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Salads & Soups

Caesar Salad$9.30
With grilled fulton valley chicken breast
Caesar Salad with Garlic Toast$7.20
Greek Salad$7.70
Mixed greens, feta cheese, kalamata & black olives, tomato & red onion
Spinach Salad$8.45
With applewood bacon, poached egg, tomato, jarlsberg & red onion
Grilled Chicken Salad$9.30
Mixed greens, grilled fulton valley chicken breast, mushrooms, tomato, capers & red onion
Mixed Green Salad$3.70
Point reyes blue cheese dressing add $0.90
Homemade Soup$3.80
Soup & Salad$7.90
With acme bread & butter

Sandwiches & Burgers

Applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, fulton valley chicken, olives, green chile, crimini mushrooms, jack, N.Y. sharp cheddar, green onion, mayo and a fried egg on grilled white
Portabello mushroom, goat cheese, roasted red bell pepper & spinach on toasted acme sourdough
Thin sliced niman ranch corned beef with jarlsburg cheese, sauerkraut & russian dressing on grilled rye
Mushroom & Jarlsberg$9.05
Open face, tomato & jarlsberg on wheatberry with crimini mushrooms & green onions
Grilled fulton valley chicken breast, avocado & tomato on toasted acme
Avocado & Jarlsberg$8.45
lsberg cheese, tomato & avocado on grilled wheatberry
Sauteed crab & jack on grilled sourdough
Turkey Club$11.05
Applewood turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato, on toasted sourdough
Three slices applewood bacon, lettuce & tomato on grilled sourdough
Tuna Melt$9.70
Mama's tuna salad on grilled acme with jack cheese, lettuce & tomato
Grilled Cheese$6.90
N.Y. sharp cheddar & roasted red bell pepper on acme
Croque Monsieur$9.90
Open face ham & gruyere on grilled acme
1/3 lb. niman ranch beef or garden burger with lettuce, tomato & red onion, add crimini mushroom, N.Y. sharp cheddar or avocado $1.50, applewood bacon $2.25
Patty Melt$10.55
Niman ranch ground beef, N.Y. sharp cheddar & sauteed red onions on grilled rye
Ranchero Burger$10.55
Open face niman ranch ground beef with spicy spanish sauce & jack cheese

Side Orders

Applewood bacon, smoked pork loin, niman ranch burger patty, ham, spam, spicy sausage patty, sante fe turkey sausage, chicken apple sausage or italian sausage not meats morning star veggie links or garden burger.
Homefried Potatoes$4.00
With sour cream
Black Beans$2.30
With red onions & sour cream
Grits with N.Y. Sharp Cheddar$5.00
Muffin or Scone$2.70
Biscuit or Toast$2.30


Cafe Latte$3.30
Cafe au Lait$2.70
Steamed Milk$2.20
Torani Syrup Flavored Latte$3.70
Vanilla, orgeat, caramel, amaretto, hazelnut
Caramel latte with whipped cream, add $0.50 for soy milk or double shot espresso
Yerba Mate Latte$3.70
Oregon Chai$3.70
Hot Chocolate$1.80
With whipped cream
Black Tea$2.30
Organic breakfast
Black Blended$2.20
Earl grey
Simply mint, chamomile citrus
Mountain spring jasmine, green tea tropical
Yerba Mate$2.45
Yerba Mate Blends$2.45
Mint, chai spice, green tea
Iced Tea$2.20
Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite$1.95
Apple or V-8 Juice$0.95
Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit$1.70
Soy Milk$1.20


Eggs Benedict$11.00
Poached eggs & ham
Eggs Canadian$10.90
Poached eggs & applewood pork loin
Eggs Blackstone$11.80
Poached eggs, applewood bacon & tomato
Eggs Brady$10.90
Poached eggs & smoked salmon on english muffin
Eggs Florentine$9.70
Poached eggs & spinach on english muffin

