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Whole Bean Or Ground To Order

Regular Decaf$3.94
Decaf Gourmet$4.14

Hot Coffee Chai/Chocolate/Tea

Hot Chocolate (with Whipped Cream)$1.94
Gourmet Flavors$2.04
Hot Chai$1.94
Our Famous Regular Coffee$1.80
Decaf Regular$1.90
Decaf Gourmet$2.04

Regular Iced Coffee

Decaf Regular$2.12
Our Famous Regular Coffee$2.12

Flavored Gourmet Iced Coffee

Hawaiian Chocolate Nut$2.20
Snick a Doodledoo$2.30
Mocha Mint$2.20
French Vanilla$2.30
Milky Wey$2.20
Vanilla Hazelnut$2.30
Toasted Almond$2.30
Strawberry Nut Cream$2.30
Banana Nut Cream$2.30
White Chocolate Chip$2.20
Cinnamon Hazelnut$2.30
Creamy Irish Delight$2.20
Milk Chocolate Almond$2.20
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble$2.30
Raspberry Strudel$2.30

Gourmet Decaf Iced Coffee

French Vanilla$2.20
Vanilla Hazelnut$2.30
Milky Wey$2.30
White Chocolate Chip$2.30
Mocha Cinnamon Swirl$2.30
Chocolate Raspberry$2.20

Specialty Iced Coffee

Nutty Irishman$2.43
Creamy Chocolate Coconut$2.33
Twix Decaf$2.43
Copa Banana$2.43
Peanut Butter Wonderful$2.33

Extra Specialty Iced Coffee

The Turtle$2.79
Chocolate Mint Cookie$2.79
A.O.K. Cookie Decaf$2.79
Strawberry Shortcake$2.79
Caramel Lou Decaf$2.79
Gone Bananas$2.79
Cinnamon Hazelnut Fluff$2.79
Iced Chai$2.69
Minty Lou$2.79
A O K Cookie$2.69
Caramel Lou$2.69
Mochanilla Nut$2.69
Iced Mochaccino$2.69
Banana Split$2.79
Iced Cappuccino$2.69
Mexican Mudslinger$2.69
Raspberry Mocha Blast$2.79
Chocolate Mint Cookie Decaf & Additional Decafs$2.69
Funny Bone$2.79
Forget Me Not$2.79

Fabulous Frozen Drinks

Red Bull Infusion Drinks$4.44
"Oreo Cookie Monster"$3.59
"Frozen Minty Lou"$3.49
Kidz Kreamz"$3.49
Orange creamsicle, cotton candy, bubble gum and cake batter.
The "Frostylou"$3.49
Marylou's personal favorite-strawberry, mocha and vanilla.
Made with chai-spiced or vanilla.

Specialty Iced Tea

Specialty Iced Tea$2.43