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Banh Mi

1. Dac Biet Sandwich$7.00
Special combination.
3. Banh Mi Nem Nuong$6.30
Grilled pork patties sandwich.
5. Banh Mi Ga Nuong$6.20
Grilled chicken sandwich​​.
6. Banh Mi Heo Nuong$7.00
Grilled pork sandwich​.
7. Banh Mi Bo Nuong$6.20
Grilled beef sandwich.
8. Banh Mi Cha Lua$6.30
Pork terrine sandwich.
9. Banh Mi Thit Nuong Chay$6.30
Grilled vegetarian pork.
10. Banh Mi Trung Op La$6.30
Fried eggs sandwich.
11. Banh Mi Cha Chay$6.20
Vegetarian ham.
12. Banh Mi Tau Hu Chay$6.30
Tofu (vegetarian) sandwich​​.

Khai Vi

3. Nem Nuong Cuon$3.95
Pork sausage.
5. Ga Nuong Cuon$4.05
Grilled chicken.
6. Tom Cuon$4.45
7. Heo Nuong Cuon$3.95
Grilled pork.
8. Tom Lan Bot$5.95
Tempura prawns.
9. Muc Lan Bot$4.95
Fried squid strips.
12. Wonton Ga Chien$5.80
Chicken fried dumplings.
13. Cha Gio$3.55
Egg rolls.

Cac Mon Goi

14. Goi Dac Biet$9.00
Lotus root, carrot, bell peppers, onions, daikon, cucumbers and shrimp or pork meat, served with fish sauce dressing.
15. Goi Bo Tai Chanh$7.55
Lemon beef salad with onions.
16. Goi Ga Bap Cai$5.95
Chicken cabbage salad.
17. Goi Ga Cu Hanh$5.95
Chicken with white onions and peanuts.
18. Goi Du Du Tom Thit$7.90
Shrimp and pork papaya salad.


19. Wonton Soup
Shrimp and pork, contains sesame oil, green onions, cilantro and baby bok choy.
20. Seafood Soup$13.90
Large bowl.
21. Fish Maw Soup$13.00
Sup bong bong ca. Large bowl.

Special Appetizers

Nem Chien$6.05
Heo, ga. Pork or chicken. Clear wrapped fried eggroll. Comes with lettuce wrap and fish sauce.
Bo La$6.95
Beef wrapped in grape leaves​​.
Curly Fries$4.90
Ribbon fries.

Hu Tieu, Mi Xao

37. Hu Tieu Ga Hay Heo$10.05
Rice noodles with chicken or pork.
37. Mi Xao Ga Hay Heo$10.05
Egg noodles with chicken or pork.
38. Hu Tieu Tom Hay Bo$9.95
Rice noodles with shrimp or beef.
38. Mi Xao Tom Hay Bo$10.05
Egg noodles with shrimp or beef.
39. Thap Cam$13.94
Combination. Choose 2 or 3 meat choices.
40. Hu Tieu Xao$9.95
Stir-fried rice noodles.
41. Mi Xao$10.05
Stir-fried egg noodles.
42. Hu Tieu Ap Chao$9.95
Crispy rice noodles.
43. Mi Xao Don Thap Cam$13.90
Combination pan-fried noodles.

Hu Tieu Xao Thai

44. Pork Pad Thai$9.95
44. Chicken Pad Thai$9.95
45. Beef Pad Thai$9.95
45. Shrimp Pad Thai$13.04
Thap Cam Pad Thai$13.94
Combination. Choose 2 proteins.


46. Bun Dac Biet$13.94
Combination of shrimp and pork egg roll.
47. Bun Ga Nuong$10.05
Grilled chicken.
48. Bun Tom Thit Nuong$10.95
Grilled shrimp and grilled pork.
49. Bun Nem Nuong$9.95
Grilled pork sausage and grilled pork.
50. Bun Tom Nuong$10.05
Grilled shrimp.
51. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong$9.95
Grilled pork or chicken and egg roll.

