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All Day Specials

Raw Sampler$33.04
Assorted Raw Fish & a Tuna or Salmon Roll
Family Sampler$34.94
Your Choice of Any 4 Traditional Rolls & 1 Specialty Roll
Specialty Sampler$59.94
Your Choice of Any 5 Specialty Rolls
2 hand rolled cones of seaweed, wrapped with rice and fish.
Philly Dilly$8.05
Raw Tuna, Avocado, Spicy Kani
Spanish Corn beef$11.95
White rice, spanish corn beef and avocado
Wings & Fries$11.95
6 breaded wings and fries
Lunch Combo$13.95
Your choice of any 2 traditional rolls, and sashimi


Steak Jibarito$15.05
Steak jibarito served with yucca fries
Chicken Jibarito$11.95
Chicken jibarito served with yucca fries
Casa Wings$15.95
Available in 5 different flavors
Soy Beans in their pods
Shrimp Avocado Bowl$10.95
Avocado topped with sautéed shrimp, pico de gallo, and spicy mayo.
Tempura Shrimp & Veggies$8.95
Fried shrimp tempura, fried vegetable served with gyoza sauce
Camarones al Ajillo$12.05
8 Sautéed shrimp in garlic and white wine sauce.
Seasoned ground beef wrapped in sweet plantains topped with mozzarella cheese. (This item is seasoned with garlic)
Your choice of chicken, steak, or shrimp.
Camarones A La Criolla$12.05
Shrimp creole served with tostones
Fried Calamari$13.95
Served with a side of chili sauce
Carne Frita and Tostones$13.95
Fried marinated pork chunks topped with caramelized onions, and side of green plantains.

Traditional Sushi

Shrimp Tempura$8.55
Shrimp tempura and avocado or cucumber topped with eel sauce.
Salmon Roll$6.55
Salmon with avocado or cucumber
Tuna Roll$6.05
Tuna with avocado or cucumber
Cucumber, crab stick and avocado.
Spicy Salmon Roll$6.55
Raw salmon with avocado or cucumber
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.05
Raw Tuna with avocado or cucumber
Eel Cucumber$6.05
Spicy Crab$5.95
Shredded kani crab meat with avocado or cucumber
Shrimp Avocado$6.05
Eel Avocado$6.05
Salmon, cream cheese, and avocado
Fresh Nigiri$5.95
2 pieces of Nigiri
Fresh Sashimi$6.05
2 pieces of Sashimi
Salmon Tempura$7.95
Chicken Tempura$7.95

Vegetarian Sushi

Asparagus Roll$4.05
Avocado Roll$4.05
Cucumber Roll$4.05
Veggie Tempura Roll$7.05
Sweet potato and avocado or cucumber topped with sweet plantains.
Lettuce roll$7.05
mixed veggies and lettuce
Mango avocado roll$4.05
Sweet Potato$4.95

Signature Sushi

El Boricua Roll$10.05
Avocado and sweet plantains topped with spanish corn beef hash.
La Chaparra Roll$9.05
Chorizo and avocado topped with pico de gallo.
El Dynamita Roll$12.05
Shrimp tempura, avocado, and cream cheese topped with spicy kani.
El Morro Roll$9.95
Shredded pork, avocado, beans, and sweet plantains topped with mayo ketchup.
El Rasta Man$9.95
Jerk chicken, shrimp tempura and sweet plantains topped with spicy kani.
El Tiguere Roll$10.05
Fried salami, fried cheese, and Chicken, topped with sweet plantains and mayo ketchup
The Philly B Roll$11.95
Shrimp tempura, chicken, steak, and avocado topped with sweet plantains and spicy mayo.
Teriyaki chicken & broccoli tempura
The San Juan Roll$13.95
Churrasco skirt steak, cream cheese, and sweet plantains topped with avocado, shrimp tempura, and spicy sauce.
Sweet Shrimp Roll$12.05
Shrimp tempura, shrimp, and avocado topped with spicy kani and spicy sauce.
Shrimp tempura, spicy kani, and cream cheese topped with spicy tuna and avocado.
Spider Roll$12.05
Soft shell crab, cream cheese, avocado and spicy kani , spicy mayo, and eel sauce.
Sea Roll$9.95
Spicy kani and avocado topped with raw salmon.
El Marinero Roll$9.05
Soft shell crab and avocado topped with eel sauce.
Rico Mango Roll$12.05
Mango, cucumber, avocado, and salmon.
Mexican Lindo$9.95
Al ajillo shrimp, avocado, and red pepper.
Grilled steak, cream cheese, avocado and yuca frita
El Merengue$8.95
Spicy kani, cream cheese, eel & cucumber
Surf & Turf$14.05
Surf & turf with ajillo shrimp, steak & avocado topped with maduros

Chef Specialties

Takayama Delight$11.95
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, tempura flakes, topped with spicy tuna, sweet sauce, and spicy mayo.
A deep fried roll with salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and tobiko topped with spicy mayo and sweet sauce.
Spicy tuna, avocado, and tempura flakes topped with salmon, spicy mayo and sweet sauce.
Tokyo Drive$13.95
Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, mango, tempura flakes, avocado, and masago topped with spicy mayo and sweet sauce.
Tuna, Salmon, Crunchy Flakes, Spicy Tuna , Spicy Salmon, Avocado and Masago.
Volcano Roll$12.05
Crunchy California roll topped with spicy lava shrimp


Chuleta Frita$13.95
Fried pork chops topped with pico de gallo
Teriyaki Chicken$14.05
Bori Baby Lamb Chops$35.05
Baby Lamb Chops
Philly’s Finest$22.05
Skirt Steak
Salmon Al Paraiso$17.95
Grilled Atlantic Salmon topped with fresh mango chutney
Teriyaki Salmon$16.05
Garlic Butter Chicken$13.95


Honey Glazed Tempura$5.95
Tempura Sweet Plantains glazed with honey
Tres Leche$3.95
Sponge Cake

Soup, Salads & Sides

Vegetable of the day$4.95
Broccoli or Asparagus
White Rice$3.05
Side Salad$2.95
Miso Soup$2.05
Mofongo Verde$4.05
Spicy Poke Bowl$15.05
Spicy poke bowl with your choice of base, protein, cucumbers and avocado
Sweet yellow plantains
Fried Green plantains served with a side of mayo ketchup.
House Salad$8.05
Spicy Kani Salad$6.95
French Fries$3.45
Yucca Fries$3.55
Served with a side of mayo ketchup


Can Soda$1.95
Bottled Water$1.05
Malta is a non-alcoholic lightly carbonated malt beverage, brewed from barley, hops, and water much like beer; corn and caramel color may also be added.


Special request
Any other allergies, please describe in the comments or call 215-923-6700 Thank you 😊
Spicy Mayo$0.80
Eel sauce$0.70
Soy sauce$0.45
Mayo Ketchup$0.70
Gyoza sauce$0.70
Blue cheese$0.45
Ginger dressing$0.80