Grains & Fruits

Waffle with Fresh Fruit Cup$9.55
Acme Challah Orange French Toast$5.70
Acme Challah Orange French Toast with Fresh Strawberries$7.80
Buttermilk Pancakes$4.70
Short stack, 1 egg & 2 slices applewood smoked bacon, above served with 5% maple syrup blend 2 oz. 100% maple syrup add $2.00
Oatmeal or 8-Grain Hot Cereal$5.70
With raisins, walnuts & bananas
Fresh Berries & Bananas$6.00
In cream, yogurt or soy milk
Mama's Granola$5.05
Mama's Granola with Berries and Bananas$6.70
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Cup$4.80


N.Y. Sharp Cheddar$9.20
Crab & Jack$13.00
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese$11.70
Green Chile, Crimini Mushroom & Jack$11.30
Fulton Valley Chicken, Avocado & Jack$11.90
Guacamole, Chicken & Jack$12.45
Crimini Mushroom, Tomato, Green Onion & Jack$11.80
Applewood Bacon & N.Y. Sharp Cheddar$11.00
Crimini Mushroom & N.Y. Sharp Cheddar$10.70
Portabello Mushroom & Goat Cheese$12.00
Spanish & Jack$10.20
Guacamole & Jack$10.55
Ham, Avocado & N.Y. Sharp Cheddar$12.20
Green Chile, Hobb's Bacon & Jack$11.55
Spinach, Crimini Mushroom & Jack$11.90
Crimini Mushroom, Avocado, Bacon & Jack$13.30
Fulton Valley Chicken, Crimini Mushroom & Jack$12.00
Crimini Mushroom, Ham, Green Onion, & Jack$12.30
A Plain Omelette$7.70
Applewood bacon, fulton valley farms chicken, guacamole, portabello mushrooms, kalamata olives, N.Y. sharp cheddar or jarsberg cheese $1.75 ham, crimini mushrooms, avocado, spinach, spanish sauce or feta cheese $1.50 tomato, green chile, black olives, jack or cream cheese $1.25, green onions $0.60, gruyere or goat cheese $2.75, smoked salmon $3.00, crab $4.50


Two Eggs$7.55
With ham, applewood bacon, smoked pork loin, spam, spicy sausage patty, sante fe turkey sausage, chicken apple sausage, italian sausage, niman ranch hamburger patty, morning star veggie links or garden burger $9.95
Lox, Onions & Scrambled Eggs$10.00
Chorizo, Green Onions & Scrambled Eggs$9.00
N.Y. Sharp Cheddar, Green Onions & Scrambled Eggs$9.00
Green Chile, N.Y. Sharp Cheddar & Scrambled Eggs$9.30
Hot Links, Red Bell, Sharp Cheddar & Scrambled Eggs$10.45
Three Scrambled Egg Whites$7.70
Cinnamon-raisin, wheatberry, rye, white, sourdough, acme bakery sourdough, english muffin or whole wheat english muffin

Breakfast Specialties

Corned Beef Hash$10.90
Niman ranch corned beef brisket with potato, onion, bell pepper, topped with poached egg served with fruit & toast
Huevos Rancheros or Tofu Rancheros$8.45
With spanish sauce, beans, cheese & tortillas
Breakfast Burrito$8.55
Scrambled eggs or tofu with green chile, beans, spanish sauce & jack cheese in a chipolte or spinach tortilla.
Tofu Scramble.$7.90
Served with homefried potatoes or grits, fresh fruit & choice of toast
Veggie Joe.$10.45
Morning star veggie links, spinach, crimini mushrooms, tomato, N.Y. sharp cheddar & scrambled eggs with potatoes, toast & fruit
Croque Monsieur$9.20
Open face ham & gruyere with dijon on grilled acme
Croque Madame$9.90
As above with over easy egg on top
Fried Egg Sandwich$5.70
Egg, applewood bacon, N.Y. sharp cheddar & tomato on wheatberry
Fried Egg Sandwich with Potatoes or Fresh Fruit$6.90
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich$6.30
Applewood bacon, gruyere, tomato, egg & arugula.
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich with Potatoes or Fresh Fruit$7.45