3.95
Orange Juice$4.05
Apple Juice$4.05
Tomato Juice$3.95
Regular Milk$3.05
Chocolate Milk$3.05



Specialty Coffee

Snickerdoodle Latte$6.55
Honeycomb Cappuccino$6.55
Creme Brulee Latte$6.55
Caramel Macchiato$6.55
Hot Chocolate with Charred Marshmallows$5.05
Mexican Hot Chocolate with Charred Marshmallows$5.05


Rwanda Peaberry$8.05
French Roast$6.95
Iced Coffee$4.95


Irish Cream$0.95
White Chocolate$1.05
SF Vanilla$0.95
SF Hazelnut$1.05


Biscuits (Brunch)$3.05
With seasonal jam.
Tostadas (Brunch)$8.05
Chipotle chicken tinga, crema, black beans, cilantro slaw, salsa arbol, salsa verde, and quail egg.
Empanadas (Brunch)$8.05
Squash, corn, roasted poblanos, Oaxacan cheese, black beans, salsal arbol, salsa verde, and crema.
Oatmeal (Brunch)$7.95
Brown sugar, caramelized apples, candied nuts, and maple syrup.
Crab Avocado Dip (Brunch)$14.95
Blue crab, bechamel, sour cream, roasted poblanos, Oaxacan cheese, avocado and tortilla chips.
Breakfast Taquitos (Brunch)$10.05
Chorizo, potatoes, roasted poblanos, cilantro slaw, avocado crema, salsa arbol, and salsa verede.
Smoked Salmon Caviar (Brunch)$14.05
Caviar, smoked salmon, quail egg, blinis, and crema.
Gluten Free Sweet Bread (Brunch)$3.05
Cinnamon Sugar and seasonal jam.
Yogurt Parfait (Brunch)$5.05
Greek yogurt berries, seasonal jam and granola.
Crab Cake (Brunch)$15.95
Blue crab, spicy guacomole, tabasco bechamel, and mixed greens.
Monkey Bread (Brunch)$5.05
Sweet dough, salted caramel, and cinnamon sugar.
Fresh Fruit and Berries (Brunch)$5.95
Seasonal fruit and berries with whipped cream.
Bacon and Egg Shooters (Brunch)$3.95
Mayo, pickled jalapenos, and bacon.
Eggs in a Basket (Brunch)$12.05
Eggs, potatoes, buttered toast and a choice of bacon or sausage.
Egyptian (Brunch)$11.95
Dukkah, poached eggs, avocado, mixed greens, bacon, and buttered toast.
Monte Cristo (Brunch)$10.95
Ham, Gruyere cheese, and seasonal jam.
Veggie Hash (Brunch)$12.05
Spinach, mushrooms, piquillo peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, poached eggs, and buttered toast.
Chorizo Omelet (Brunch)$11.95
Roasted poblanos, braised onions, chorizo, Oaxacan cheese, crema, potatoes, and buttered toast.
Jalapeño Cheeseburger Omelet (Brunch)$13.05
Cheddar cheese, hamburger, macaroni, tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, potatoes, and buttered toas.
Avocado Toast (Brunch)$11.95
Avocad Spread, cotija cheese, tomatoes, poached eggs, peppers, mixed greens, and red wine vinaigrette.
Pork Belly Green Chile (Brunch)$12.95
Braised pork belly, salsa verde, potatoes, tortilla chips, crema, and poached eggs.
Salmon Bagel (Brunch)$11.95
Smoked salmon, fried egg, jalapeño cream cheese, mixed greens, and pickled onion.
Traditional Benedicts (Brunch)$11.05
Ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, english muffin, and potatoes.
Country Benedicts (Brunch)$13.95
Country fried steak, poached eggs, chipotle gravy, biscuit, and potatoes.
Pork Belly Benedicts (Brunch)$15.05
Chipotle bbq, poached eggs, jalapeño hollandaise, English muffin, and potatoes.
Meatless Benedicts (Brunch)$11.05
Poached eggs, avocado, fried tomatoes, hollandaise, English muffin, and fruit.
Smoked Salmon Benedicts (Brunch)$14.95
Smoked salmon, poached eggs, pickled onions, hollandaise, English muffin, and potatoes.
Shorty Benedicts (Brunch)$15.95
Braised short rib, poached eggs, red wine reduction, hollandaise, English muffin, and potatoes.
Buttermilk Pancakes (Brunch)$8.05
Maple syrup, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.
Peaches and Cream Pancakes (Brunch)$12.05
Caramelized peaches, creme anglaise, whipped cream, and powdered sugar.
Strawberry Shortcake French Toast (Brunch)$11.95
Challah, orange zest batter, strawberry gastrique, whipped cream, and powdered sugar.
Traditional French Toast (Brunch)$8.95
Maples syrup, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.
Nutella S'mores French Toast (Brunch)$11.95
Challah bread, graham cracker crust, Nutella, marshmallow glaze, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

Sandwiches / Specialty

The Veggie (Brunch)$11.05
Roasted sweet peppers, mozzarella, fried tomatoes, grilled squash, balsamic dressing, toasted pine nuts, buttered ciabatta, and fries.
Jersey Joe (Brunch)$12.05
Roasted pork, ham, Gruyere cheese, house pickles, chipotle slaw, buttered marble rye, and fries.
The Mother Plucker (Brunch)$13.05
Grilled chicken, bacon, roasted peppers, Gruyere cheese, greens, avocado, olives, mayo, buttered ciabatta, and fries.
Pastrami (Brunch)$14.05
Pastrami, saurkraut, house pickles, mustard, toasted pumpernickel, and fries.
Crab Po Boy (Brunch)$15.95
Blue crab, whole grain mustard, avocado, mixed greens, red onions, tomato salad, hoagie roll, and fries.
Hangover Burger (Brunch)$14.95
Beef blend, ham, bacon, burger sauce, house pickles, sunny-side eggs, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, buttered brioche bun, and fries.
Chile Colorado (Brunch)$12.95
Braised pork belly, Mexican chilies, lime, cilantro, onions, crema, pickled jalapeños, black beans, and charred tortillas.
Huevos Rancheros (Brunch)$15.05
Braised pork, crispy tortillas, black beans, sunny-side eggs, avocado, salsa, and crema.
Egg Mac Kitchen (Brunch)$11.05
Fried egg, spicy guacamole, English muffin, roasted corn salsa, Oaxacan cheese, potatoes, and crema.