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World's Best Pancakes

Magnolia's Old World Buttermilk Pancakes$7.50
Made with fresh buttermilk in small batches.
Banana's Foster Pancakes$9.00
Our world's best pancakes topped with a rich banana rum praline sauce, fresh bananas and pecans.
Blueberry Pancakes$7.90
Our world's best buttermilk pancakes with wild blueberries.
Bacon Pancakes$8.55
Applewood smoked bacon crumbles cooked into our famous cakes.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$8.45
Semi-sweet chocolate chips stud our world's best pancakes.
Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes$8.55
Our classic cakes recipe made with Stoneground whole wheat flour.
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes$8.80
Granny Smith apples scented with zesty cinnamon and cooked into our famous cakes.
Buckwheat Cakes$9.00
Hearty and healthy cakes made with organic buckwheat flour. Treat yourself right!
Silver Dollar Cakes$6.90
$10 worth of the cutest cakes you've ever tasted.
Pecan Pancakes$8.70
Texas pecans fill our world's best pancakes.
Cakes and Eggs$9.00
Two of our world's best pancakes served with 2 eggs.
Authentic Apfel Pfannekuchen$11.00
This is the real deal, translated from Oma's own cookbook and brought to life in our kitchens. Granny Smith apple and our Haus secret spices combine to create a puffed pancake that is an authentic taste of Bavaria. Served with powdered cugar and European-style whipped cream.

From The Iron

Just A Waffle$6.94
Thick and crispy Belgian waffle with lots of pockets for butter and syrup.
Bacon Waffle$8.30
Crispy Applewood bacon crumbles baked into a crispy waffle.
Strawberry Waffle$8.45
Fresh strawberry compote atop a crispy waffle. Topped with a dollop of Euro-style whipped cream.
Blueberry Waffle$8.00
Wild blueberries baked into our crispy waffle.
Banana Nut Waffle$8.80
Fresh banana and pecans baked into a waffle.
Pecan Waffle$8.55
Texas pecans baked into a crispy waffle.
Peach & Pecan Waffle$9.30
Texas pecans baked inside and peach compote atop a crispy waffle. Topped with a dollop of Euro-style whipped cream.
Apple Cinnamon Waffle$8.80
Sliced Granny Smith apples scented with zesty cinnamon and pecans, baked into a crispy waffle.
Lemon Poppyseed Waffle$8.00
The name speaks for itself. Dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with cream cheese icing.
Waffle and Eggs$8.20
Our traditional Belgian waffle served with 2 eggs.

From The Griddle

Magnolia Classic French Toast$7.90
Hand-cut French bread soaked in our special batter and griddled golden brown. Dusted with powdered sugar.
Cinnamon Raisin French Toast$8.90
Oregon Mills cinnamon raisin bread. Dipped in a rich egg batter and grilled just right.
Banana's Foster French Toast$9.00
Our Magnolia French toast topped with a rich banana rum praline sauce, fresh sliced bananas and Texas pecan.
Creole Praline French Toast$8.90
Our Magnolia French toast topped with a rich pecan praline sauce. A taste of the old French Quarter in S.A!
Banana Nut Bread French Toast$10.00
Haus-made banana bread dipped in a rich custard batter and grilled just right, then topped with fresh berry compote and powdered sugar.
French Toast and Eggs$8.90
Three slices of our classic French Toast served with 2 eggs.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh strawberries topped with Euro-style whipped cream.
Citrus Compote$5.00
Fresh pineapple with orange and grapefruit segments.
Bananas & Berries$5.00
Seasonal berries and banana topped with Euro-style whipped cream.
Seasonal Berry Blend$5.50
Our seasonal berry blend topped with Euro-style whipped cream.
Yogurt & Granola Parfait$4.94
Creamy vanilla yogurt layered with hausmade crunchy granola.

Signature Breakfast Meats

Custom Recipe Whole Hog Sausage$4.20
All natural with no artificial anything.
Applewood Smoked Thick-Cut Bacon$4.45
From the heartland. Sweet and smoky.
Hickory Cured & Smoked Pit Ham$4.30
Sweet and slightly salty.
Whole Loin Canadian Bacon$4.20
Our Haus-cured, center cut pork loin.

