Nothing can satisfy children more than treating them to a McDonald’s Happy Meal. In fact any of us that have ever frequented McDonald’s have likely tucked into Happy Meals at some point, and many adults still enjoy one over any of the larger meals available. McDonald’s Happy Meal prices have remained very affordable over the years, with it still being a well-priced meal that is perfect for kids and many adults too!

One of the great aspects regarding McDonalds Happy Meal price is the fact you get quite a few products for such low rates, which is certainly a contributing factor to their long-standing popularity. Not only do children get to select from some popular meals, but they even get to add a side and a drink onto this to complete their Happy Meals.

with kids fries
4 Pc Chicken McNuggets$4.49
6 Pc. Chicken McNuggets$4.84

- Apple Slices
- Go-Gurt
- Cuties

- Apple Juice
- Chocolate Milk
- White Milk
with small fries
6 Pc Chicken McNuggets
Choose A Side (see above)
Choose A Drink (see above)

Happy Meals come with quite a few options, as customers get to choose from a main meal of four or six pieces of Chicken McNuggets, a cheeseburger or a hamburger, all of which come with a portion of kids fries. Then you can choose a side of apple slices, go-curt or cuties, as well as drink of either apple juice or chocolate or white milk.

The Happy Prices are very affordable too, with nothing costing more than $5. Both the cheeseburger and hamburger Happy Meals are available for only $2.99, with the Chicken McNuggets costing either $4.49 for 4 pieces or $4.84 for six pieces.

Needless to say this is great for any parents looking to give their children a treat. McDonald’s Happy Meal prices are very well-priced indeed, and the fact that the majority of kids loving nothing more than digging into their favourite Happy Meals helps to ensure that anyone looking for an affordable treat for their kids lunch or dinner can head over to McDonald’s.