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Lee's Chicken

Under 100 Pieces$1.30
per pcs
100 - 299 Pieces$0.85
per pcs
300 - 499 Pieces$0.84
per pcs
500 - 999 Pieces$0.83
per pcs
Over 1000$0.90
per pcs

Side Items

Cole Slaw$21.95
Potato Salad$21.95
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$21.95
Baked Beans$22.05
Green Beans$22.05
Chicken and Noodles$21.95
Macaroni and Cheese$23.95
Baked Potatoes$1.45
with butter and sour cream
Dinner Roll$3.95
with butter
Place Setting$0.55
plate, napkin, fork and knife

Special Catering - Party Trays

Breast Strips$30.04
25 pcs
50 pcs
Double Dippers$30.04
50 pcs
gravy or barbeque, 100 pcs
Livers or Gizzards$23.05

Fresh Vegetable Trays

Large Fresh Vegetable$44.95
carrots, celery, green pepper, cauliflower, cucumber, broccoli, green olives, sweet pickles and dip
Small Fresh Vegetable$29.95
carrots, celery, cucumber, green pepper, sweet pickles and dip
Cubed Cheese$41.95
cheddar, co jack, havarti and pepper

Fresh Fruit Tray

Fresh Fruit$48.05
a variety of fresh fruit with dip
Fruit Bowl$38.05
fresh seasonal fruit in an attractive bowl

Desserts and Drinks

chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter
Individual Serving$1.05
lemon pie, pecan pie, strawberry shortcake, boston creme pir, carrot cake
gallon of brewed iced tea - sweet or unsweetened, or pepsi products 2 liters