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Jumbo Mini
Plain, bbq, buffalo. An all white meat jumbo breast strip dipped in your choice of sauce on a miniature wheat roll.
Honey BBQ Chicken
Pulled bbq chicken on a bun.
Jumbo Breast Strip
2 Jumbo breast strips with lettuce on a bun.
Country Fried Steak
Country fried steak on a bun topped with gravy.

Lee's Specialties

Livers Or Gizzards Snack Meal
Livers or gizzards & a biscuit includes livers or gizzards 2 side items & a biscuit.
Chicken Pot Pie
An old fashioned favorite made famous.
Country Fried Steak
Meal includes 2 country fried steaks with gravy 2 side items & a biscuit.

Choose Your Chicken

Famous Recipe
Is prepared using our secret blend of herbs and spiced. Then it's lightly hand-breaded, honey-dipped and flavor that makes lee's famous.
Crispy Plus Spicy
Is marinated is our special blend of seasonings to provide a bit of a spicy kick. Then it's double breaded and fried golden brown.
Oven Roast
First we marinate our oven roast chicken in our special seasoning blend then we dust it with a blend of herbs and spiced. Oven roasting seals in flavor while producing a product that's low in fat and carbohydrates.

Family Style Boxes & Meals

Family Style Boxes & Meals 8 Pieces
Meal includes 8 pieces of mixed chicken, 2 large side items & 4 biscuits. (Serves 3-4)
Family Style Boxes & Meals 12 Pieces
Meal includes 12 pieces 12 pieces of mixed chicken, 3 large side items 7 6 biscuits.
Family Style Boxes & Meals 16 Pieces
Meal includes 16 pieces of mixed chicken, 4 large side items & 8 biscuits.
Family Style Boxes & Meals 20 Pieces
Meal includes 20 piece of mixed chicken, 5 large side items 7 10 biscuits.

Jumbo Breast Strips

3 Pieces
Meal include 2 side items & a biscuit.
5 Piece
Meal include 2 side items & a biscuit.
12 Piece
(Serves 4-6) meal include 2 large side items & a biscuit.

Jumbo Boneless Wings

Go Cup
6-8 Jumbo boneless wings.
Meal includes 2 side items & a biscuit.
Go Box
Includes 4 biscuits
Family Meal
Meal includes 2 large side items & 4 biscuits.

Homestyle Snacks & Meal

1 Piece Breast
2 Piece
Available in leg & thigh, or breast & wing combination.
3 Piece
Available in leg, thigh, & wing, leg, thigh & breast combinations or as 3 wings.
4 Piece
Available in mixed.

Country Sides

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Green Beans
Potato Wedges
Hot Apples
Baked Beans
Broccoli Pasta Salad
Jalapeno Pepper
Potato Salad
Macaroni & Cheese
Corn-On-The Cob
Red Beans & Rice
Country Rice
Buttermilk Biscuits
Available individually or by the half dozen.


Soft Drinks
Iced Tea
Gallon Of Iced Tea
Available by the gallon or half-gallon in sweet or unsweet.

Kids Menu

1 Jumbo Breast Strip
2 Jumbo Breast Strips
Chicken Leg
Jumbo Boneless Wings (3)
Mac & Cheese
Jumbo Mini Sandwich