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Little Goan Platter$8.04
Flavorful assortment of vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras and chicken pakoras.
Vegetable Samosa$5.94
2 savory wheat pastries with a mildly spiced filling of potatoes and peas.
Vegetable Pakoras$6.04
Chicken Pakoras$8.04
Onion Bhaji$5.94
Crispy onion fritters in a channa flour butter.

Soup & Salad

Mulligatawany Soup$4.94
Delicately blended spiced lentil soup.
Chicken Soup$5.04
Home style mildly spiced chicken soup.
Goan Salad$6.04
Cabbage, carrot, and bell peppers
Green Salad$4.94
Mixed green salad with homemade dressing

Goan Traditional Sides

Home-style roasted crispy lentil wafers.
Basmati Rice (White)$3.45
With cumin and peas.
Brown Rice$3.80
With cardamom and cloves.
Traditional refreshing yogurt with diced cucumbers and herbs.
Hot and spicy Indian style pickled vegetables.
Mango Chutney$3.55
Sweet mango relish.

Tandoori Sizzlers

Chicken Tandoori$14.94
Dark meat chicken marinated with fresh garlic, ginger, yogurt and mild spices then baked in our clay oven.
Chicken Tikka Kebab$16.04
Tender chicken breast marinated in yogurt and pickling spices then baked in our clay oven.
Achari Chicken Tikka Kebab$16.94
Tender chicken breast marinated in yogurt, garlic and mild spices then baked in our clay oven.
Lamb Shish Kebab$17.04
Ground lamb broiled on a skewer with fresh herbs, onions, cilantro and traditional spices.
5157. Murgh Malai Kebab$13.04
Tender chicken thigh marinated in cream, ginger, garlic and fresh herbs and spices.
5158. Haryali Little Goan Kebab$12.94
Tender chicken thigh marinated with mint, pesto, ginger, garlic and mild spices.
Shrimp Tandoori$17.04
Shrimp barbecued with traditional herbs and spices.
5160. Vegetable Tandoori$12.04
Fresh vegetable mix marinated with fresh garlic, ginger, yogurt and mild spices.
5161. Pesto Paneer Tikka$13.04
A little Goan specialty. Homemade cheese marinated in yogurt, garlic and mild spices.
5162. Tandoori Mixed Grill$15.94
Chicken, shrimp and lamb.

Vegetable Curries

Aloo Gobi$12.94
Potato and cauliflower blended with traditional spices.
Baingan Bharta$14.04
Charbroiled eggplant sauteed with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs.
5137. Bhindi Nariyal Sabzi$10.94
Diced okrah delicately cooked with onion, tomato and Kashmiri spices.
Chana Masala$12.94
Garbanzo beans delicately cooked with onions and Kashmiri spices.
5139. Dal Bukhara$11.04
Assorted lentils prepared with onions, ginger and traditional spices.
Lasooni Dal Tarka$13.04
Yellow lentils prepared with onions, ginger and traditional spices.
5141. Malai Kofta$11.94
Kebabs of cheese, vegetable and nuts all in a delicate cashew nut sauce.
Mattar Gajar Gobi$12.94
Peas, cauliflower and baby carrots sintered in a mild curry.
Paneer Tikka Masala$13.94
Homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked in a mild ginger & tomato curry
5144. Methi Malai Paneer$11.94
Homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked in a mild ginger and tomato curry.
Saag Aloo$12.94
Spinach and potatoes cooked in a mild spice.
Saag Paneer$13.94
Homemade cottage cheese cubes saut?ed with spinach and traditional spices.
Verdur Korma$12.94
A rich mix of vegetables and nuts in a delicate cashew curry sauce.
Malai Kofta$13.94
Kebabs of cheese, vegetable, and nuts all in a delicate cashew nut sauce

Delicious House Breads

Garlic Naan$4.44
Sprinkled with fresh garlic.
Pesto Naan$5.94
Prepared with Italian pesto sauce.
Kabuli Naan$6.04
Stuffed with cherries, raisins and nuts.
Gluten Free Naan$6.04
Gluten Free Garlic Naan$5.94
Sprinkled with fresh garlic.
Onion Kulcha$4.94
Stuffed leavened bread.
Lamb Kulcha$6.04
Stuffed leavened bread.
Unleavened bread.
Assorted Bread Basket$12.04
Plain naan, garlic naan and onion kulcha.

Homestyle Delights

Caldine Curries$13.04
Simmered in coconut juice, coriander, turmeric, cumin, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, onions and house made Goan spices.
Home-style spicy hot dish cooked in a red fiery hot and tangy curry sauce.
Traditional curry of Goa prepared with roasted coconut, red chilies and house spices.

House Specialties

Chicken Curry$14.94
Cooked in ginger, garlic and traditional spices
Chicken Tikka Masala$15.94
Tender white meat chicken cubes cooked in an aromatic and zesty tomato and ginger sauce.
Chicken Makhani$15.94
Shredded tandoori chicken in a mild ginger and tomato curry sauce.
Chicken Kurma$15.94
Chicken cooked in delicate cashew curry sauce
Lamb Kurma$16.04
Tender lamb prepared in a delicate cashew curry sauce.
Rogan Josh$15.94
Lamb curry prepared in a traditional kashmiri style
Shrimp Saag$16.04
Shrimp and spinach sauted in a mild sauce
Shrimp Masala - Goan Style$15.94
Goan style. Shrimp curry simmered in a cream and tomato onion gravy.

Biryani Corner

Home-style rice and seasoned vegetables prepared with traditional house herbs and spices.

Home Style Desserts

Gulab Jamun$3.94
Homemade fried cheese dumplings soaked in a sweet syrup.
Traditional sweet rice pudding.
Gajar Halwa$4.04
Warm homemade Indian style carrot pudding with nuts and raisins.
5187. Elaichi Mango Panna Cotta$4.04
Green cardamom and mango custard cream treat.
Chocolate Ice Cream$4.04
Vanilla Ice Cream$3.94
Vegan Coconut Ice Cream$4.04
Traditional Goan specialty made of coconut, refined flour, milk and egg.


Goan Coffee$2.05
Coconut Juice$3.04
Mango Lassi$3.40
Sweet Lassi$2.95
Salty Lassi$3.05
Sparkling Water$2.45
Iced Tea$2.05