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Shrimp Cocktail$22.95
Dungeness Crab Cocktail$31.95
Lobster Cocktail$37.95
Oysters Rockefeller$20.95
Crab Cakes$18.95
Smoked Salmon$22.05
Foie Gras$34.95
Beef Carpaccio$26.95
Steak Sashimi$25.95
Roasted Bone Marrow$20.95
Seared Ahi Tuna$19.05
Ahi Tuna Tartare$18.95
Sauteed Shrimp$23.95
Sauteed Sea Scallops$27.95
Alaskan King Crab Stuffed Mushrooms$21.95

Sushi Selections

Ahi Tuna Toatada$21.05
Hamachi with Crispy Onions$25.95
Maguro Lime Roll$25.95
Veggie Roll$16.95
Jalapeno Tuna Sashimi$25.05
Shiso Jica Machi Sashimi$25.05
Chopped Iceberg Wedge$16.05
Beefsteak Tomato & Oniona$11.95
Heirllom Tomato & Burrata Cheese$20.05

Soups & Salads

Lobster Bisque$17.05
French Onion Soup$13.95
Caesar Salad$13.95
Spicy Mambo Salad$13.05
Chopped Salad$13.05
Mastros House Salad$18.05
Warm Spinach Salad$12.95
Chopped Iceberg Salad$12.95
Beefsteak Tomato & Onion$12.05
Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Cheese$20.05

Steaks & Chops

Petite File 6 oz$45.05
Filet 8 oz$51.95
Filet 12 oz.$59.05
Bone in File 12 oz.$62.95
Bone in File 18 oz.$81.95
New York Strip 16 oz.$60.95
Chefs Cut New York Strip 20 oz.$64.05
Bone in kansas city strip 18 oz.`$61.95
Bone in Ribeye 22 oz.$63.05
Chefs Cut Ribeye Chop 33 oz.$78.95
Porterhouse 24 oz$63.05
Veal Chop 16oz.$63.95
Pasturebird Herb Roastede Chicken 24 oz.$39.95
Double Cut Pork Chop 16 oz.$44.95
Rack of Lamb 22oz$52.95
Aspen Ridge$63.05
Japanese A5 Wagyu$149.95
Wagyu Tomahawk Chops$115.05


Chilean Sea Bass$51.05
Ora King Salmon Fillet$42.05
Bigeye Tuna Sashimi Style$48.95
Pacifi Swordfish$40.05
Alaskan Halibut$47.95
Twin Lobster Talls$67.95

Potatoes & Fresh Vegetables

Lobster Mashed Potatoes$37.95
Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese$14.05
1 LB Baked Potato$13.05
Twice Baked Potato$13.95
Garlic Nashed Potatoes$14.05
Scalloped Potatoes$14.05
Sweet Potato Fries$14.05
French Fried Ootatoes$12.95
Shoestring Potatoes$12.95
Colossal Onion Rings$13.95
Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas$14.05
Alaskan King Crab Black Truffle Gnocchi$33.95
Green Beans With Sliced Almonds$13.05
Roasted Brussels Sprouts$13.95
Roasemary Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms$13.95
Truffle Butter Sauteed Wild Mushrooms$18.95
Creamed Spinach$13.95
Creamed Corn$14.05
Spinach Steamed & Sauteed$12.95
Asparagus Steamed & Sauteed$13.95


Caviar Topped Fluke Sashimi$32.05
Bluefin Sashimi$29.05
Spanish Octopus Carpaccio$29.05
Shiso Jica Machi Sashimi$24.95
Penthouse Wagyu Beef Roll$36.05
Shrimp & Scallop Bird Nest Dumplings$29.05


Nobster Bisque Over Phyllo Pastry$17.95
Charred Spanish Octopus$28.95
Snake River Farms Wagyu File Tartare$48.95
Roasted Beet & Burrato Cheese$16.95
Spanish White Anchovy Caesar Salad$16.05
Snake River Farms Wagyu Meatballs, Melted Burrato Cheese$28.05
Roasted Bone Marrow & Octopus Strozzapreti$25.05
Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns$32.05

Wagyu Tomahawk Chops

Broadleaf Farms Australian Wagyu 32 oz$115.05
Snake River Farms American Wagyu 40 oz.$139.95


Crispy Roasted Duck Two Ways$42.05
Roasted Vegetable Risotto, Shaved Black Truffles$41.95
Garlic Roasted Jumbo Black Tiger Orawns$96.05
Seared Sea Scallops, Squid Ink Pasta & Caviar Buerre Blanc$45.95
Whole Herb Roasted Branzino$54.95
Strait Of Dover True Dover Sole$75.05

Aspen Ridge

Filet 8 oz$57.05
New York Strip 16 oz$64.05
Boneless Ribeye 18 oz.$63.05

Signature Steaks

Filet 12 oz.$59.05
Bone in Filet 12 oz.$63.05
Spinalis Ribeye Gold Cap 12 oz.$114.95
New York Strip 16 oz.$61.05
Prime Ribeye Chateau 10 oz.$53.95
Bone in Kansas City Strip 18 oz.$61.95
Bone in Double Cut Filet 36 oz.$18.05
Bone in Double Cut Ribeye 40 oz.$124.95
Rock of Lamb 22 oz.$53.05


Roasted Bone Marrow Butter$15.05
Red Wine Steak Butter$14.95
Truffle Butter$15.05
Lobster Tail 7 oz.$36.05


Nastros Lobster Mashed Potatoes$38.05
Charred Cauliflower Carbonara$14.05
Deconstructed Elote Style Sweet Corn$14.05
Grilled Broccolini$13.95
Duck Fat Potatoes Confit$14.05
Truffle Potatoes Dauphinoise$14.05

Order Summary

Warm Butter Cake$16.05
Baked Potato$12.95
Green Beans With Almonds$13.05
Gi Brun Caparzo$33.05
Filet 6 oz.$45.05
Gi Brun Caparzo$32.95
Mastros Mojito$15.95
filet 6 oz.$44.95


The Penthouse Shocolate Warm Butter Cake$17.95
Cherry Crisp$12.95
Chocolate Covered Strawberries$12.95
Chocolate Layer Cake$12.95
Chocolate Pudding Cake$13.05
Chocolate Sin Cake$11.95
Creme Brulee$11.95
Signature Warm Butter Cake$16.95
Fresh Seasonal Berries$14.95
Icre Cream$9.95
Key Lime Pie$11.95
Pecan Pie O La Mode$12.95