Banh Hoi

52. Banh Hoi Dac Biet$13.90
Grilled pork, shrimp, pork sausage.
53. Banh Hoi Heo Nuong$10.05
Grilled pork.
54. Banh Hoi Tom Thit Nuong$9.95
Grilled shrimp and grilled pork.
55. Banh Hoi Nem Nuong$9.95
​Grilled pork sausage.
56. Banh Hoi Tom Nuong$9.95
Grilled shrimp.
57. Banh Hoi Ga Nuong$10.05
Grilled chicken.
58. Banh Hoi Heo Quay$10.05
Roasted pork.

Com Tay Cam

Com Tay Cam Heo$11.90
Pork sizzling claypot rice
Com Tay Cam Ga$12.00
Chicken sizzling claypot rice
Com Tay Cam Bo$12.00
Beef sizzling claypot rice
Com Tay Cam Tom$13.00
Shrimp sizzling claypot rice

Com Dia

60. Com Dac Biet$14.04
Combination plate of pork chops, sunny side, pork sausage, pork meat or shredded pork.
61. Com Thit Nuong$10.05
Grilled pork.
62. Com Ga Nuong Xa Ot$9.95
Grilled chicken with lemongrass.
63. Com Bi Suon Cha$10.05
Grilled pork chop, shredded pork and egg loaf.
64. Com Suon Trung$9.95
Grilled pork chop sunny side up.
65. Com Bo Luc Lac$9.95
Pan-seared filet mignon with your choice of bell peppers or broccoli.
66. Com Tam Bi Suon Cha$9.95
Broken rice, shredded pork skin, grilled pork chop and pork pie.
67. Com Tam Suon$10.05
Broken rice with grilled pork chop.
68. Com Tam Suon Op La$9.95
Broken rice with grilled pork chop sunny side up.

Com Chien (Fried Rice)

Com Chien Trung$10.05
Egg fried rice
Com Chien Ga$10.05
Chicken Fried Rice
Com Chien bo$10.05
Beef fried rice
Com Chien Heo$9.95
Pork fried rice
Com Chien Tom$13.00
Shrimp fried rice
Com Chien Thap Cam$13.90
Combination fried rice

Pho Bo

23. Pho Tai
Rare steak.
24. Pho Bo Vien
Beef meatball.
25. Pho Tai Nam
Rare steak and well done flank.
26. Pho Tai Bo Vien
​Rare steak and beef meatball.
27. Pho Tai Chin
Rare steak and brisket.
28. Pho Tai Gan
Rare steak and tendon.
29. Pho Nam
Well done flank.
30. Pho Chin
31. Pho Ga
White meat chicken.
22. Pho Dac Biet

Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Do Bien

32. Hu Tieu Dac Biet$14.00
Large. Combination.
33. Hu Tieu Nam Vang$13.90
Large. Nam vang noodle soup.
35. Hu Tieu Dai$13.90
Large. Clear noodle soup.
36. Bun Bo Hue$14.00
Hot spicy beef noodle soup.

Banh Canh

69. Banh Canh Dac Biet$13.90
70. Banh Canh Gio Heo Thit$9.95
Noodle soup with pork hock and pork tenderloin.
71. Banh Canh Tom$9.95
Noodle soup with shrimp.
72. Banh Canh Cha Ca$9.95
Noodle soup with fish and ham.

Canh and Lau

83. Canh Chua Tom$15.00
Sweet and sour soup with shrimp


Honeycomb Cake$4.04
Coconut Rolls$3.94
Coconut Macaroons$4.04
Sesame Ball (10pc)$6.04

Boba Tea

Flavor Milk Tea$6.20
Slush 24 oz$6.20
Flavor Tea 24 oz$6.30
Specialty Boba Tea 24 oz$6.55
2 flavor combinations for you to try!
Create Your Own Boba Tea 24 oz$6.55
Choose from any 2 flavors to your liking!


Classic Iced Black Coffee$5.95
Vietnamese Ice Coffee 24oz$5.95
Mocha Latte$6.05
Cafe Latte$5.95
Hot, blended or iced.
Vanilla Latte$6.05
Hot, blended or iced.