Awesome Omelets

Bacon & Cheddar$10.45
Our famous Applewood smoked bacon and aged cheddar cheese make for the perfect breakfast.
Bodega Bay Omelet$10.90
A trip to the Sonoma Coast inspired this Haus original. With baby arugula, Applewood smoked bacon and goat cheese fill this three-egg delight. Topped with a ribbon of crème fraiche.
Omelet Monterrey$11.00
A Magnolia original. Roasted chicken and Jack cheese inside. Topped with our Haus-made mild salsa verde and creme fraiche.
Sarki's Special$10.70
Direct from our favorite Chicago hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint! Spinach, kalamata olives, mushrooms, onions and feta cheese, topped with a dollop of creme fraiche.
Ham & Cheese$9.90
Pit-smoked ham and your choice of cheese.
Spinach & Mushroom$10.30
Baby spinach and fresh mushrooms with your choice of cheese.
Joe's Eggs$11.00
The original San Francisco treat! Spinach, Italian sausage, onions and mushrooms, prepared Frittata style. Topped with Monterrey Jack cheese and roasted red pepper coulis.
Shrimp & Avocado$10.90
Shrimp and fresh-sliced avocado fill this three-egg treat. It is topped with Jack cheese and served with our homemade salsa.
Jambalaya Omelet$10.45
A Steamer's Café classic and Mr. Pancake's favorite breakfast! Chicken and sausage accented Creole Jambalaya with Jack cheese in a fluffy omelet. Topped with our mild Creole sauce.
Green Eggs & Ham$9.94
Spinach, green peppers, green onions and ham served open-faced with Jack cheese and cilantro pesto.
Denver Frittata$10.04
Green peppers, onions, ham and tomatoes prepared open-faced and topped with cheddar cheese. Roasted red pepper salsa, cilantro pesto and creme fraiche add the crowning touch.

Haus Favorites

The Magnolia Breakfast$11.00
The original Haus classic! Three eggs, Magnolia hash browns and your choice of our signature breakfast meats and your choice of pancakes, toast or grits.
Farmer's Scramble$10.45
Three freshly-cracked eggs, country scrambled with smoked sausage, onions and crispy shredded potato. Topped with cheddar cheese and a bit of green onion. Served with your choice of pancakes, toast or grits.
Stonewall Ranch Breakfast$11.00
Three flaky, Southern-style biscuits topped with Oma's sausage gravy. Served with two eggs and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham.
Authentic Munchener Apfel Pfannekuchen$9.94
Eggs and Browns$8.70
Our savory hash browns with two eggs. Served with your choice of pancakes, toast or grits.
Eggs And...$9.00
Two eggs, served with your choice of our signature breakfast meats and your choice of pancakes, toast or grits.

Friends With Bennies

Eggs Benedict$10.55
Our haus-cured and smoked Canadian bacon atop a Wolferman's English muffin, crowned with 2 poached eggs and topped with our classic, fresh Hollandaise sauce.
Southern Bennie$10.55
A twist on the classic, our Haus-smoked pulled pork served atop a grilled, buttery biscuit crowned with 2 poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, laced with our Haus-made Barbeque sauce. So good, "You'll want to slap yo' grandma."
Eggs Fitzgerald$11.30
Haus-cured corned beef shaved thin and piled high on a thick-cut Wolferman's English muffin, topped with 2 poached eggs and a horseradish-infused hollandaise.
Eggs Florentine$9.90
We start with a Wolferman's English muffin, top it with flash-grilled tomato slices and wilted spinach. Crowned with 2 poached eggs and glazed with Hollandaise sauce.


