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Papas a la Huancaina$7.95
Boiled sliced potatoes with yellow hot sauce.
Choros a la Chalaca$13.05
Fresh clam served open face on the half and topped with special marinated onion and tomatoes.
Chicharron de Pescado$14.05
Breaded pieces of fish and served with yucca.
Chicharron de Pollo$13.05
Deep fried pieces of chicken and served with french fries.
Ceviche de Camarones$15.05
Fresh shrimps marinated and cooked in lime juice served with lettuce yams, corn and cancha.
Ceviche de Pescado$14.95
Fish marinated in lime juice.
Ceviche Mixto$15.05
Fish and seafood marinated in Lima juice.
Tiradito de Pescado$15.05
Sliced fish fillet marinated with yellow peppers and lime juice.
Calamar Frito$13.05
Fried calamari.
Fried sliced short dogs and french fries.
Beef heart skewers.


Chaufa de Pollo$11.95
Chunks of chicken, fries, rice and egg.
Pollo Saltado$11.95
Chunks of chicken with onions, tomatoes, fries and rice.
Pollo Frito$11.95
Fried chicken with salad, fries and rice.
Tallarin Saltado de Pollo$11.95
Linguinni with chunks of chicken, onions and tomatoes.
Pollo a la Plancha$12.05
Grilled chicken with salad.
Pollo a la Brasa$17.05
Roasted chicken with fries and salad.
Milanesa de Pollo$12.05
Bread chicken cutlets and served with salad and rice.


Lomo Saltado$14.05
Chunks of beef with onions, tomatoes, french fries and rice.
Lomo a lo Pobre$16.05
Chunks of beef with onion, tomato, fries, rice, egg and banana.
Lomo Saltado Mixto$15.95
Chunks of beef, chicken, shrimps, onion, tomato and rice.
Bistec Encebollado$14.95
Beef steak with marinated onion, tomato and rice.
Bistec a lo Pobre$15.95
Pieces of beef steak with fried plantain, fries, egg and rice.
Bistec a la Milanesa$14.05
Breaded pepper steak, served with salad, beans and rice.
Carne Asada$14.95
Beef steak, beans, rice and salad.
Tallarin Saltado de Carne$13.95
Linguinni with chunks of meat, onion and tomato.
Tallarin Verde con Bistec$14.05
Linguinni with gream of basil and beef steak.
Chaufa de Carne$14.05
Beef, fried rice, egg and scallions.
Chaufa Mixto$16.05
Beef, chicken, shrimps, egg and fried rice.
Tacu Tacu con Bistec$15.95
Leaf over rice and beans with steak
Sopa a la Minuta$10.05
Homemade meat soup served with egg and milk.

Pescado y Mariscos

Sudado de Pescado$16.05
Steamed sliced fish fillet with onions, tomatoes, served with fries and white rice.
Tallarin Saltado de Mariscos$15.95
Spaghetti with slices of shrimp, calamari, octopus and onion.
Pescado a lo Macho$15.05
Fried fish fillet with seafood sauce.
Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos$16.05
Seafood, fried rice and eggs.
Complete seafood combination soup.
Jalea Personal$17.95
Fries, shrimp, calamari, octopus with yucca and mayo.
Jalea Familiar$44.95
Family size, fries, shrimps, calamari, octopus, yucca and mayo.
Camarones Saltados$16.05
Sauteed shrimps with onions, tomatoes, fries and rice.
Filete de Pescado$13.95
Lightly fried fish fillet, served with salad and white rice.
Arroz Chaufa de Pescado$13.95
Fish fried rice Peruvian style, served with vegetables, scrambled eggs and scallions.
Sudado de Mariscos$16.05
Steamed seafood, served with yucca and white rice.
Arroz con Mariscos$16.05
Served with mix seafood, cooked in a special sauce.
Chupe de Camarones$14.95
Peruvian shrimp chowder.
Sopa de Pescado$14.95
Homemade fish soup, served with onions, tomatoes and noodles.

Chifa Peruano

Wantan Frito$7.95
Fried wonton.
Sopa Wantan$8.95
Wonton soup.
Arroz Chaufa San Sem$14.95
Tallarin Saltado San Sem$14.95
Chifa Combinado$16.95
Aeropuerto Simple$14.05
Aeropuerto Special$17.95

Fin de Semana

Lomo al Jugo$13.05
Caldo de Gallina$10.05
Caldo de Mote$9.95
Rachi and Anticuchos y Chunchuli$15.95


Sandwich de Lomo$7.05
Sandwich de Chicharron$5.95
Chicken Salads Sandwich$5.95
Chopped chicken that has been tossed in a creamy dressing.
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich$6.95
Thinly sliced chicken sandwich.


Pina Batidos$4.05
Pineapple shake.
Fresa Batidos$4.55
Strawberry shake.


Torta 3 Leches$2.95
Leche Asada$3.05
Mazamorra Morada$4.05
Arroz con Leche$4.05


1 Pollo Peruano Combo$19.05
Arroz, papitas fritas, 2 liter Inca Cola soda. Chicken with rice, fries and 2 liter Inca Cola soda.
1/2 Pollo Peruano Combo$8.95
Arroz, papas fritas o ensalada, 1 liter Inca Cola soda. 1/2 chicken, rice, fries or salad and 1 liter Inca Cola soda.
1 Pollo Mexicano Combo$19.05
Arroz a la Mexicana frijoles, tortilla and 2 liter Coca Cola. Chicken, Mexican rice, beans, tortilla and 2 liter Coca Cola.
1/2 Pollo Mexicano Combo$8.95
Arroz a la Mexicana frijoles, tortilla and 1 liter Coca Cola. 1/2 chicken, Mexican rice, beans, tortilla and 1 liter Coca Cola.


Chicha Morada$2.95
Inca Kola$2.55
Kola Inglesa$2.45
Can Soda$2.05