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Fried organic malanga root vegetable with our secret spice and side of pikliz haitian spicy slaw.
Creole wings$10.05
Served with a la caye spicy guava and mango sauce.
Choice of braised herring or cod fish mixed with onions and peppers. Served with French bread.
Award Winning Lanbi Boukannen$16.05
Grilled conch served with a spicy mango sauce.
Fuzyon Mayi$14.05
Fried herb yellow grits & shrimp over a cream champagne sauce.
Boulet Sliders$14.05
Choice of cod fish or beef. Served with fries or mixed greens
Kabrit Boukannen$15.95
Grilled goat served with a spicy sauce
Fritay Platter$22.05
Platter of deep fried perfection. Choice of taso kabrit goat, marinated griyo pork or fried tilapia. Served with akra, fried plantains, a side of pikliz


Rara Salad$9.95
Fresh beets, potatoes, carrots, sliced boiled eggs and cajun mayo.
Salade Jardiniere$10.05
Mixed greens, fresh sliced fruits, shaved carrots and baby tomatoes in a balsamic mango vinaigrette dressing
Salade de la Maison$11.95
Arugula, tomatoes, shaved carrots, dried cranberries, sliced oranges in creole herb vinaigrette. Add herring $3.00, smoked salmon $5.00.
Salade Jeune$12.05
Grilled vegetable salad: eggplant, chayote, cabbage, carrots, red & green peppers drizzled with olive oil dressing.


Legim Berejenn$17.05
Stewed cabbage, eggplant, chayote, carrots, lima beans and spinach.
Poul An Sos$18.95
Half chicken served in a tomato sauce with onions and peppers.
Pan Seared Pork Chops$22.05
Served with potato hash in a pork au jus sauce.
Steak Paysanne$24.05
NY strip in a creamy pepper corn sauce over a bed of spinach.
Poisson Rose
Broiled red snapper in our creole sauce.
Tilapia Gwosel or Tilapia Gros Sel$19.05
Broiled in a garlic, onion and a splash of fresh lime juice sauce.
Seafood Creole$32.05
Snow crab legs, lobster tail and tiger shrimps in a seafood base sauce.
Lanbi La Caye$34.95
Broiled conch in authentic haitian sauce.
Kabrit La Caye$29.95
Stewed goat in a flavored Haitian creole sauce.


Macaroni au Gratin or Fried Plantains or Fries$5.95
Black Mushrom Rice or White Rice$6.05
Garlinc Mashed Potatoes or Sauteed Spinach$5.95


Pen Patat or Pain Patate$6.95
Served with raisin sauce
Pineapple Upside Down Cake$7.05
Red Velvet Cake$6.95


Chicken and Pen Patat Waffles$18.95
Two golden fried chicken pieces on our very own pen patat waffles
Chiktay Moru$13.95
Cod fish mixed with onions, peppers, garlic, parsley. Served with French bread.
Mayi Moulen ak Aranso$14.05
Creole herring filets with black bean sauce, yellow grits and sliced avocado.
Aranso Omelette$13.95
Omelette filled with smoked herring, onions, peppers. Served with toast or mixed greens.
French Toast$11.95
Topped with tropical fruits and berries.
La Caye Boulette Sliders$11.95
Choice of beef or codfish with fries or mixed greens with mango dressing.
Eggs and Smoked Salmon$16.95
Three fresh scrambled eggs and shaved smoked salmon with capers served with toast or mixed greens.
Petite Steak and Eggsb$19.05
Grilled 7 ounce sirloin steak with mushrooms and eggs.
Ecrevisse et Mais$18.95
Four jumbo shrimps with mayi moulen and avocado.


Soup Joumou$5.05
Velvety smooth yellow squash soup with turnips, potatoes, celery, carrots and cabbage.
Tropical Fruit Salad$4.95
Tropical Fruit Salad$4.95