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Soups & Salads

Fruit Salad$2.34
Cucumber Salad$2.34
Pea Salad$2.34
Potato Salad$2.34
Carrot Salad$2.24
Beet Salad$2.34
Cole Slaw$2.24
Tossed Salad$2.24
Romaine Salad$2.34
Mixed Field Greens$2.34
Spinach Salad$2.24
Bowl of Vegetable Soup$4.54
Cup Vegetable Soup$3.54

Classic Combos

Chicken Fried Steak Combo$11.54
Chicken Fried Chicken Combo$11.04
Luby's Fried Fish Combo$10.04
Liver & Onions Combo$9.79
Angus Chopped Steak Combo$10.54
Grilled Chicken Combo$10.04
Three Veggies Combo$7.04
Four Veggies Combo$8.54
Fried Chicken Combo$10.29
Roast Chicken Combo$10.19
Chicken Tenders Combo$9.94
Roast Turkey Combo$10.44
Baked Almondine Combo$9.94
Blackened Tilapia Combo$11.04
Bacon Cheese Steak Combo$10.54
Fried Catfish Combo$11.44
Lemon Basil Salmon Combo$13.94
Roast Beef Combo$10.54
Mushroom Turkey Chopped Steak Combo$8.94

Family Packs

Chicken Tenders Family Pack$29.90
Chicken Tetrazzini Family Pack$30.00
Chicken Fried Chicken Family Pack$35.00
Chicken Fried Steak Family Pack$34.90
Bacon Cheese Steak Family Pack$35.00
Roast Turkey Breast Family Pack$40.00
Luby's Fried Fish Family Pack$40.00
Angus Chopped Steak Family Pack$50.00
Blackened Tilapia$50.00
Grilled Salmon Filet$70.00


Cherry Pie$3.44
New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake$4.84
Red Velvet Cake$4.30
Apple Pie$3.54
Chocolate Pie$4.44
Pecan Pie$4.84
Carrot Cake$4.80
Chocolate Cake$3.34
Strawberry Shortcake$4.54
Lemon Icebox Pie$4.54
Buttermilk Chess Pie$2.94

LuAnn Plates

Chicken Fried Steak LuAnn$8.54
Luby's Fried Fish LuAnn$8.44
Liver & Onions LuAnn$8.44
Luby's Fried Fish LuAnn$8.44
Fried Chicken LuAnn$8.54
Baked Almondine LuAnn$8.44
Roast Chicken LuAnn$8.54
Bacon Cheese Steak LuAnn$8.44
Chicken Tender LuAnn$8.54
Chopped Steak LuAnn$8.44
Roast Turkey LuAnn$9.44
Roast Beef LuAnn$9.54

Kids Meal

Kids Chicken Strips$6.04
Kid's Tetrazinni$6.04
Kids Fried Fish$6.04
Kid's 3 Veg Plate$6.04
Kids Chopped Steak$6.04
Kid's Turkey Breast$6.04
Kids Fried Chicken$5.94
Kid's Bacon Cheese Steak$5.94
Kids Roast Chicken$6.04


Stuffed Jalapeño$0.44
Add Fried Shrimp (6)$2.94
Add Fried Shrimp (3)$1.55
Add Sausage$1.94

SIdes & Bread

Jalapeno Cornbread$0.34
White Rice$2.24
Mashed Potato$2.24
Candied Yams$2.34
Wheat Roll$0.44
White Roll$0.44
Fried Okra$2.24
Jalapeño Cornbread$0.44
Green Beans with Bacon$2.34
Mac & Cheese$2.34
New Potatoes$2.34


Unsweet Iced Tea$2.64
Fountain Dr Pepper$2.64
Sweet Iced Tea$2.74
Fountain Sprite$2.74
Fountain Coke$2.74
Luby's Bottle Water$2.04
Fountain Diet Coke$2.74