Corned Beef Hash$10.90
Haus made by hand with extra love!! Fried slightly crispy and topped with 2 eggs. This is Chicago's gift to the south!
Smoked Turkey Hash$11.00
Haus-smoked turkey, shredded spuds and a hint of onion, fried just right. Topped with 2 eggs.
Calico Hash$10.45
Haus-smoked and hand-pulled pork mixed with sweet potatoes, shredded russet potatoes, spanish and red onions and a touch of garlic. Topped with 2 eggs, any style.
Seasoned Veggie Hash$9.50

All The Rest

Old Fashioned Oatmeal$6.94
Hankering of hot oatmeal topped with your choice of strawberries, peach compote or Texas pecans.
Just Biscuits$6.55
4 Flaky biscuits served with a side of Oma's sausage gravy.
A side of slow-cooked grits served Southern style with just butter.
Yogurt and Granola Parfait$7.04
Rich, creamy vanilla yogurt topped with Haus-made granola and seasonal berries.
Eggs A LA Carte$2.05
Magnolia Browns$3.55
Fresh shredded spuds, onions and a hint of garlic. Cooked to a buttery golden-brown.
Toast, English Muffin or Bagel$2.94
Served with haus-made jam.

Ahh! Beverages

100% Colombian a bottomless cup of your choice of regular or decaf.
Iced Tea$2.34
Unsweet and brewed fresh daily.
Whole Milk$1.95
Skim Milk$2.05
Chocolate Milk$2.05
Fresh-Squeezed OJ$2.30
Grapefruit Juice$2.20
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade$2.20
Apple Juice$1.20
Spicy Tomato Juice$1.30
Coca-Cola Products$2.64

Haus Made Soups

Black Bean and Ham$4.94
Broccoli and Cheese$5.04
Tomato Basil$4.94
Chicken and Barley$5.04
Texas 901 Onion Soup$5.04
Chef's Choice$5.04

Haus "Sammies"

Haus cured corned beef, Schwartz's sauerkraut. Swiss cheese, 1,000 Island. Served on grilled Pumpernickel or Rye.
Triple Grilled Cheese Waffle Sammy$8.20
Haus waffle infused with everything bagel seasoning, folded in half and stuffed with Swiss, cheddar and Pepper Jack cheese.
Turkey Avocado Bacon$10.30
Haus smoked turkey breast, avocado, tomato, Applewood smoked back, Pepper Jack and arugula. Served on toasted sourdough or whole wheat.
Haus smoked pork, shaved ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, Dijon mustard. Served on a pressed grilled bun.
Tuna Melt$9.44
Albacore tuna, Swiss, jack, cheddar and Feta melted blend, red pepper coulis, green onions. Served on a grilled Wolferman's English muffin.
Green Eggs and Hamwich$9.54
Haus shaved ham, arugula, cilantro pesto, over medium egg, melted Swiss cheese. Served on a grilled bun.
Smoked Turkey Cobbler$10.04
Haus smoked turkey, bacon onion jam, tomatoes, Applewood bacon, arugula, Swiss cheese sauce and sunny side up egg. Served on a grilled sourdough, whole wheat or Pumpernickel bread slice.

Haus Burgers

Classic Cheese$9.94
Your choice of cheese. Served on a grilled potato bun with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Magnolia Patty Melt$10.20
Mixed grilled onions and peppers, Swiss cheese, served on grilled Rye.
Bacon Avocado$11.30
Applewood smoked bacon bits, Tillamook cheddar and avocado. Served on a grilled potato bun with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Breakfast Meets Lunch$11.94
Tillamook cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, arugula, Haus sausage gravy, sunny side up egg. Served on a grilled potato bun.


Fried Chicken Chop Salad$10.30
Wedge of baby iceberg, bacon lardons, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, fried egg ribbons, crispy fried buttermilk chicken breast, Haus smoked jalapeno ranch.
Magnolia Cobb$8.44
Organic mixed greens, tomatoes, gorgonzola crumbles, bacon, hard boiled egg, avocado, tortilla strips, Haus cilantro ranch dressing.
Strawberry Chicken$10.20
Organic mixed greens, gorgonzola crumbles, fresh strawberries, walnuts, roasted chicken breast, raspberry poppy seed dressing.
Haus Style Caesar$6.94
Romaine and arugula, red onions, parmesan cheese, Haus baked croutons, classic Caesar dressing.


Soup and Salad$8.04
Soup of the day and Haus salad. Served with your choice of dressing.
Soup and Half sandwich$9.04
Grilled cheese, chicken salad, egg salad or tuna. Salad and soup of the day.
Salad and Half Sandwich$8.94
Grilled cheese, chicken salad, egg salad or tuna salad and Haus salad.